Tuesday, March 12, 2002
Wembley Arena, London, UK

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Travis Rocker Posted: 24-09-04 5:38
My second gig i espically remember the days before this gig when my dads new car failed to start so i thought oh no i thought i would never get there but thank god we had our old car still!! i eventually got there in the end with my mum n dad with me to see the show and my olds really loved it too!! there 1st ever gig with me hehe!!! thanks again guys
Kim C Posted: 09-10-04 8:33
this was my first gig and I was just so excited, when Sing started, I felt all the hairs on my neck stand on end, it was unreal! I was with a friend who loves Travis too and we were just so into it that no-one else mattered! It was fantastic I didn't want it to end and was on such a high for about a week afterwards, it was so good that I went and bought tickets for Docklands and dragged my husband along who is know fully converted!
kazza.s Posted: 13-10-04 10:22
My first Travis gig and 38wks pregnant.
Had a brilliant time and baby spent the whole concert dancing in my belly, so a Travis fan in the making. Thought the whole Play Station bit was fab and was great to have so much crowd interaction. Left on such a high!
jessie_austintx Posted: 31-12-04 4:15
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How thrilled was I to be a Texan getting to see Travis in London!?!?!?! Went to England for a few days to visit my husbands family and managed to get tickets to this show from another fan off the message board.

I was 5 months pregnant at the time and baby loved the show! Its no coincidence that both my children were born 9 months after having attended Travis concerts and they kinda look like Fran!! Ok, no they don't look like Fran - but they do indeed love Travis music. :-)
Travis Web Team Posted: 24-07-05 1:42
Due to a change in schedule we head straight to London after the Cardiff show. Fran and Dougie have an interview with the BBC who would like them to contribute to a programme about Paul Mcartney (who will be 60 this year).

As the drive from Cardiff to London is only guesstimated at 3-4 hours nobody takes to their bunks for this stretch, and an aftershow party of sorts takes shape on the bus, the drink and the chat flows freely and in no time it's 3am and we are in the center of London. London's home for Fran, Dougie and Andy so they're off to their own beds for a night. Neil and Jeremy have their usual hotel in the middle of town where their party lasts a while longer.

2.00PM Tuesday and I tag along with Fran and Dougie to The Hilton in London where the BBC have hired a suite for the day to record the "talking heads" for the programme. In the foyer we meet Kim from the BBC, and Natalie from Anglo Plugging who handle Travis' press. We ride the lift to the suite where one room is given over to make-up, the other set up for recording.

Dale Winton ( UK TV Presenter) has just finished his contribution and is getting ready to go as we arrive. Handshakes and introductions follow and Dale, after some Beatles chat, asks the boys if they have heard the new remix of Sing? - cue blank stares all round??!!! Dale tells us about a record label (Almighty) who produce HINRG club versions of all the big chart songs and have released a high bpm version of the track with a woman (Jackie O) singing.Fran and Doug are most curious and Natalie is given a mission to procure the song and bike it over to Wembley that afternoon. I take my chance to do the celeb photo thing with Dale, Dougie and Fran, then Dale's off and the guys are taken through to record the programme.

3.30 PM and we arrive at Wembley where everything's ready to soundcheck. The band also run through a new intro where recordings of fans singing snatches of songs are projected on the backdrop, ending with a bloke's rendition of Sing, as he completes the refrain the band launch into the song. The timing of this is crucial the band must begin their walk to the stage when a group of girls are singing the "na, na," bit from U16 girls, and on the second go this works out fine.

There is a reunion for the web team too, as Elliott joins me for the evening to take some shots and catch up with band and tour gossip.

Pete's countdown mantra begins and as Travis start pacing like caged animals we're doing the lastminute checks to camera's and equipment. Suddenly someone shouts the intro is beginning, the band are off, there is a flurry of action as they bolt for the door and we struggle to keep up only to find them bottlenecked at the top of the corridor at the end of their false alarm.

3 minutes follow in which the band have a bit more time to prepare and then we're off moving through the darkness to the stage. As the video clip plays the band take the stairs and don their instruments and right on cue launch into Sing.

Travis are rocking tonight, and Andy is in a very active mood, testing the web teams camera skills with a range of antics. Gemma is picked for Gran Turismo 3 and places 4th in what is becoming an ever more popular feature in the set.

Back for the encore and Dougie's Rocket Man receives a rapturous reception, the band's mission statement " All I Want To Do Is Rock" follows and Andy makes the climb of the speaker stacks during the solo. "Happy" sees much running around stage and Andy following Fran up the speaker stack at one point at the close of the show.

Backstage after the show, a veritable rock legend, Mick Rock the photographer, pops in to see the band. Mick has photographed them all and his portfolio is full of iconic images that are so familiar they are part of your life. Lou Reed's Transformer cover, David Bowie's Alladin Sane and so on, check his site at

Mick and the band met in America and have talked about doing some work together in the future and Mick tells us about some of the famous photo shoots from an incredible career. Fran shows him some webteam shots and he is very generous in his praise. On our way out Fran signs autographs for people still standing in the rain at the exit, and we finally finish the day around 2.45 am.
jaffacakes07 Posted: 08-02-08 5:58
This was my 5th time seeing the boys, and it was a fab night to remember. Seing the lads do wembley was like seeing your new born child net the winner in the world cup final. Sat right up in the balcony for this one, prob the furthest away I'd seen them. But was great to take in the atmosphere, also I went with my dear Mum who was greatful for the seat! The highlight for me was "Turn" the houselights went up and it was a real spine tingler, great to see the boys do the biz on the grandest stage! :-)


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