Monday, March 04, 2002
Arena, Middlesborough, UK

Support: Doves
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Dingbat Posted: 07-10-04 9:33
We got in late for this gig. We hadn't missed much. I don't rate the Doves, all their songs seemed to be exactly the same. Then the headline act came out and of course the place went bonkers. Looking back I don't remember all that much, but I remember 'Last Train' being amazing, 'Coming Around' being fun due to the lad playing Gran Turismo 3 on the big screen, and 'Flowers in the Window' being just as good as it always is.

9/10 for the Doves supporting; and for me not remembering much ;)

Helen C Posted: 18-10-04 11:37
Well, what can i say?! It was best thing ive ever been to in my life! Was pretty high up near the back of the arena but had a really good view of the boys! Took my mum, which was embarrasing as she took earplugs due to the level of noise (old age!). Anyway enough about that! The show was brilliant, you couldn't help but stand and sing along, my favourites had to be flowers in the window, and Turn! The show made me an even bigger fan! Even my mother was converted!
nesmap Posted: 21-10-04 1:30
Well, this was my first gig, and it was truly amazing. I can remember sitting to the right of the stage (as you look from it) and up a bit. I had a great view, and the best bits were Turn, Why Does It Always Rain On Me? and Driftwood because the whole place just stood up and sang along - quality.

I also remember so bloke playing on Gran Turismo whilst Fran and co. played Coming Around (I think) - that as cool.

All in all, a great night, and one I'll never forget - Cheers!!!
emma803 Posted: 25-05-05 2:11
this was the first time i managed to see travis live and i was blown away, my mum bought me the tickets for my 18th birthday and me and my partner went, we where at the very front of the arena and stood all in all for 5 1/2 hours but it was worth it, was not sure about the doves it just seemed like one long song as none really stood out to me, travis where fantastic tho dougie was right in front of me and i got the greatest pics ever some of which i will put on here when i figure out how to use the net!! cant wait to see them again!!!!!


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