Friday, June 28, 2002
St. Gallen Festival, St. Gallen, CH

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Ursina Posted: 08-10-04 11:34
The day after the show I was heading up to Glasgow and that must be the reason why I haven't done a review before. Since nobody has posted any I'll try to remember it...

The St.Gallen festival is quite a big event on the Swiss festival calendar and Travis were headlining. It has been raining all day and so the fields turned into mud baths, with wellies stuck in the mud and your bare feet mid air lol!!. Because of the rain we decided to go further back to one of these covered terraces. The view was quite good although really too far away even though they had a great big screen. By the time Travis came on the rain had stopped ... so all good! For me it was a great show, singing and dancing,waving the Saltire,probably making a fool of myself yet again :-P.
But friggin heck, not everybody felt the same, lots of coming and going, plenty of drunks, people not really interested. I'm sure the crowd right at the front were great and I wished I was in there too but from where we were standing it was just annoying. Got the feeling Fran had to battle his way through the noisy crowd at the back.
So it wasn't one of the greatest gigs I've been to, nothing to do with Travis, they were brilliant but the behaviour of the crowd at the back was really off putting! Oh well suppose that's festivals for you.


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