Saturday, February 19, 2005
SECC, Glasgow, UK

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lecsmith Posted: 21-02-05 9:56
After being hounded by journalists and waiting 9 hours to see them, the curtains went up to reveal dougies bass, the orange amps and that wonderful cherry red 330 .. travis were on at last.

The whole set was fantastic -- i was impressed at the lack of an acoustic number cos the crowd were really begging to rock and travis were the first to actually get them really going. AIWDIR was probably the quietest crowd cos only the fans really know it, but my god WDIAROM had the crowd singin louder than the band. Turn was probably second to that then sing. Superb choice of music and well worth the wait, missed the now common crowd surf and speaker climb from Andy but was understandable given the set up of cameras etc.

Travis deservedly got the longest set and they made the most of it before heading back to malle (?) maison for a reopening and subsequently emptying of the bar!
andrewmankirk Posted: 21-02-05 1:17
WOOOOOO 500 miles was ok bt Deacon Blue were amazin i was in the Q at 4 so i got to be on TV with sum random people and i got to be on the radio was sooo kl! Then met some more ppl in the Que sum v nice girls from Giffnock shame one has bf but we can fix that! Travis wer amazing anyway livend the night up they shuda been headlinin texas jst arent as good! anyway excelent night and Travis as Always kicked ass altho Francudnt quite get the notes for Turn but as i shouted he is a legend anyway so it was all good MAKE POVERTY HISTORY - Andrew Man Kirk
katykitten Posted: 24-02-05 5:38
I gotta say that this whole gig was amazing but as usual Travis really made my night. My two friends and I went mad when they opened with "All I Wanna Do is Rock" which I think slightly worried the people around us as we seemed to be the only ones singing all the words where we were standing. However everybody was soon echoeing the sentiments of the song! Travis were definitely the first band to tune into the crowds mood. Dougie's hips were on top form, Andy Rocked out as best he could without any big amps to climb, Neil drummed his little heart out and Fran was his usual charming self. These Glasgow boys always do us proud. Turn was the perfect end to this perfect set!
Fee Posted: 27-02-05 5:36
Travis were my main reason for going to this gig but i really enjoyed the other bands too, especially Mogwai, Idlewild and Teenage Fan Club but Travis were still the best by far.
I ran in at the beginning and so i was right at the barrier, at Andy's side. I went mad as usual when Travis came on, and was very happy to hear AIWDIR as i didnt think they would play any older stuff. I sang my heart out to that, and screamed for Andy's attention, think he might have noticed me (and laughed at me), i was wearing my Traivs t-shirt and i gave him the thumbs up. Loved the rest, though it was disappointing that they only had time for four songs. There was an amazing atmosphere during WDIAROM, it definately livened the crowd up! Travis were excellent as usual and now i cant wait to see them at T in the Park!
lakrozty Posted: 27-02-06 8:01

All I Want To Do Is Rock
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