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Fine Line, Minneapolis MN, US
Fine Line, Minneapolis MN, US
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, US
Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH, US
The Quest, Minneapolis, MN, US

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Lavena (thomyorkescaresme)
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DAKOTA Nov-11-08 1.30am
Well, you know how a Travis chatroom can get. (See the Blue Balls thread in GenChat, that's all I will say on the matter. Hehe ;)) No Matter! Back to adorning your comment page with Iantos! ;)
DAKOTA Nov-5-08 10.18pm
sweet new icon! ;)
DAKOTA Jun-17-08 10.38pm
SNICKERS PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAKOTA Jun-9-08 7.07am
Alright! Not so Random shoes!
DAKOTA Jun-7-08 6.50am
I am going to have ten Lavena's on my comment page pretty soon! And you shall have ten countrycide Iantos because I don't think I'm ever changing this avatar on this MB. ;)
DAKOTA Jun-7-08 4.52am
You are too kind! Hey, I like the avatar of your shoes!
DAKOTA Jun-3-08 7.40am
Haha! What did I do this time? ;D
Tianyan Aug-2-07 3.36pm
He scares me too... :( Thom Yorke I mean, just in case I confused you
eleanor May-28-07 4.56pm
haha, Thank you, thank you- it is original artwork. You can buy prints if you wish. But for you, special price! Hahahahaha.
DAKOTA May-24-07 5.37am
Hey, it ate my comment too. I even forgot what I wrote. Bah!
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