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heyjude Aug-14-09 12.06am
Missed your 21st Bday thread. Hope you're having a swell summer :-)
Nikki Apr-15-09 10.42pm
Love the Hugh pic!
leticia Apr-6-09 2.14am
Hey!! I've just seen your tatoo!!! It's amazing... LOVE IT!
TheBoyWithAName Mar-4-09 10.52pm
Hey! Spotify's webpage doesn't seem to work today! Hopefully I'll be aible to send you the invite tomorrow! Hope everything's okay with you :)
goosey_84 Feb-27-09 4.26pm
boo! yah i know i scared you just now...back from the dead! ;) holllaaaa!
clatter Feb-8-09 3.30pm
Hey, looks like we were at the same Lawrence show! Will you be attending any shows on the '09 tour? We're taking the train to Chicago for the 18th. Wish they were closer!
velouria Feb-4-09 2.31am
Challengers is amazing. I simply adore "Unguided." However, I enjoy Electric Version much more. There is just more that I associate with that album and I feel like every song is grand.
velouria Feb-1-09 3.51am
Hello! Someone who likes Weezer, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Nine Stories is awesome in my book. Nice to meet you.
Chiito-chan Jan-22-09 5.59pm
Oh, House. Love him. Oh and I hate Thirteen too, high five, Lauren.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 9.03pm
Feliz navidad, Lauren! :o)
Nikki Dec-24-08 5.55pm
Merry Christmas, Lauren!
minnmess Nov-20-08 2.25pm
Everything about Hugh Laurie/House is appealing. no exceptions.
Peewee Nov-20-08 10.20am
Drowl!!!! @ your profile pic! I heart Dr House!! ;)
minnmess Nov-20-08 5.16am
Self depricating Brits, and delightful tiny Norweigans win us over everytime. I like your new thread. Im going to have to put some thought into it.
minnmess Nov-18-08 3.06am
pretty much the best avatar ever.
Bryn Oct-23-08 2.37am
Hey new friend! Thanks for adding me... added you back! :)
weirdmom Sep-8-08 9.17pm
I'm glad the Exorcist pic is back. I dig it.
weirdmom Aug-18-08 8.02pm
I've been giving you props, no worries!
th74 Aug-17-08 4.33am
I like the music of these games, too. I was thinking of making a new itunes list. Further proof of what I geek I am.
hennypenny Aug-16-08 10.06pm
Probably not. I wasn't really on the messageboard that much yet. Maybe next time:)
Chiito-chan Aug-16-08 2.16pm
Cute pic! My sister is a big fan of him.
hennypenny Aug-16-08 12.13am
I heart Michael Phelps:)
lindsey22295 Aug-15-08 12.12am
That pic is pretty fly. Haha. Bad pun.
Monica Aug-14-08 5.47pm
Cool pic, hehe.
audrey Aug-3-08 8.59pm
i hope you didnt get crushed to by the giant wall of death during RATM like i did. omg. :)
drift-nina Jun-24-08 2.53am
in travis argentina's myspace :) thanks! I love u profile pic too.... but plz : Regine...out! xD
Moray May-24-08 2.34am
Lauren, I'm in mourning over another beloved childo=hood movie ruined by the evil George Lucas.
carlottarocks May-11-08 11.01pm
Thanks! Yep, just straightened and colored. I felt I needed a change :)
Nikki May-8-08 7.36pm
haha. I haven't heard of that band. I'll have to youtube them.
Nikki May-8-08 4.56pm
Cute new pic! Who is he?
Nikki May-3-08 5.54pm
I miss u! :( You must be super busy with that whole thing called college.
goosey_84 Apr-9-08 10.10pm
hello college student! how's it goin? u still nightiming?? i've been trying to get on at night but my sis has been hoggin' up the pc...and now the internet connection ain't workin. weak! hope all is well!
lindsey22295 Apr-4-08 5.13am
Umm I accidently clicked this so I guess I should type something now. So I'll tell you about what I'm "studying" right now: During an action potential, the membrane potential rapidly, transiently reverses. The end.
GMS1968 Mar-29-08 11.57am
Hello. Thankyou for replying to my,"Best ever Travis gig" post. Such a lovely reply. Wow, not only were you at Frans birthday gig. But you got invited back for cake! How cool is that! Cheers ;-)
Alisha Mar-28-08 2.12pm
how beautiful is your backgroud picture? i just LLLLLLLLLLLLove it.
Nikki Mar-27-08 10.46pm
Just stoppin' in to say HEY! :) Your pic and background make me smile!
TK23 Mar-23-08 4.04am
I love your background pic! Very cool.
goosey_84 Mar-20-08 7.23pm
went to the improv for a comedy show last night. thought of you for some reason! haha saw greg proops of whose line is it anway? fame...funnnnyy. and of course my boy daniel tosh! :D
goosey_84 Mar-13-08 2.04am
bringin' back the finer things! yeyaaaa! hahaha had to! gots to prove my love for clive! haha how's school??
Meridith Mar-8-08 5.52am
Isn't this the coolest shirt ever???!!
GMS1968 Mar-7-08 1.17pm
Hiya. Ooh, go on, give us your 3 songs. please;-)
weirdmom Feb-28-08 5.20pm
Whew. Glad you know that commercial, even if I am still old. I remember you posting about your reenactment of the Exorcist. It really cracked me up.
weirdmom Feb-28-08 4.20pm
Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! (question: do you even know that commercial??)
goosey_84 Feb-21-08 4.16am
i didn't bring him. he did it to mess with me while we were at work. pretty classic and i give him credit for doing it...sorry the board had to witness it though! hahaha
goosey_84 Feb-21-08 12.18am
classic shirt friend!! love it!
Nikki Feb-19-08 4.10am
Cute new pic! And your hair is so short!
Turtleneck Feb-18-08 5.47pm
With that hat and that coat, you remind me of the very last scene of this:
Meridith Feb-17-08 2.41am
I was in California for a week. It was nice and warm there. sigh.
weirdmom Feb-5-08 2.37am
I just felt like leaving you a comment but couldn't think of anything. If I blank next time I'll write something nice like "unicorn" or "fairy."
weirdmom Feb-4-08 2.30am
heyjude Jan-16-08 5.27am
awww... i like your "my eyes" avatar!!
bogusblue Jan-15-08 6.07am
I like Amy Winehouse too. She's great, isn't she?. Hello from Mexico City. Alma.
melissa Jan-15-08 4.37am
I want to see ur tatto!!! I'm so glad u have one!!
Yulia Nox Jan-15-08 2.26am
Nice pic Lauren :) xD
Nikki Jan-10-08 9.36pm
Awww, thanks! We always reach those "milestones" at almost the same time, haha! We were dancing to Chopin! It's at a Chopin museum in Poland and those are his actual instruments around us. :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-1-08 4.19am
Happy new year Lauren!!! :o)
Cheers from Buenos Aires!
heyjude Jan-1-08 2.07am
Happy New Year!
ricv64 Dec-31-07 5.03pm
Happy New Years and good luck in yer new school , enjoy
nats Dec-28-07 3.19pm
have a great 2008 !!!
Nikki Dec-25-07 3.51pm
Merry Christmas Lauren!! :)
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-25-07 5.25am
Lauren, merry christmas!!! Best wishes from Argentina :o)
Meridith Dec-24-07 11.05pm
Merry Christmas Lauren!
ricv64 Dec-24-07 10.48pm
what Megg said , best wishes and happy New years too
megg_inc Dec-24-07 7.52pm
Merry Christmas!
Peter76 Dec-22-07 11.47pm
heya friend! just saw the request now LOL~ How are your holidays going?
goosey_84 Dec-19-07 6.41pm
what's crackin' girlieeee! i miss the nighttiming thread...gonna make an effort to be all over that tonight! :D
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-11-07 4.07pm
I haven't been online for three days! I'm a bit dizzy and lost haha. Been reading a lot just for fun :oP
alyrtle Dec-10-07 7.52am
waiiit a minute..your profile picture looks like you 3 boardies are backstage..!
Moray Dec-8-07 1.13pm
Added & accepted. 552 friends. You must be the most popular person on facebook!
Moray Dec-8-07 3.06am
why yes, i do! im a member of the 'travis invisible fans' group. is that the right one?
Moray Dec-6-07 8.56am
Hello Hello New buddy!
Nikki Nov-20-07 8.40pm
:O The KISS! Hehehe...Lauren, this is such a great picture!!!! Did you get the famous T-shirt signed?
drift-nina Nov-15-07 9.47pm
I love this t-shirt!
ashleyb Nov-13-07 10.41pm
Where all your dreams come true :)
ashleyb Nov-13-07 2.34am
Hey there! It has been a while! To answer your question, it was taken in some restaurant in Downtown Disney :)
Nikki Oct-23-07 3.48am
What happened to our nightly thread :( I miss u!
lindsey22295 Oct-23-07 3.47am
Your facebook group kicks the other facebook groups ass-with all the videos and such!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Oct-21-07 6.15am
Hi new friend! Thanks for the request! :o) Great pic, btw!
alyrtle Oct-14-07 10.35pm
haha cute profile pic with the cream???haha yum
monkey Oct-12-07 3.25am
cool tattoo :)
goosey_84 Oct-3-07 3.59am
you are too cute!!
weirdmom Oct-3-07 1.33am
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!
Nikki Oct-3-07 1.24am
Mmmmmmm. Ben and Jerrys! Cute new pic!
monkey Oct-2-07 2.10pm
fine thanks!, how are you?
Nikki Sep-27-07 3.27am
Get your tickets yet??
ashleyb Sep-20-07 12.13am
Thanks for the request :)
Eledh Sep-13-07 10.47am
Thanks! I love your smile and your eyes. *_*
Yulia Nox Sep-9-07 4.28am
Nice picture!! :)
goosey_84 Sep-1-07 9.46pm
eeeek!! i love your new pic!! guapa!
nats Sep-1-07 6.03am
nice pic!
goosey_84 Aug-31-07 8.04pm
we should have a tv show/movie marathon! we like a lot of the same ones!! sweet! :D p.s....daft punk is still playing at my house, my house! haha
imkatatonic Aug-29-07 3.39am
I heart your T-Shirt! *_*
goosey_84 Aug-28-07 12.22am
no..just a mySpace.
goosey_84 Aug-22-07 11.28pm
thanks Els!...ooh you like Daft Punk!...i find it funny that one of my favorite songs is about Daft Punk, not by Daft Punk! hahaha LCD Soundsystem...daft punk is playing at my house, my house! ;)
isma Aug-22-07 9.49pm
What a good taste in music! ;-)
lindsey22295 Aug-21-07 11.40pm
Hey. Is that the shirt from the Closer video in your picture? How did you come by that? Thanks for creating the new facebook group!
Trevis Aug-18-07 1.37am
Thanks for adding me!