Thursday, June 09, 2005
University Of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Support: Solo performance by Stephen Fretwell.
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T Festival Posted: 10-06-05 12:48
Well the venue was a good one, the stage was high so you could see the boys really well. They had their full setup I guess its all needed to Isle Of Wight, so Andy had his stack of 4 Orange Amps, Fran his two Marshalls, it looked a bit overpowering for the smallish room but it wasn't too loud.
The sound wasn't fantastic as we were standing right in the middle in between the PA so maybe it sounded better further back.

ANYWAY... onto the gig

Stephen Fretwell started but his one-man show was a bit lost with everyone talking and he mumbled too much
Travis came on quite early for a gig about 8.30. Dougie was wearing a black shirt and Fran started off with a denim jacket on, which soon came off, he was wearing a stripy tshirt underneath. Can't remember the rest!

They launched straight into Sing and they were all really smily I think it was a while since they'd played a gig. They settled down a bit by the third song, the crowd were quite a mixture of existing Travis fans and students from UEA so some people weren't really into it, but they knew all the hits

Can't remember the entire set but I'm sure it will be posted, usual singles and a few unusual ones like The Fear, Humpty Dumpty Love Song and of course the new song Closer, more on the that in a mo.

Fran's patter was funny he said he'd given up smoking after a gig in Paris, I didn't see Dougie and Andy smoking, but I doubt they've given up!

He said about the Live 8 gig and was worried what songs they should play since they don't have any recent singles so he asked us!

He said the last time they'd played there in 1997 he'd just written WDIAROM on holiday so it brought back memories.

The usual turn off the PA for Flowers in the Window and also the AC got turned off too, that was great, everyone was silent for it.

The new song Closer was what they played next. Fran wanted it to be perfect so was adjusting his strap and his capo was too loose so they had to start again. I'm a bit of muso so i too notice of the chords and melody quite a lot. Pretty standard stuff Capo 5th Fret, in C to Em to Am to F, nice chords at any time of year. And the melody for the chorus was lovely, Fran going a little falsetto I think as it was quite high and nice. Can't remember the verse too well but Dougie's bass was sparse and Andy played an Ebow throughout. I liked it as a nice song its not a rocker and its better than Walking In the Sun their last single
He said afterwards we'd heard the World Premiere! So that was cool. He said it was about people going through difficult lack of communication times in their relationships.

They had a new keyboardist Mark who Fran drew attention to a couple of times, he was pretty unobtrusive really.

Encore was a Morrisey song, they are learning it for IOW festival. Its a famous one about Sundays! Forgive me Morrisey fans for not knowing the title!!
Humpty Dumpty

Anyway great gig, few mishaps, Fran fell over after FITW and hurt his wrist! Dougie's bass stopped working so he changed mid song, very slick. Andy went on top the amps as usual during AIWTDIR.

Err that's it, really looking forward to the next one. Thanks guys for a great show!

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