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Trying not to look da da da down the mountain. And trying to watch my step as I look up the mountain.
Travis, Keane, Vampire Weekend, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Wombats, Shout Out Louds, Voxtrot, Belle & Sebastian, Iron & Wine, Nada Surf, Yeasayer, Sufjan Stevens, Badly Drawn Boy, Fleet Foxes, Field Music, Cold War Kids, lots more
Everything is Illuminated, Good-bye Lenin!, About A Boy, Waiting for Guffman (really anything by Christopher Guest), Doctor Zhivago, Harry Potter, Sense and Sensibility
The Idiot, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Wuthering Heights, The House of Mirth, The Lord of the Rings, The Great Divorce, The Forsyte Saga, The Picture of Dorian Gray. I like books whose titles begin with "The". ; )
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TheBoyWithAName Feb-24-09 1.42pm
Haha I spend way to much time on the messageboard, thats probably why I get a lot of comments. The moving went okay, it really tires you so conflicts use to arise, but this time it mostly led to a lot of laughter ;) What city do you live in?
frandougeil Feb-24-09 9.59am
Heh..Thanx Bryn=D U've been very sweet too!Yeah that's quite a bummer!I'd be torn and a little pissed off too..But i think u'll get through it and maybe u'll get to go hopefully=D Anyways, glad to hear ur feeling better now Bryn!The weather here's quite alrite i guess. But it can get really repetitive and boring smtms.. U noe smtms i wish i'd get to see snow here which is of coz impossible.haha;)P/S:It's perfectly fine to complain if it helps to make u feel better,why not;D Keep taking care then!
TheBoyWithAName Feb-23-09 2.05pm
I found the cover! =) It's really great, I will listen to some more from this band!
TheBoyWithAName Feb-21-09 9.20pm
No I haven't found the cover yet, I'm afraid, but I'll try and find it on youtube or something tomorrow =) I've been really buissy today, helping my brother to switch apartments, so I haven't been online that much..I'm sure I'll work it out though ;) Haha a Travis bowling ball, that would be something! So what are you up to? :)
TheBoyWithAName Feb-20-09 1.21pm
Hell = Hello! Haha sorry, I'm too fast sometimes :P
TheBoyWithAName Feb-20-09 1.19pm
Hell there! =) I love random stuff, so welcome back to my page, lol! Well I like Last Words so I wanted to find a pic with those words and then I came across this site with drum fronts, so that's what it is ;) I will check out that cover immediately, thanks for the tip! So did you like the original? :)
frandougeil Feb-20-09 10.05am
Hello;D Oh I've heard of Minnesota=)The weather here is pretty much the same all year round.We don't experience winter,fall,spring or autumn..mostly summer..and in some months it just rains a's about it..pretty damn boring place to be living in.heh=p I hope ur feeling better bout the whole anonymous situation tt's making u feel annoyed..Guess tt's life.Well then maybe u must get the ticket and attend the concert.Coz it will definitely make u feel so much better soon;)Do take loads of care Bryn!Keep well too and I hope u'll feel better soon*-*
frandougeil Feb-17-09 4.24am
Its gonna be spring there huh?Lovely=)But i adore winter thou I've never experienced it in my life ever.haha.Great to hear ur not feeling blah anymore;D I am well.Thanx for askin!Been up to nothing much..Surviving as usual=D Btw are u goin to any of the upcoming Travis gigs?There's quite a lot of US dates coming up*-*
frandougeil Feb-12-09 7.49am
Hello's thgs?I saw over on Rammsfer's profile that u were bored.heh.Still bored?
Rammsfer Feb-12-09 2.27am
Hehe lmao l know xD They were good...Oh thanks :D l'm not that bored hehe, have a nice day too :)
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