Friday, January 28, 2005
RTL2 Acoustic Concert, Paris, FR

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JustTheFacesChange, LA FOUINE, Lucile

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LA FOUINE Posted: 11-02-05 12:42
With an incredible luck I got tickets for this very private concert organised by a french radio. The audience was composed of winners of a game organised by the radio and it was very disappointing to see that our lovely group was coming to France without having the chance to see them. I went to see them when they came to Olympia on November 9th, 2004 and since that date I was waiting for a new date.

The concert was organised with 4 other artists, all of them French and very popular in France. It was obvious that the main audience was waiting for them. But what a big, big surprise to see how the people reacted to the marvellous energy of the group. In France, ? Sing ? is the most known chart and it has been used by the radio organising the concert for theirs ads on TV and radio. Some people call this song ? the song of the RTL ad ?… grr…. Then Side followed ? Sing ? on the radio and since the radios have not played Travis a lot… all this to explain that if you are not a fan in France you do not have the chance to know Travis songs….

So most of the people did not know Travis at all and I feld a little bit anxious of how they would be welcomed… Really, really big surprise…. They were the last artist to perform but what a good reaction. When Fran sang ? 20 ? without any microphone, that moment was really magic and the public really appreciated that ? effort ?. The theme of the gig was ? unplugged ? and 3 of the 4 french artists who performed before did not really played the game. They came with their complete material, ready for a big gig…. That’s why the public really good reacted to the unplugged installation of Travis and the performance of Fran…

The other songs were also very good. And as far as I am concerned, I was very happy to hear songs like ? the last laugh of the laughter ? or ? Slide Show ? and blue Flashing ligths ? that they did not perform in 2004. Fran apologised for not speaking French but learnt that ? 20 ? in French has the same sound as wine (20 : vingt and wine : vin)…By knowing ? Du vin, merci ? Fran, you’re already a french citizen…

One last thing that can convince you of the really good welcome of the group is that they played 10 songs, more than the other 4 artists.

Hard to be back on earth again… but hope you will enjoy this review.

Hope to see you very soon, guys..

La Fouine (who apologised for her English writing….)
JustTheFacesChange Posted: 25-02-05 3:37
Well...what a show!

let's start at the beginning of the story...about a month ago a friend of mine who's always with me in concerts and parties and stuffs told me that travis were going to play in paris for this show and i was like "what? is that true?" then the game on the radio station...couldnt play it because i didnt have the time to! and the money too...last time i played at some radio game i must have spent about 50e without winning it was really horrible...first time it happened i didnt win playing that much!!

anyway, the day of the concert i just couldnt let this concert happen without me so i spent the whole afternoon at the venue...and i can say it was really cold that day...waited and didnt see anyone except some radio animators and one artist called Cali...when i saw him i was really desperate but my friend's animator just gave us two tickets...ho god we were So relieved!!...marvellous moment! many thanks to him!!!

seeing the queue we went eating and then we came back ... got to the front on the left for the first concerts and then we were in the first row just in front of dougie (as usual ;o))...)...i just couldnt believe i finally got in and near my travis friends inside! unbelievable so the concerts was....

Writing To Reach You
nice start, still on a cloud , dougie sitting on a chair, neil on his left with only a snare drum as i remember?!, fran and his guitar and then andy =)

The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
Surprising! never heard it live i think ... with the french words in it ...was quite fun!

the only song from the last album!

Pipe Dreams
energy on stage !!

everybody singing in the crowd!

lot's of the man who in this set, which is a real pleasure to the fans (about 10 real hardcore fans in the audience i would say lol)

whooho i love this song so live in accoustic with them all ... no words to describe it


wonderfull moment, reminded me of the gd rex show in 2002!!
this must be one of my favourite songs ...

really calm song not very often live..very cool

Blue Flashing Light
heard the first notes, thought it was the last one and i was right, no why does it always rain on me or re offender...

what a day!
i wish it could have been a little longer but it was marvellous to have been able to see them after such a stress lol

thanks for the show and i wish next time wont be in a long time and that it wont be so horrible for the tickets lol

Writing To Reach You
The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
Pipe Dreams
Blue Flashing Light


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