Saturday, June 11, 2005
Isle of Wight Festival, Newport, UK

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Adam Posted: 13-06-05 1:54

Being an Island resident, and a huge Travis fan, I was totally chuffed when Morrissey pulled out and Travis were booked, and I wasn't let down.

They opened with Sing, and the crowd just went mad, throughout the day every time the picture of Travis came on screen the crowd went mental, and nobody was let down.

I can't really remember the set in order, but they opened with Sing and finished with WDIAROM.

Songs included (just trying to relive it)

U16 Girls
Writing to Reach You
The Fear
The Beautiful Occupation
Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Love Will Come Through
Flowers in the Window

For the encore, they played the Morrissey cover "Every Day is Like Sunday" and finished with WDIAROM, which, as you'd expect, the crowd loved.

I'll upload pictures when I get hold of my mates camera, I got some lovely shots of Andy on top of his amps.
charlie Posted: 25-07-05 7:50
Heading across the solent is becoming an annual thing for my mates and I. The line-up this year was looking cracking on Friday and Sunday, but a bit ropey on the Saturday. That was until Morrissey pulled out and Travis stepped into the breach. Reeesult!!

Roxy (Poxy) Music put on a mind-numblingly tedious set which dragged on for far longer than it should have done. The biggest cheer came when Bryan Ferry announced they were being told to leave the stage (immediately followed by the loudest groan when he informed us they weren't going anywhere)

Finally, they were off, the stage was set and on came Travis.
What can I say that hasn't been said about them a thousand times before??
They rocked...pure and simple. The atmosphere at IOW is unlike any other festival I've been to, and Travis were the perfect headliners. The crowd, already singing, dancing, clapping, bouncing along, warmed to the Scottish lovelies even more as Fran struggled with some of the words (even jumping into the crowd at one stage to get some help!). He was on cracking form, his voice sounding superb, and his intros to the songs just making him even more adorable than ever.

Andy, during AIWTDIR climbed high onto the speaker stacks, balancing precariously while Fran and Dougie couldn't hide their delight at his latest escapade; has he not dislocated his hips with all the swinging?! No help whatsoever with the words to Flowers in the Window, but his verse in Turn made up for it!

All too soon the set finished (I really hope Poxy Music overrunning didn't mean the set was cut short???) WDIAROM finished a gorgeous night with everyone who still had a voice left (Think mine disappeared several songs before!) joining in. The lights on the audience showed every single person up in the air as the ground shook to thousands of bouncing feet. were right: there's something special about the IOW festival. Dunno if it's the history, the ferry trip, the feeling of going on holiday, or a combination of all 3. All I know is that it was a fabulous weekend, and Travis' performance was the absolute cherry on a very sweet cake. What I also know is that you should have been 1st choice as Saturday night headliners....and I never thought I would thank Morrissey for anything ever, but I remain forever grateful to him for dropping out!!


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