Thursday, December 04, 2003
Annexet, Stockholm, SE

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Dimsy, Harmony1206, LottaSundin, skalis

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Dimsy Posted: 17-01-05 3:50
Annexet, Stockholm

Took a silent train to the capitol along with two mates of mine, on a many-hour trip - easily overcome - in the company of great people (drenched in silly dark humour), a well-fat meal box, and the destination in mind. I remember having hid all my albums in order not to spoil the show. Had not listened to a single Travis-wail, for about a month, and was beginning to think I?d have trouble joining the sing-alongs, but shook the sweat of my back with a confident chuckle. It shall come to me, I thought. And it did.

Checked into our adorable boat-hostel with our window touching the surface of the water and overviewing the heart of the capitol beautifully lit up on the opposite bank. We had a cup of tea, as the snow was coming down, and made our hellos with the fellow guests on board. Demonstrating our detestation towards the current shivering season, both us girls wore skirts. Which we regretted as Mother Nature cast a storm on Stockholm this night - and skirts insisted on lifting whenever our attention was stole. And Stockholm is a beautiful place. Eventually, we just let them fly.

Pre concert we went to get some heat and strength at the pub enclosed to the concert halls of ?The Globe? ? which is a magnificent golf-ball shaped building. Bottoms up, and then on to finding a nice spot. Why is it all Travis-fans have this sort of genuine, friendly look? I remember thinking God, that?s a lot of black&red-striped tops. And everyother foot wore Converse. Lots of beer was danced around the quite intimate, dark hall, and half of the mugs hit the floor as the lights turned down, and the supporting band took the stage.

I believe it was Kings of Leon who were supposed to warm us up, but sadly had caught the flu, and in stead a local Swedish band was called in and had set together a smashing show in amazingly short notice. They were, absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, I?ve forgotten the name of them (please remind me if you know it). I am well ashamed. They were mighty friendly anyways; we ran into them after the gig and had a joint shiver of cold as the storm was insisting on pacing up.

Back inside. Sandra and I had nailed our feet to the floor, and stood with closed fists, electrically awaiting the crowd to swallow us, as it did last. This time, we brought pistols and helmets, and we both spent our last pennies on a fitness-club membership to buff up. Ah, well almost anyway. We were expecting the apparent friendly crowd to go mad and start beating us about. But, amazingly, it didn?t. It just, sort of joined in one great, soft, hug, and swung, in common happiness. Without ever hurting each other, we enjoyed the show with every cell in our bodies. Hugging couples kissed, strangers took each others hands, and some just smiled with eyes closed in some sweet concert-trance. And Everyone sang along, without doing anything but giving the band a comforting humming background. There is nothing, like seeing Travis live. It is genuine magic.

So we withdrew our weapons and joined the loving mass, and each song as never heard before. Fran took Flowers in the Window unconnected, and Andy had his usual rocking climb up the equipment during his solo, and there was such an intimate feeling of home, about the room. No stranger to Travis can enter that room, I thought, and not be dazzled and enchanted by the intimacy and greatness, of what these lovely four produce.

Fran spoke his heart, as they prepared to play Love Will Come Through, and he encouraged the continuing of airborne messages between us people ? as they do make it through, and they do mean something, and he spoke of love (not the mushy-kissy kind, but Love in its great meaning), and no one was left not smiling. Hope. I thought. What a feeling of hope, in the middle of this cold darkness. What a seed of love, and warmth, planted in the heart of this winter-heavy city. We all hugged a little tighter.

Afterworth, Sandra and I ran about the night, holding down our skirts as best we could, looking for somewhere to get something to eat, and ended up at McDonald?s where we in the waiting-line amusedly listened to five other praising discussions about the concert. We stayed in Stockholm for the rest of the weekend, and then headed back to life, and duties. But newborn, and with great satisfied smiles?

It cannot be said enough. Magic. Pure magic. The greatest concert I?ve ever attended.
skalis Posted: 08-04-05 11:06
I added some photos from the show, which I took with my camera on my mobile phone, thus the crappy quality...

That show was great... I didnt actually know Travis songs that well when I went, but now I do!! :D I would really love it if Travis would come to Stockholm again...

I think Dougie looked at me :P


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