Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Live8, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, UK

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andrewmankirk Posted: 07-07-05 4:27
WOW what a night! Turned up and of course it was rainin so got soaked b4 i got into the stadium. got in had seating tickets went to c where they were, seats were awful so decided to get into standing. Met some friends and 4 of us managed to sawp seating for standing as all u needed was the ticket to get a green band :D so gd! Proclaimers opend and were amazin then it wasnt as lively until the thrills came on which got the crowd going again althogh there were some good moments such as flower of scotland. Travis as always the best act altho i was dissapointed it didnt rain for WDIAROM but hey excelent anyway! Bob and Bonos' speaches were excelent and i hope the G8 leaders get the point! Bass was way to loud the ground was vibratin so much. Was excelent anyway and i couldnt fault one band for their performance. MAKE POVERTY HISTORY - Andrew Man Kirk
Sara Anna Posted: 02-08-05 8:16
The Long Walk to justice, Live 8 part two. A friend of mine who won tickets for this couldn't go so she gave them to me. So away I went on a road trip to Edinburgh, or rail trip I should say and met up with Jasmine from the board who I'd given the spare ticket to. The gig itself was held at Murryfield Stadium, a smaller audience for this one, only 50,000, only you say! Well it was much smaller than the 150,000 at Live 8 in Hyde Park. So with our tickets stating seated but option to stand we found a good place on the pitch as near to the front as possible. No way do I sit at gigs, I want to be where the atmosphere is. This time I could actually see the stage or stages I should say, a smaller one was placed within the audience at the end of a walkway.
The concert began with the release of white balloons into the air and the Proclaimers took to the stage with 500 miles, an excellent start. Main presenter for the night was Lenny Henry who kept in the spirit of things by walking on stage in a kilt. There were also guest spots by George Cloony, Peter Kay and Eddie Izzard amongst others.
There weren't as many artists involved with this concert but still lots of quality acts. Performances from Feeder, Snow Patrol, Annie Lennox, Texas, Jamie Cullam and The Thrills.
Bob Geldof yet again couldn't resist a song of his own and sang an excellent performance of I don't like Mondays.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as Hyde Park, half way through the gig the heavens opened and not wanting to get soaked, I held my tiny umbrella over myself and Jasmine, trying not to block someones view or poke their eyes out with it. Midge Ure walks out on stage, looks at the crowd and starts singing 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me' before launching into Vienna.
I had three no four encounters of WDIAROM that day. First one was during the protest in Princes Street earlier that day, I joined the protest at one point and it was raining heavily at the time. Walking past a group of buskers they suddenly started playing, yes you guessed it, WDIAROM.
'Magic, Moment', la la la!
The second was Midge Ures version, the third well, I spotted a guy in front of me wearing a 12 Memories tour T Shirt. Knowing there would be a few boardies at this gig I tried talking to him. He said something, slurring his words, 'what' I said, 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me' he slurred, I noticed empty larger cans and vodka bottle at his feet, they were the only words he could say to me, oh dear!
So the fourth was Travis themselves, they were on near the end and performed two songs Dritwood and of course Why Does It Always Rain On Me! The audience loved it, what a great atmosphere and a great performance from them.
I have to say it's one of the best audiences I've seen at a gig, they know how to party up there in Scotland.
At one point Geldof, Midge and Bono stood on the podium stage and gave some great speeches and then Bono requested a song, Flower of Scotland'. The audience turned into a huge choir, amazing except I didn't know the words, ok I'm English, well half Welsh, just not Scottish, apart from about 5%, oh I digress!
The Corrs took to the stage and were joined by Bono who dueted and danced with them, nice one. I have to say though that the star of the show had to be that little African girl that Davina McCall brought out on stage. When asked her views, wow, did she know what to say, future Nobel Peace prize winner that one.
So the all important message, Make Poverty History, I thought this concert made a far bigger impact on delivering this message than the Hyde Park gig. A nice touch was a video message from Nelson Mandela himself and an audience participation white band around the tiers of the stadium.
So top of the show, James Brown, the king of Soul 'Get up off of that thing' and a great end to a great night and a very important campaign.
As I left the stadium to find a taxi to my hotel, copies of the following days Daily Record were already being sold.
The headlines '500 Miles, 50,000 Smiles' splashed accross the front. Well it was certainly that alright. I bought one as a souvenir, something to remember.
Lets hope the campaign contines and Poverty realy is made History.

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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