Thursday, September 21, 2000
The Quest, Minneapolis, MN, US

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Kris Posted: 07-10-04 2:40
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The Groovy Dougie Fan Club was taking off quite well. I decided to make it a tradition to go to every Travis show with "goodies" for the band sent to me from the members of the GDFC. I came to the show with the first ever Groovy Dougie Fan Club Fan Package in hopes of giving it to Dougie.

When I arrived at the show, there was a line outside, and I was told that both bands had already been out signing stuff and so I thought I had totally missed them. Nope! About twenty minutes before doors opened, Fran came out and signed stuff for people, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him.. Andy came out and walked past me and I said "Hey Andy!" and he said, "Hullo!" and smiled and walked to the end of the line to talk to those people. Neil came out next and when he got to me he asked about the Mad Libs I had because he had never seen them, so I sort of gave a half-assed explanation of them. Ah well. Dougie came up to me and his face just totally lit up and he said "Hello!" and I said "Hi!" and he asked me about the Mad Libs (I swear, I never imagined such a silly little game would land so much interest from people) and so I sort of explained them and ripped out a page for him. Then I handed him the package and I said, "This is from the fan club!" and he said "Awwwww!" and leaned over and gave me a huge hug (aww, Dougie huggles!) and I told him I was SO nervous about trying to get this to him and he said, "Are you okay?" and I said "Oh yeah, now I am, I was nuts before though. It's worth it though because the fan club members are SO great. Such wonderful people. It's all for them." and he said "I got a flyer in Chicago...I saw the little drawing!" and then he said "My girlfriend went to the site and saw the Dancing Dougie and she rang me up and said, 'You have to see this!'" and I said, "Have you been there?" and he said "Yes!" Cool! He held out his hand and held mine in sort of a semi-handshake and said "Are you alright then?" and I said "Yeah." He mentioned he was getting a bit of a cold, and I told him to drink tea. I said "It's that time of year again!" and he said "I guess so!" Then I said "I need to ask you two things. First off, can you sign this?" and I had him sign my Travis press photo and then I said "Second question." Dougie said, "Yes?" and I said, "In "Hazy Shades of Gold," Fran tells you to get back. What are you getting back from?" and he said "Oohhhh...well, when we were recording it, we would each take up a corner of the room, and Frannie would be across from Neil so he could watch to make sure the timing was right. And I sort of wandered in front of Neil and he couldn't see so he told me to get back." I said "Oh! That makes sense! Thank you, now I know." and he laughed and then I got a picture with him.

I stood in line a bit more and then finally the doors opened and we got in. I went right up towards front, but not directly in front because for one, they had a barrier up, and secondly, two people were ahead of me. In any case, I was still very close.

Remy Zero started and they were SO amazing. Just fantastic. I was just in awe, and I can't wait until the next album. Wow. Damn. Yeah. Only downside was this drunken/drugged out bloke who kept flailing his arms and bumping into people and yelling stuff at the band. He left eventually, so I think he was kicked out. Good.

Roadies set up the stage for Travis, and soon afterwards they took stage. They were absolutely fantastic! As usual, of course. The setlist went something like this:

All I Want To Do Is Rock
U16 Girls [Crikey!!!! Awesome!]
Good Feeling
Writing To Reach You
As You Are
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
Coming Around
Flowers In The Window
Slide Show
Blue Flashing Light
The Cage
Just The Faces Change
The Weight

Cool things throughout the set:

- Andy playing guitar with the microphone stand.

- Frannie's comment about politics and his "George's Bush" freudian slip.

- Dougie's wonderful bum-shaking throughout the show.

- Frannie announcing Dougie to do his song: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, sex on legs...DOUGIE PAYNE!" or something to that effect. Dougie, of course, came out blushing.

- Neil's hair. I don't know, it just looked extremely spiky and cool.

After the show, a bunch of fans were just sort of hanging out outside Travis' tour bus. A few people were excited to find out that I ran the Groovy Dougie Fan Club (odd, that) so that was rather interesting.

Dougie came out and so did Andy and Neil, and I had business to take care of with everyone, so I just made my rounds.

I stopped over by Andy and had him sign my photo and thanked him (what a sweetheart) and then decided to go over to Dougie. He got done signing something and saw me and said "Oh hullo dear!" and hugged me. I said, "Thank you for playing "Just The Faces Change." and he said, "No problem" and then I asked him if he had looked through the stuff in the package yet and he said, "Not all of the letters...I saw the paper dolls though" and I said, "Oh god." [Editor's note: The "paper dolls" refers to these actual Travis paper dolls I made - one doll for each band member and one outfit each. They can be printed out and coloured and cut out just like normal paper dolls. I had them up on the GDFC site.] I said, "Did the other guys see them?" and he said, "Haha, yes." So that was cool. As he was signing stuff I said, "You stole my Sharpie." and he said "Did I? I'm sorry! I can get you another one." and I said "No, haha, I'm just teasing you. It's alright." After a bit more chatting, I went about my merry way.

Next stop: Neil. I walked over to him and handed him a Mad Lib and apologized for not giving him a proper explanation. So I told him what it was and said it was "good for when you're bored" and he said "Ah, thank you. That happens a lot." I told him if he wanted me to get them any more to let me know and I'd hook them up. Then I thanked him and went on my way.

I waited in line for Fran because I had several missions to complete. When I was up next, he said, "Anyone need anything else?" and I said, "Yes Fran! Me!" and he smiled and said "Well okay then!" and I said, "First off, this is from Lesley. In New York. She's seen you guys what, like 18 times in two months?" and laughed and he laughed and said "Okay, thank you" and then I had bought the US "Turn" single for my friend Josh. I handed it to Fran and said, "And this...this is for my friend. He lives in Michigan and he has wanted to see you guys every time this year and hasn't been able to go. I wanted to do something for him." and Fran said, "What's his name?" and I said, "Josh" and he signed the CD: "TO JOSH YOU HAVE A GOOD FRIEND <3 FRAN X" and then I had him sign my photo. Then before I left I said, "Oh, and Fran...I wanted to tell you this. Last night my mom and I listened to "Mother" and we both just cried because it was so beautiful and it was just like us." and he said "Awww!" and I said, "Cuz, you know, it's just me and my mom. She's all I've got. My dad isn't around, and I love her so much, and the song just fits." and he said "Yes, me too! It's about that, about my mum and growing up and taking the reigns and everything." and I said "My mom thinks you're the sweetest thing ever put on Earth" and Fran kissed me on the cheek and I said "Can I give you a hug for her?" and he said "Oh yes" and gave me the biggest hug ever, I mean, so much that he almost knocked me over (and he's wee). I thanked him and he said "Thank YOU" and said "Oh and thank her for this too!" and held up Lesley's envelope.

It was such an incredible experience! I can't get over how kind, polite and friendly these guys are. What a special bunch of lads!

All I Want To Do Is Rock
U16 Girls
Good Feeling
Writing To Reach You
As You Are
Why Does IT Always Rain On Me?
Coming Around
Flowers In The Window
Slide Show
Blue Flashing Light
The Cage
Just The Faces Change
The Weight


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