Thursday, November 22, 2001
Volkshaus, Zurich, CH

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Ursina Posted: 28-09-04 11:45
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This was my very first Travis gig and here is the review I've posted on the board the day after the show (wonder why I kept it!?lol) Actually it's quite embarrassing reading through.... still it's what I felt about it at the time... so that's what you're getting :D

Well peeps where should I begin ??’…… ok so we where heading down the motorway…. thank god my friend had so much to tell me that it kept my mind of the gig (good for my nerves!) anyway by the time we reached Zurich it was pouring and very very windy….. a real Glasgow day !! haha Luckily I found a parking space just
50 metres from the venue, which seemed to be a good start :)

At the entrance there where only about 6-8 people and the so we ploncked ourselves there too. It was only about ? hour before door opening that more folk arrived… anyways the door opened and in we went and of course we ended right up front… sort of between Fran and Dougie !! Now I not sure if I really wanted to be there (don’t laugh) but anyhow we stayed and slowly it started to fill up.

8 pm and Turin Brakes started their bit…. and they were just BRILLIANT !!! what a sound !! great!! and the coolest thing the audience really took to them and it seemed as though quite a few knew them already !! they really rocked !!!! about half way through ‘Mind over money’ (I think) Olly’s guitar packed up… and the speedily brought on replacement didn’t work either !! lol Gale commented … that’s just to prove we are LIVE… and started to do a wee yam with the rest of the group, while much guitar exchanging went on with Olly and the tech…cool !! finally he got a working guitar and carried on to much cheering !! It was great !! I’m definitely going to see them again !! yep !!

Right!! so it was time for Travis to come on !!!

Now I’m not sure if I can do it justice (I know I can’t)…… anyways on they come! Dougie with long lanky legs strutting in !! Ohhh he is soo funny !! LOL

It was very weird…. in one way it was like a film played in front of me.. yet they were soo near !!! strange hmmm !! Neverthless this big smile started to appear on my face and it stayed put throughout the whole gig !! I almost got sore lol !!

They went straight into ‘Sing’ and it was just amazing !!! and peeps went mad (me too :-P)!! soo cool ! then they carried on with Writing to reach you… followed by Pipe Dreams, As they Are, (I think) by then I started to wonder if Fran’s ever going say something…. He did ! lol

Next was Driftwood (I think) and it was brilliant !!! I have been singing on top of my head to all the songs so far so halfway through Driftwood I lost my voice lol !! (It came back although some might have been glad it stayed off! ha!)

Well by the time ‘Turn’ (my own personal Scottish Anthem!!) came on it was time to get the flag out !! So there I was swinging the St.Andrews Cross, singing on top of my voice !! pure bliss hehehe !! I felt a bit like a twat though ….

There was more to come (not sure about the order)…. The Cage, Follow the Light Indefinitely Last Train…
and of course WDIAROM… to which we all really went mad !!?even managed to give a weakish karaoke hahaha !

Then Fran started tell us that at one gig, that with Blue Flashing Light there was a muddle with the words… the audience singing other words than he.. so he got confused…
anyway he asked us if any of us had the booklet to the cd with us … so I managed to produce the wanted item and handed it to Dougie who handed it to Fran……. but hey ! there are no words to Blue Flashing Light of course !! … it’s the hidden track !! doh!!!! hehehe
so of course we got Slideshow , followed by Blue Flashing Light !! ?Awesome !!!!

and with this they disappeared…….. then the audience did a really strange thing !!! .. I’ve never seen it before…..arms outstretched, fingers wiggling, going woooooohh wooooh… and then all at once arms in the air … or something like that lol … it was like transmitting vibes or something hehe !!
(it impressed Fran so much that he got his 8mm (?) film camera out and we had to do it for him again later on !!!! …. he wants to introduce it to the British audience hahahaha)

Then Fran did the most beautiful thing !!! First he asked us to be very quiet for 3 minutes and moving right at the edge of the stage sang ‘20’ !!…. no amps, no microphone… just a plain guitar and his voice! Now here really words fail me.. it was just so beautiful, very very touchy !!!! ….. * sigh *

This was followed by All I want to Do Is Rock !!!!! god these guys rock !!!!!
Incredible !! This is really the stuff for a live gig !! Truly, I think they should do more of this !!

and then came ……. Dougie !!!!!! with All the young Dudes’ !!!!! woohoooo !!
I soo much hoped he would do it !! and he did !!! frigging brilliant !!! well Dougster, this rehearsing with the hair brush has really paid off ;-)) great stuff !!!

and then the end….. Happy !!!!! ahhhhhh yesssss I’m soo happy !!!!!!!!!

as always when you really enjoy yourself, its all over too quickly !!!!!

We kept on lingering with this silly hope that they would come out again but it was not to be. So slowly we filed out the hall and dying for a drink, we headed to the restaurant. There we decided that on our way to the car we would walk by the stage door just in case ….. anyway as we passed the tour bus (or one of them .. ) the door opened and Jeremy came out and to my eternal shame it didn’t recognise him right there!! ahh horrible!! but he’d recognised us … ohh you were right at the front weren’t you he said !! I started to say some gibberish about whether the guys where still in the hall.. and whether it would be possible to say a wee hello …. he was really really nice !!! anyways he went to their tour bus to ask if that would be ok… he came back and said: No.. they are having their dinner .!!!
You know, I really felt awful !! I wished I ‘d never asked !! I felt I was so intruding their private space !!!! I So we left….. There were about 6 people hanging around.. I don’t know whether the guys came out afterwards or not…..

Yes I felt very sad and I still do … it would have been the crowing of an absolutely fantastic evening…. the gig of my life time !!!!!

BUT ……. Travis , I LOVE YOU ANYWAYS :)

Sina xxx



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