Saturday, July 02, 2005
Live8, Hyde Park, London, UK

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Sara Anna Posted: 03-07-05 7:42
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Live 8, I was one of the lucky ones to win tickets for this amazing concert to bring awareness to the Make Poverty History campaign. This concert was set in Hyde Park, 26 bands and artists in the line up to play in front of 150,000 people.
The event was so big, there was no chance of getting any where near the front unless you had a gold pass or had camped out overnight. I had never seen so many people in one place at any one time! We found a good spot and even though we could see the stage you couldn't see anything on it so the concert was watched from the several screens placed round the venue.
Paul McCartney started the show along with a fantastic set from U2 and during a very memorable moment, set a flock of doves into the air that circled the park.
Travis were about twelfth act on. Three songs from them, Sing, Side and Why Does it Always Rain on Me. Side included a rather amusing rendition of Staying Alive that Fran sang in a high pitched voice. He then commented afterwards that it was due to wearing tight underpants and then held a pair up which contained the words Make Poverty History, an amusing way of getting the message accross.
everyone knows Why Does it Always Rain on me and the crowd responded well when they played it, jumping up and down and singing along, the odd umbrella being waved, great atmosphere for that well known festival anthem and no rain! Unfortunately I couldn't see them on the stage, a glimpse of Andys Orange Amps was all I saw but at least I could see the video screens. Great set by them and I heard lots of comments from people saying how well they played and that they really got the crowd going. well done lads.
Other highlights and memories were getting hit on the head by a giant inflatable killer whale. My friend and I getting separated and it took an hour to find each other! Waving at Jonathan Ross and celebs in the glass pod. The queue for the loos that lasted an hour and nearly caused a fight! Meeting lots of nice peope, everyone was in a good mood.
Musical highlights for me, Travis of course, U2, Coldplay with Richard Ashcroft, REM, Sting, Stereophonics, Annie Lenox and Dido played a briliant set. Best performance I thought apart from Travis and U2 were the Scissor Sisters, really entertaining. Oh and Bob Geldof singing I don't like Mondays, excellent!
As to the all important message, this was well advertised throughout the show with names on a video screen, Will Smith getting everyone to click their fingers, the white Doves and all important video footage. Each artist taking a few moments to mention why we were all there, lets make poverty History.
Unfortunately due to the show over running I had to leave before the end otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get home.
It was a very memorable day, I was pleased to be a part of history to make poverty history.
Agnieszka Marjanowska Posted: 21-07-05 12:42
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Ups! I think I've made a little mistake...Actually I wasn't at the concert,unfortunately, but I was at Hyde Park just before the concert on 1st Friday in the evening. Maybe it sounds rather stupid, but for me this was something unique, 'cause I'm from Poland and I've been to England and London for the first time and seeing Travis's live concert has always been for me almost unattainable dream so I was very lucky just by being so close...(I only could see show on tv)... but I was very happy with that and I'm sure I'll never forget these days and I hope I'll could someday see Travis live concert...
Sorry for my mistake!
Fran Posted: 27-07-05 2:48
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What a day! We left for the site at 11am. It was all looking hunky dory until we hit Park Lane, and the Gay Pride parade. I have never seen so much muscles and baby oil. The police had blocked off the entire area around Hyde Park for it, so we were forced to drive around the opposite way. We had an interview with chris evans at 2 so we had to get a wiggle on.

One hour later we arrived at the gate and joined a small convoy of cars heading to the backstage area. On route we passed kofi annan and his entourage. I leaned out the window of our car and shouted ?SAY CHEESE? and snapped him. We have a picture of Kofi with Elmo from Sesame Street on our fridge at home so it was a thrill to see the great man in the flesh. Sadly no Elmo.

The backstage area was set out over an area of 500 metres square. Mobile dressing rooms lined the area nearest the stage. We were sandwiched between Keane and Snoop Dog. There was a press tent inside which was a roped off area on one side of which stood the worlds media and on the other stood the celebs. There was also the catering tent. I didn?t go in this tent until way later in the day. There was food and a bar at the back with sofas dotted around and televisions showing the action from the stage.

After doing the Interview with Chris Evans, I was grabbed by Emma Freud who briefed me on what they wanted me to say when I went up because I had to introduce a video that would run behind Why Does It Always Rain On Me. I told her what I wanted to say and she added afew facts and that was that.
The show was about to begin.

Backstage there was electricity in the air. Dougie and I ran up the stairs and positioned ourselves side of stage for the opening number. The side of stage was packed. Kofi was there, I saw Michael Stipe, Bill Gates, Bob Geldof was there and of course Paul, Bono, Adam, The Edge and Larry. They stood patiently, awaiting their cue. It was so exciting. Through the tightly woven mesh that hung on each side of the stage I peered. 150 000 souls jostled and shimmied as the PA cracked into life, welcoming the world and introducing the first act.

We did an interview with Jonathan Ross next. Then it was the long wait. I wandered around backstage meeting Chris from Coldplay, Brandon and Dave from The Killers and Paul from The Beatles who was being followed by a gaggle of cameramen filming a macca docu.

Then it was time to go on. Standing by the side of the stage, we looked on as London welcomed Philly. There was a little shaky moment when they couldn?t get the sound from America. Production folk hollered over our heads, technicians scrambled with wires and buttons and then the sound came on. The crowd cheered. Will Smith in Philly lead all the countries participating in a giant global finger clicking moment. Millions of people clicked their fingers to represent a childs life disappearing. Moving stuff. Then Harvey Goldsmith, the promoter, gave us the nod and we ran on stage.

The crowd was MASSIVE. It was a breathtaking sight. Neil struck up the beginning of SING but someone had unplugged the keyboards and our sampled backward tubular bells got mushed. Adam looked vexed. Neilly struck up the beat and we launched into SING.

Ahhh?it really transforms when we play some of the bigger songs in front of a massive crowd. These tiny little harmless tunes we play in our rehearsal room expand to gigantic proportions and you realise that these songs don?t belong to us but to whoever sings them. It never fails to humble me.

Then we played SIDE and ran into STAYIN? ALIVE. We played this twice before and thought it would be good to lighten the mood. 300 000 hands in the air is a sight to behold. The underpants I pulled out at the end were given to me a couple of days earlier. Man were they tight!

Next up was WDIAROM and then it was bye bye and off stage. Many pats on the back as we ran through the side of stage throng. Nice.

I ran the press gauntlet next for an hour and then hung out and chatted to loads of folk back stage and awaited the Rock ?n? Roll old timers to blow us all off the stage, which, when The Who, Pink Floyd and McCartney played their sets, they did with ease. My highlight was The Mighty Floyd? who blew me out of my shoes.

After their third song Nigel and I ran under the stage and round to the BBC mobiles, where Mitty, (the man who mixes all the live music for radio 1) was in raptures, mixing Pink Floyd at full volume. I think he?d had multiple orgasms during their set. There was a distinctly funky smell in the room, and he had a massive smile pasted across his face. Awwww Mitty.

Then I ran back to the stage and stood with Andy and Dougie and Annie Lennox and a bunch of wee African kids, the boy from Razorlight and Jake from Scissor Sisters, and Gary from Snow Patrol waiting to sing the na na na na?s on Hey Jude. It was a fitting end to a mental day I don?t think any of us will forget.

After the finale we hung around backstage and then wandered into Paul McCartneys dressing room. Our cars were going to be some time so we said hello to Paul and Nigel told Dave Gilmour how much Pink Floyd had shaped him, I missed George Michael (cant believe that) but met Peter Blake who was a sweet gentleman.

In the middle of all the hello?s and how d?you dos I spotted a toaster and decided to plug it in an make some toast. The bread was over by Peter Blake so I asked him if he wanted some and he said ?oooh what a good idea. Yes please??so I dropped 4 slices in to the slots, pressed the button down and all the lights in Pauls dressing room area went out. The rabble ceased. Pauls security were on the scene in seconds. In the dark silence I said ?Soorry?I think that was me ?? Thankfully the lights came back on after a minute. I decided not to try the toaster again.

Just before we got in our car to head home, Nigel and I ran up onto the now deserted stage to view the now deserted Hyde Park. It looked eerie. There was a thin mist hanging over the site. I wondered if everyone had had a good day and if the message had gotten through to the right people.
Then we jumped in the car and went home.
CAPO Posted: 30-07-05 7:48
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First time in London, or in the UK for that matter. Heck, it was the furthest I've been away from home, ever. Needless to say I was a small fish in a big pond, but the ecstacy of being a complete stranger to everyone around me was odd and spiritually arousing.

I had never seen that many people in one place since my Uncle Tony's 4th wedding.

Before this, I've seen Travis live a total of *counts on fingers*....3 times (by the way gentlemen, the wild wild west--aka CALIFORNIA-- misses you dearly).

This show was amazing. So much energy.

I was tapping my fingers along, like any musician would so, singing harmonies and making myself look like a fool, but whatev. It's kind of like being 3 and running around naked.

Good stuff.
sorry angel Posted: 17-05-06 4:26
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This was one of the few days which will remain in my memory as one of the happiest, luckiest and most fulfilling days of my life. We were that gifted we won 2 tickets in the golden circle! No point saying again here how all the sets, technicians, performers, organisation, crowd, people were amazingly unique and amazing. The best gig of my life!
Travis performance was just right up there and remains the best moment of the concert for me with Annie Lennox's "Why" in terms of truth, emotion and generosity. The whole band seemed so deeply happy to be there with all of us, they performed like it was a simple personal party gift to each and all of us, and I felt it was just right to connect so much with them at that moment that exchanging huge smiles and a nod of recognition with Fran was just a proof that Travis (and their music) is unarguably the most soulful and complete rock band around at the moment. I am very proud to be one of your fans and to have joined your "fan club" at 40 which I never felt necessary to do for any bands or artist before.
thejames8 Posted: 05-06-07 3:06
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just a really great day, we were in the golden circle as we won tickets from the times!!!:D
Travis were brillant as always

Side / Stayin' Alive
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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