Sunday, May 21, 2000
The Quest, Minneapolis, MN, US

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Kris Posted: 07-10-04 2:19
I woke up that morning, wired, had myself a chocolate donut and went to work. I just about went nuts. I listened to both Travis albums and could NOT wait to get out of there! 4:00 came around and my friend and his girlfriend came and picked me up and we drove to Minneapolis. We got to The Quest and waited in line and eventually got in. So, I worked my way up front and got an alright spot to the left of the stage during Leona Naess' set (who, by the way, was quite good...she's got a great voice and she seems really cool). Travis' set started and it was AMAZING! These guys behind us screamed a different band members' name in-between songs, so they screamed "WOOOOO! NEIL!" and I laughed and screamed along and Fran said, "Oh yes, Neil everybody!" and everyone cheered. And this happened for everyone in the band, and it was really funny. During "Driftwood," Fran broke two strings so he stopped the song and said "We're going to do this over...I mean, you'll be talking with your friends tomorrow and say 'The show was good but...Driftwood really sucked!'" so he played it on a six string instead. Fran and Dougie did a little of Sisqo's "Thong Song" and Dougie did this little bum-dance thing. It was a riot. Fran went on to say how it must be hard for someone with a lisp to say "Thong Song" because it just sounds like "Thong Thong" and rambled about that (quite hilarious). After they finished their set, Fran came back out and whispered into the microphone, "Ok, when Jeremy comes out...not now, but after this song...I want everyone to cheer REALLY loud for him!" (since we were cheering for each member in between songs) so when Jeremy came out we all screamed REALLY loud and said, "Wooo Jeremy!" and he was just like, "" and Fran was acting all cool like, "I didn't have anything to do with it! I swear!" It was awesome.

After the show the three of us ran out to the bus, and there was quite a crowd of people. Shortly after someone said, "Is that Dougie?" and I turned around and coming from out of the alley was Dougie and Andy! They worked their way up to the bus and I thought they'd go right in but they stayed outside and I waited for the other people to get their stuff signed, in the meantime Andy asked me if I wanted anything signed and I said "Um...actually nope, I already do...but you guys put on a great show!" and he smiled and thanked me. And when I got a spare second I went up to Dougie and handed him the letter I had typed up (the top had a smaller version of the cartoon I drew of him and the letter explained the Groovy Dougie Fan the bottom I had put a Douglas Coupland quote) and I said "I just wanted to let you know you now have a fan club" and he laughed and smiled really big and read the letter...sort of glanced through it and I said "If you want to visit the site, that would be great!" and he just kept giggling and I said, "It's because you're groovy." and he laughed. A girl I ran into from the Let It Be Records in-store pointed at the picture and said, "Remember the drawings?!" and I said, "Um yeah, I drew pictures for you guys..." and he stopped, looked me in the eye, did this whole "Oh my god!" pointing thing and said, "OH!!!!!!!!! You!!!!!!!! Yes, we have the pictures in the back of the bus!!!!!!!!" and I said "Oh my god really? I am so flattered!" and then he happened to read the Coupland quote and he said "Ah!!!!! Douglas Coupland!!!!" and I said, "He's my favourite writer" and he said "Mine too!!!" and I asked him what his favourite was and he said "Life After God" and I told him that was the first book I read of his and asked him what other books he's read and he started naming them off and he said, "Well all of them, actually...and I just talked to my girlfriend today and she just finished 'Girlfriend In A Coma'...quite impressed!" and I said "That one is amazing...I haven't read his new one yet, "Miss Wyoming"..." and he said "Oh it's wonderful!" I said "I just want to say you rock," and he said "Thank you!" and he said he'd try and check out the site. Then I turned around to talk to my friend, and he was talking with Neil about the festivals they were playing. When he was done I said "Hi!" to Neil and he said "Hi!" and I shook his hand and I said "It's so nice to meet you, I didn't get the chance last time the band was in town!" and got him to sign his picture in the "Man Who" CD booklet and congradulated him on his daughter Lola. I thanked him. Then, my friend's girlfriend said, "Kris! Dougie wants to take a picture with you!" and she says that she went up to him and said "She did start a fanclub for about a picture?" and he said "Oh sure!" and so he sort of got the people out of the way and he put his arm around me and we both smiled cheesily and it was really awesome. I thanked him again and he thanked me.

It was a fun show and it was cool to be able to tell Dougie about his "fan club" in person. I was also ecstatic to find someone else who was as crazy about Douglas Coupland as I am. That in itself is incredible!


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