Wednesday, October 06, 1999
Caird Hall, Dundee, UK

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Andy Posted: 21-06-04 2:18
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I must admit when I was first told about this tour diary I made sure that I made an appearance early on in the tour as I have previously been quite slack with keeping up to date with the website. So first of all my apologies to all of you who visit the Travis site regularly for not talking to you all sooner I promise to make up for it from now on and atone for my past sins.

Anyway we are all sitting on the tourbus outside the hotel at the moment awaiting our departure for sunny Aberdeen, so I thought I would write my tour diary for yesterdays show in Dundee. Woke up on Wednesday morning head pounding, definitely suffering from the aftershow after the Barrowlands. Still, it was great to see my folks and my bro? again even if it was short and sweet.

After settling the usual minibar and phone tabs at the hotel reception in Glasgow (Dougie still holds the record at ?400) we set off for the hour-long journey to Dundee everyone feeling slightly tender and subdued. After checking in hotel at Dundee we head to the Caird Hall for soundcheck and the usual round of interviews.

The venue looks great, very ornate with a good size stage. The dressing room is absolutely bizarre, done up in 1920's style wallpaper with a real fireplace and an old cuckoo clock on the wall, somehow you keep expecting Miss Marple to walk through the door any second.

Instead we are greeted by a handful of interviewers. All goes well through the interviews and then it is time to soundcheck. It is always weird soundchecking in halls this size, until the audience actually fill the place the sound bounces about and you have to try your best to imagine what it will actually sound like on the night.

Soundcheck over with it's back to the dressing room for dinner. This is the first time we have brought caterers on tour with us and it is such a treat to not have to worry about dinner. The caterers have been really good so far and they always have a basket of Kinder Surprise waiting for us in the dressing room (well, you know simple things amuse simple minds).

Anyway, after eating dinner it is time for the long sit about until the show, no matter how long you do this, that hour or so always seems to last for ages, the combination of anticipation and nerves seem to make it last forever.

The time is broken up by watching Remy Zero's set, they are very, very good live and if you haven't got their album yet go out and buy it tomorrow . Thank you to everyone who has come along early to support them and to the rest of you who have tickets for the other shows. You should try and get along early enough to catch their set I can strongly recommend it, they are a very talented bunch and if their is any justice they will go a long way.

The Dundee show was always going have a lot to live up to after a show at the Barrowlands (home town gig, first night of the tour and all) but the crowd more than live up to the challenge tonight and we all have a totally magic show. The crowd were in great voice during WDIAROM and by the time of Happy the whole place is totally jumping. My highlight for the evening is Slideshow and Blue Flashing Light.

Thank-you to all the fine people of Dundee who came along to the show and made it such a special night. If the rest of the tour lives up to the first two nights we are in for a memorable month, I hope you all enjoy the shows as much as we have been doing.

After the show it was time to catch up with an old school friend who is now living in Dundee.

Needless to say a few drinks are drunk and we end up in a club until the wee small hours of the morning. My friend ends up slightly worse for wear and by the end of the night I have to peel him into a taxi and make sure he gets to his flat in one piece (even if it is a slightly dishevelled piece).

After making sure that he doesn't get lost on the five yards between the taxi and his flat I head back to the hotel for my beauty sleep (I need all I can get).

Managed to get a good seven hours before my early lunchtime bath and then hit the bus for the drive to Aberdeen where I am now writing this (very slowly I hasten to add).

By the way, if you are ever driving from Dundee to Aberdeen I can strongly recommend the American style diner halfway along the route for a big breakfast.

I hope this finds you all happy and healthy and look forward to seeing those of you who have tickets in Aberdeen tomorrow night let's all have a ball.

Anyway got to go and check in to hotel now. Talk to you all soon,

Loads of love, Andrew Thomas Dunlop xxxoooxxx.

All I Want To Do Is Rock
Good Feeling
Writing to Reach You
As You Are
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Village Man
The Fear
The Last Laugh of the Laughter
Good Day To Die
More Than Us
Why Does It Always Rain On Me
Coming Around
Slide Show
Blue Flashing Light

Be My Baby


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