Sunday, July 10, 2005
T In The Park, Balado, UK

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No1FranFan Posted: 11-07-05 9:25
Highlight of my weekend!!
northern ellie Posted: 12-07-05 9:48
Basically, what better way to see Travis than at a Scottish festival?
And the Radio Ga-Ga bit was a nice touch!
Brilliant gig!
suzanne Posted: 13-07-05 1:13
Great weekend, with the highlight of course seeing travis. Brilliant performance and the sun was out what more could you ask for?
Met Andy on the Friday night watching Keane, who were also very good. Made my weekend!
katykitten Posted: 17-07-05 3:07
Travis were the undeniable highlight of my weekend, I couldn't even resist clappin with my best mate when we saw Dougie and Fran at the side of the stage during keane! lol.
The crowd were fairly energetic and everyone seemed to appreciate our boys new effort, "Closer" which i can see being a favourite in a few years.
The one moment that made my night was Fran actually spotting me during Love Will Come Through. I was on my friends Shoulders 6 from the front and wearin a travis T-shirt so I was pretty hard 2 miss but I couldnt stop smilin when he sang at me!
dobber Posted: 04-08-05 12:36
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By the time Travis played the main stage on Sunday i had deterioted into a crumpled heap on a patch on noodle infested grass. Still managed to sing along. Can't wait for the new album. Cheers,Linda Towers.
dianedawson Posted: 06-08-05 6:33
Brilliant, unfortunately I was miles away at the back trying to find a spot where I couldn't hear the Dance Tent and King Tut's. Couldn't get any closer cos my daughter didn't like the crush and beer throwing! She was introduced to that pleasure earlier watching Kaiser Chiefs. Missed most of Interpol who I'd been keen to see just to see Travis again.
Saltest Posted: 18-04-06 8:09
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ayana Posted: 28-05-07 10:27
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I've always wanted to do a review for this gig but either I didn't have the time or I forgot about it so now there is a new site etc, I think it's time :)

I still remember the day when the official line-up was announced and when I saw that Travis were playing on the main stage ! I couldn't stop smiling for at least two days ! lol.

The weekend was just amazing., we really had fun!
We went to the main stage just about 20 mins before the band came on stage and we managed to make our way to the front. We were surrounded by some guys who had the build of rugby-players. That was cool because we didn't get pushed too much, thanks to them ;o) Maybe they were boardies because from what I heard they had seen the band many times and one of them even used the word "Frantastic" lol. (I know, I always remember useless things!)

Then finally Travis arrived (they were late!). The gig was amazing although I don't remember much of it :s
I was just jumping, singing along with the others and burning because of the sun haha.
I was looking forward to hearing Staying Alive and was really happy when they started to play it. Then, there was Flowers In The Window, with just Fran playing and the crowd singing along with him.
When they played their "new song" Closer, Fran asked us to put our thumbs up or down at the end, to say if we liked it or not. Of course almost all the crowd had the thumbs up (except a person just in front of me - sorry for the kick...mwuahaha!).

Happy was just awesome live (it was one of my fav song at the time so I really enjoyed it).
And then WDIAROM which was just wow! Everyone was singing and jumping and if you've seen it on the TV well it was 10,000 times better when you were there :D

.....and then it was the end. We left the main stage because we didn't want to see Green Day (I just couldn't stand them at that time) and we went to see another band in another tent (I don't remember who though).
I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to go to T and see Travis this year. We then spent two weeks in Edinburgh, doing the tourists, visiting the main sites etc ...

Writing To Reach You
Love Will Come Through
The Fear
The Beautiful Occupation
Side/Staying Alive
All I Want To Do Is Rock
Flowers In The Window
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


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