Friday, July 08, 2005
Carling Academy, Liverpool, UK

Support: Stephen Fretwell
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Somewhere Else Posted: 09-07-05 10:25
Magnificent - as usual!- great connection in venue - crowd were the best! Was like one big happy family there tonight.They did the new song 'Closer' which was excellent on first hearing so looking forward to new album. Love Blue Flashing Light live , nice spice in the mix!

Was really really hot but despite this they refrained from stripping off!:(...( what do we have to do?) Nevertheless must be really difficult to perform in that so well done guys!

Met them for te first time afterwards - such a thrill - the way they have time for their fans is just so lovely..See you again soon
Travis! XXXX
the_distance Posted: 09-07-05 10:59
Well what an ace gig that was! The atmosphere was absolutely electric in the academy and the boys were on fire (almost literally with the heat in there!)The set was excellent and i loved the new song 'closer' i think it was called. Really looking forward to more new material. Happy and Rain On Me were were awesome and energetic as ever and i love the acoustic version of flowers cos Franny has the crowd in the palm of his hand for that one.

Got to meet Dougie, Fran and Neil afterwards which was really cool cos theyre such top blokes! Did anyone get to see Andy? Waited for him but apparently he'd gone and we had to get back to sheffield.

Despite being a travis fan for a very long time now that was only my second gig but i cant wait for many more. Best band in the world!
20 Posted: 09-07-05 11:56
What a great gig and atmosphere. You could tell travis loved every minute of it (well i think they did). It was bloody hot though. i was stood three rows back and my friend was taken ill during more than us so we had to go to the back, and we heard WDIAROM in the toilets, having our own mini gig lol. i was guttted, but just being there was brill.

Our plans where to stay behind afterwards and see the band but we couldn't, but we'll do that next time

Thanks for a great night :-)

Badger Posted: 09-07-05 12:49
Been to about 7 other Travis shows but this was THE BEST.
Great to see a band who could fill a bigger venue playing an intimate gig with such enthusiasm.
Many thanks to the band for caring about the fans
lozm Posted: 09-07-05 4:06
Well this was my second time seeing Travis and yet again it was absoulutly amazing. I had driven up from Bedfordshire for this gig and I wasn't disapointed. I thought last years gig at the Mean Fiddler was amazing, but I think this was even better. I was 2 rows from the front which made it even more brilliant.
The show started off with Sing and Travis were keeping us in suspense because the intro seemed to go on forever, but it was well worth the wait when Travis did come on. Travis rocked last night and I was pleased to here some of the non-single tracks like Pipe Dreams, The Fear, Blue Flashing Light and I was particularly pleased to hear a new song called Closer which is beautiful and makes me even more excited for the new album. It was also great hearing some of the stuff from Good Feeling like Happy, More Than Us and All I Want To Do Is Rock. During Happy Fran stopped singing and let Dougie sing a verse which was fantastic as I am a big fan of Dougies voice. Also during All I Want To Do Is Rock, Andy climbed over towards us and I very nearly got to play with his guitar, my freind managed to, but I was just out of reach.
The only thing that could made last night better would have been if Travis had played U16 Girls, but you can't have everything.
I got loads of good pictures from the gig and I will upload them in the community archive now. Thanks for another great night guys. I'm already looking forward to the next Travis gig.
Jen1983 Posted: 09-07-05 5:03
My 6th Travis gig and I've got to say the best one yet, the crowd was really up for it, and Fran managed to get the people on the balcony going too (why do they always have to be prompted? Boring lot! :p ) Highlights of the night for me were All I Want To Do Is Rock, Flashing Blue Light (is that the right way round?) and of course WDIAROM, it seemed like the whole room was jumping! What else can I say apart from the fact that the guys rocked the place! Only bad thing was the heat, but we got sorted out with water which was nice of the Academy staff. And thanks to Fran for suggesting it! Can't wait for the next tour. :)
RIA BENSON Posted: 09-07-05 6:45
WOW! Once again a truly fantastic gig. Your hard work and total dedication towards your fans is really appreciated(thanks for the water Fran). The atmosphere was amazing as usual, the Academy was definitely rocking. It was great to see some familiar faces in the crowd. However a couple of drunken people attempted to spoil the enjoyment of others by trying to push to the front in an aggressive manner. This really annoyed me as some of the fans had travelled from as far as the USA and others had queued since 3.00pm to try and get close to the stage. Sorry for sounding so negative as the show really was amazing and the fans had a brilliant time.

Ria & Carlo xxx
Rhianne Posted: 09-07-05 7:49
What a fantastic night! Where do i begin? Firstly i would like to thank the boys for such a brilliant night, the atmosphere you created was unbelievable. I have been to many gigs recently ,but i must admit this has been the best gig i have attended in a long time. What made it so special was the interaction between Travis and the fans, and that is very much appreciated as you do not always recieve such dedication from the band, that inevitably made my night. I must say after that performance i am truley a huge fan. Although i did not get to meet the band afterwards (which i really wished to do) i feel i had a connection, as Dougie smiled and laughed at me as i had my camera phone out all nite recording such a fantastic gig. Even the support act Stephen Fretwell played a great set adding to my positive opinion towards the night. Although i could not fault the performance, the heat inside that building was tremendous, (thankyou fran for the suggestion of the water) All in all i believe this was truley one fantastic gig and i look forward to hear the new album, especially after listening to your new song 'Closer'. Thankyou x
kiwi Posted: 09-07-05 10:59
What a great night! We arrived at 5pm thinking we were so cool for arriving so early only to find much more dedicated boardies had been there since 12pm! Stephen Fretwell was really good, especially his new single, but as it was practically a sauna in the venue I couldn't concentrate! We got 2nd from the front, in front of Andy which was cool. Travis rocked out from the start and soon everyone was singing along almost louder than fran! After about half an hour fran had to change t-shirts because he was so sweaty, so were we but we didn't have that luxary so we got sprayed with water from the boys and given cups of water mmmm. Blue Flashing Lights was a personal highlight, damn it was loud! And I could swear without feeling guilty!! WDIAROM was just as I thought it would be, I think i pulled all my muscles jumping around like a crazy person. Afterwards we buggered around outside, and I got told off by security for lying on the footpath....we then went into the after party and saw Neil and Andy, but no Fran until we ambushed Fran outside the tourbus and got some more pics and had a wee chat, then we got into our taxi and went home. The best night of my life, made better by all the cool boardies!
Sara Anna Posted: 09-07-05 11:33
Liverpool, great memories of this place, the Cavern gig last year was amazing. I was really looking forward to this gig as there were going to be lots of people there that I knew. Most of us met up before hand, it was a lovely day, it was great chatting to everyone. The venue itself was small, I really love the small more intimate gigs, the atmosphere is amazing at these. The support act was Stephen Fretwell, I saw him at the Norwich gig a few weeks ago, this time he had a band with him, he was fantastic. Travis always have the best support acts and I will certainly be buying Mr Fretwells album.
I was at the front barrier along with many others that I knew, it was really hot in there even before the gig started. Travis arrived on stage at 9.15 and started with sing after a rather long intro! A few songs in and we were all starting to wilt from the heat, Fran remarks about how hot it was in there and that the amount of sweat pouring off them was turning the stage into a swimming pool! He ask the crowd if we needed water, after shouts and pleas of yes he asks the security to go and get us some, in the mean time he squirts water from his own water bottle at the front row so from Sing food fights to gig water fights, great fun!
So despite the heat, the performance is electric, the guys giving it their all! Fran breaking a guitar string, Dougie taking over the vocals on Happy, I don't know if that was planned or if Fran needed a break, sounded great anyway, the lads leaping all over the stage. Fran wearing a Live Aid t shirt had to go and change half way through the gig, he was so drenched in sweat, he remarked that he had never had to do that before!
So opening song Sing, most of the singles are played, Pipe Dreams and a really rocking The Fear. The new song Closer which I really love, second time I've heard this live now. The encore was Blue Flashing Light and Why Does It Always Rain On Me. The crowd was jumping and in great voice, fantastic atmosphere!
This was one of the best Travis gigs I have been too, must be something about Liverpool I think!
I had a fantastic time, it was great meeting everyone again, those from the board, those at the Cavern gig last year, thanks guys, you made it all the more enjoyable.
It was lovely meeting the Travis lads again too, thanks again for taking the time to stop and chat.
I had a brilliant time, a gig to remember.
princessh Posted: 10-07-05 4:12
I agree with everyone else that has posted a review so far, this was the best Travis gig I have been to.

Their energy and interaction with the crowd was brilliant, and considering how blooming hot it was, frankly quite amazing!! At times you could see how much Fran was suffering, and Dougie was soaking wet man!! But it didn't put them off doing a fantastic show! New song sounded great, looking forward to a new album and hopefully a tour!!

Highlight was meeting them afterwards for the 1st time, and it's great to see a band that are not affected by fame, and really take the time to spend time with the fans and make sure they got round everyone. Managed to get a set list too which I got signed :0)

Looking forward to the next time guys!
bigbuzzybumblebee Posted: 10-07-05 8:47
ok, this is gonna be a long one, there is so much to say, firstly:
oh my GAWD!!!!!
What an amazing day and night and early morning! i couldnt have wished for anything better and i seriously doubt any other gig will ever beat this was!

this gig was special as there was a monster boardie meet-up going on, and blimey, it was fun!
we (me and Travis STAR) got to the venue by about half eleven (after ending up on the wrong side of the train station and having the luck of coming to one of those handy street map thingummies!).
it was only early and we were the first ones there, so we started chatting to one of Travis's personal protection people - he was very friendly and ended up being a very helpful friend throughout the day!!
after a while we went off to get food, and by the time we got back Wee Rhona Roo and Pamela were there!
from then on it seemed like there was a constant flow of boardie arrivals, and the day just got better and better. Boardies - you are all such loverly people and you all helped make the day as special and fantastic as it was, so thank you!!
By about 3pm most of the boardies were there and then suddenly, the amazing ones (travis of course!) turned up for the sound check - well, Dougie and Fran and Andy anyway, Neil was reasonably late!! Got to speak to fran and Andy for a second or two, but they were in a rush so said bye and let them go, then i couldnt get the grin off my face, and i think i recall a few squeaks of "oh my god, that was ANDY!!"
Soon we started to queue to make sure we were at the front. the weather was boiling - had been all day, and we were thirsty so me and Travis STAR decided it was a good idea to go get some vodka and red bull from Tesco ;o)
after drinking most of it, it was FINALLY time for the doors to open and i literally ran up the stairs to the front of the venue, right next to travis star (who unfortunately got the vodka confiscated til the end of the gig!) and Sara Anna and right in front of where fran would be - perfect, except i was desperate for a wee, but refused to leave my spot!

Stephen Fretwell came on at 8 and was fantastic - definitely the best support act i have seen. he didnt seem to know how to take the response he got from the crowd - everybody loved him. he is so talented, and the song Emily is beautiful.
at 8.30 stephen fretwell finished his set and we had a long 45minute wait til travis arrived on stage.
When they did, the place went crazy. for the whole night the place was high energy and just mad. travis played mostly upbeat rocking songs and kept the crowd in a real lively mood.
Dougie, was in his usual full hip swinging mode and i embarrassed myself once again by majorly swooning over his sexyness as he was looking right at me!!
the venue was like an oven and being at the front, i could see just how hot the lads were - sweat was actually dripping from them and they looked sexy!
Fran changed his shirt in the middle of the gig and came back on laughing that it was the first time he had ever had to do that! then he was laughing at how hot Dougie was - he was soaked through, and Fran commented that it looked like he had been swimming! the conversation then went onto them swimming in love from the crowd!
Fran realised that us lot on the front row must have been nearly as hot as they were - i was sweltering cos i did nothing but sing and dance and jump around, so he got their "people" to get us all some water. which was greatly appreciated to say the least, especially after one of the security people poured a cup full over my head!
from then on the gig flew by and ended way to soon for my liking. but then it was the afterparty - oh my gawd.....we partied with travis!!!!! it was unbelievable! i still dont believe it really happened. one minute i was stood talking to the boardies and the next thing, there was andy, chatting away to whoever approached him less than a few metres away. i finally got to speak to him for a while but he was in a bit of a rush to leave so i said bye.
after speaking to neil for a bit too we went outside and saw fran surrounded by people.
i really needed to thank him for a lot of stuff and was really glad i managed to do so.
after a while one of travis's security people came and whispered to him that everyone was ready to go, so fran had to make his escape!
as the tourbus left we said bye to the other boardies and everyone disappeared into the night.
i got home at about 1.30am and just couldnt get the smile off my face - its still there now, even though my voice is not...seriously, im unable to be anything but silent! Lol!
and i think it will be quite a while before i manage to calm down again. it really was the best gig experience ever, and there is never going to be anything that replaces the memory of Friday 8th July 2005 - its going to stay with me forever!
thanks travis - once again, you made me smile. you just keep getting better and better!
Craigyboy Posted: 10-07-05 9:21
Well What can i say about this show, this was my first time seeing the band outside of Glasgow and what a time i had!!!
The Setlist was pretty good just wish u16 girls was included on it, i jumped all the way through happy so if anybody remembers the tall guy with spikey hair in the middle off the venue doin that it was me!! Talking of the venue what was the deal with the heat, i thought the barrowlands was hot but it was just too warm!!
Anyhow enough Complaining by me i had a great time!!
Long live Travis
Travis STAR Posted: 10-07-05 9:37
Okay....OMG!!! Basically the whole day was a boardie reunion (planned last year on the Singles tour), and it totally rocked! So, I went with Buzzy and I'm guessing you know the whole story from reading her review hahaha!!! The best bit was meeting the guys at the aftershow party :)
We were right at the front of the queue, bottle of voddie & cans of Red Bull (the vodka was saved btw, it's now on my shelf) and we were lucky enough to get right infront of Franny! And the lovely security dude got me one of the set lists HAHAHA!!!

Fran was so lovely when i met him...and he knew who I was! Got a fab piccie of me & Buzzy with him :) Sadly I didn't get to met Douggie this time though :(

So...I just wanna say thanks to the gusy for such an amazing day/night. Hi & thnaks to all the boardies too MWAH X X X X
sue_holt Posted: 13-07-05 1:30
What can i say- fabulous! It was soooo good to see them so near to home(Wirral), it made it even more special!! Fran was as caring as ever! xxx
morgans87 Posted: 18-07-05 2:24
What a Night..
The whole academy went black..a rush of flashing lights and then 4 Glaswegians appeared...Welcomed with a loud gathering of clapping, shouting n whistling..

Then to start off with Sing was superb..
Every song they performed was superb and without doubt the songs where if possible improved by the audience who acted like a fifth man...

I was stood with the rest of the Fifth Men..with Rhianne another member of the community archive and she and I enjoyed every second of the gig from queing up outside until we where on the train home..

The night resembled everything of a rock n roll gig sweat, loud noise, beer n sum tears...

The heat in the academy was unbelievable that Fran changed his shirt and countless pints of cold water was handed out to us, to keep us cool..

The bands interaction with the crowd was a key essentail of why the gig was such a great one..Fran told us many little stories about being in Glasgow in 1996 in the freezing winter from how u shudn't sing Jingle Bells in the middle of summer, ha ha..Who was that guy ????

To finish off the gig with Why Does it Always Rain on me was the cherry on the cake. What a brilliant song performed brilliantly for a brilliant crowd who expected nothing less than a brillaint band perform with such brilliance.....What you say Rhianne, ha ha
DasBootMann Posted: 07-08-05 1:44

This was my very first Travis koncert ever, and have been a fan for a few years now. I live in Denmark, but when a friend of mine called me up and told me about the koncert, we decided to make a trip out of it and go to London for a few days and then to Liverpool. it was one of those spontanious things where we couldn't really believe we actually had tickets because they where so cheap and I just bought them because I was sort of bored on the internet.. Turns out I bought them just when the sales opened and they where sold out a few hours later to my understanding anyway.

But then we where in London when the underground blew up ( we were supposed to take the underground that day but didn't because we overslept or something and when we got to the ticket office my sisters husband called us up and told us to take the railway... looking back, I'm quite grateful ).
Anyway, now we were really scared that we wouldn't make it to the koncert because we didn't know how to get their or if they even played, but we went up early and took a few busses and it actually went quite smooth when you concider that neither of us were used to use the public transportation system in England but you Brits are pretty friendly when you're asked for directions.

What I wanted to say with all of this is that it was the greatest koncert i have ever been to, and I had just left Roskilde festival where I had seen like 30 koncerts over 5 days and didn't really think that experience could be topped, but it could!... Travis were excellent. We stood 3 meters from the stage ( if you where there, I was the 2 m tall sweaty guy with glasses standing in the middle... but I guess we where all sweaty that night ). The crowd was also amazing... I have never been to a koncert where the crowd knew so many of the songs and there seemed to be a kind of connection between the band and the crowd.. You could tell everyone was having a grat time.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, the band and the crowd for making it a night I'll never forget. Hope I'll see you in Denmark sometime. We have some pretty great music to, though Travis is a tough one to top.

Thats all from Denmark

TonyBoney Posted: 29-08-05 4:08
Just wanted 2 say wat i thought about travis'performance in liverpool ... BRILLANT!!! I cant believe they managed 2 play in that heat!!! We were so close 2 them, at the end im sure i could smell dougie's sweat!!! Stephen Fretwell was realy really good aswell. All in all ... a fantastic show!!! Oh and im loving the new song, closer!!! I cant believe how good fran and dougie were!!!

Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
Beautiful Occupation
Side/Stayin Alive
All I Want To Do Is Rock
Coming Around
More Than Us
Flowers In The Window
Blue Flashing Light
Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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