Tuesday, March 05, 2002
Telewest Arena, Newcastle, UK

Support: Doves
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chris2304 Posted: 28-09-04 2:27
What a gig! So good I cant even remember that much about it! Does that make me bad? Aaaah come on it was 2 years ago...I cant remember what I did last week never mind 2 years ago! Haha! erm not really much of a review except that from what I can remember..."Happy" was the last song and EVERYBODY was jumping up and down at the same time singing along and then my legs went numb and I fell over. I've been to 2 or 3 Travis gigs at the Arena and I ain't too sure which one it was...maybe this one, one song they let one person from the crowd play along to Gran Turismo 3 while they were playing a song (Can't remember which one...sorry...agaaain!) A top gig but then aren't they always!! :D I was Happy! Doves were canny good too! :)
weilandsgurl Posted: 04-10-04 8:57
Hi :)

This was a memorable gig for me as I was so used to seeing Travis in smaller venues. There was a huge power struggle between the young girls and the older adults (namely me, my friend Karen and my partner Keith) to get to the front of the damn Arena as we are terrified of missing anything that goes on during a Travis set! After managing to position ourselves in front of Dougie's Mike (as there was no way on earth those screaming youngsters were going to let us anywhere near Fran's side of the stage)We waited for the show to begin....
Doves did a fantastic job of opening up the gig with a blinding set, the only upset being they didnt play "The Man who told everything" though they did play a lot of their new album for us.
After we recovered from that we waited for the lads to come on. I had spotted Fran in the side wings singing along to Doves earlier that evening wearing a lovely baseball cap and he looked like he was totally lost in the moment:)
When Travis came out the place came to life and lights, screams and girls crying out Frans name filled the air.
Although this was a bloody good gig with some of the best lighting and effects i've seen on a Travis show yet, I really must say that I prefer seeing the band in smaller venues like The City Hall or Foundation (formerly Riverside) so with this in mind, I beg Travis to play these again when they bring out their 5th album but no pressure lads! :)
Much Love Clare xxx
brettredmayne Posted: 12-10-04 4:04
Was really unsure about going to a travis gig at an arena, sure it was sold out but I always have that feeling you loose the atmosphere that a small gig gives you.

The gig was good (as always) and playing games on a big screen has always been something I wanted to do.
cazzasho Posted: 01-04-05 2:45
My second travis gig! I got my ticket like an hour before it started so i was right at the back with all the posers who didnt even jump along to turn or know all i wanna do is rock! (scandalous!)probably didn't own an album!(but never mind)
It was a fab concert though! Doves supported! amazing! Fran was spot on as usual!

Good Feeling
Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
As You Are
The Fear
Last Train
I Love You Anyways
Follow The Light
Flowers In The Window
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why Does It Always Rain On Me ?
Slide Show
Blue Flashing Light

All I Want To Do Is Rock
Coming Around


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