Saturday, October 13, 2001
State Theatre, Sydney, AU

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Kris Posted: 07-10-04 3:42
Saturday morning I finished packing up the last of the Groovy Dougie Fan Club Fan Package stuff and checked my e-mail to see if there were any last minute letters to be sent. I waited for the mail to come because a fan had sent some letters for Cinjun, Fran and Dougie the day before and it arrived, but I wasn't home, so they just left a little notice saying they'd try again the next day. So I waited for the mail to come, and it arrived the same time my friend did, and I asked our mail lady if she had it and she said, "No...nobody told me about it" and I was a bit nervous. She gave me the number of the post office in my city and said I should call to see if it was there. So I called the number and the lady I spoke with said it was there and that we could go pick it up. After a bit, my friend and I went on our way to find the post office (getting just a little bit lost, but thanks to a friendly man, he gave us directions) and we got there literally one minute before they closed. Whew!

We went back to my place and I made a CD with some of the silly "techno" songs I've made -- four songs, for Travis. One of the songs samples "Tied To The 90's" and the other samples Fran reciting the "As You Are" poem and the other two were just songs that I thought they'd like. Anyway, we made a cover for it and printed it out and got going about 3:00 p.m.

We got totally turned around trying to get there, but somehow we ended up going the right way. We parked near the venue and got to the theatre a bit before 4:30. We went inside and we heard Travis' soundcheck starting and we asked the woman at the will call window about where we should go to get backstage for the soundcheck. She asked for my name and had another woman go check it out for me. She came back and said I just needed to go to the stage entrance which was down the block. So we arrived and opened the door and a guy sitting at a desk asked who we were and I explained that Ian McAndrew had arranged for my friend and I to see the soundcheck. He asked for my name, so I told him, and he said "Ah, okay, go ahead!" and so we walked in and we were to the right of the stage. The band was soundchecking and I set down all my stuff and my friend and I watched. Dougie saw me and waved and smiled and I waved and smiled back. Jonny came over and shook my hand and asked how I was doing, and I told him I was doing well, and we chit-chatted a bit. I pointed out that he shaved and he said, "Yeah, heheh, I did" and he went about his business setting up various things. Fran was goofing around with vocals, doing some Jeff Buckley-esque things and at one point was doing this deep, growly "hardcore metal" singing and the rest of the band started playing really "heavy" was a riot. My friend and I applauded with some shouts of "METAL RULES" and such. Fran ran over and shook my hand and asked how I was doing, I said "Good!" and we chatted a bit. Then he said he had to go play Scrabble and I asked him if dirty words were allowed. My friend mentioned that "doh" was recently added to the dictionary and so he could use that. Fran was rather impressed by that and went off to play Scrabble. Andy, Neil, Dougie and Jeremy broke into a cover of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" with Dougie on vocals. It was so incredibly fantastic! When it was over, the crew started booing Dougie. Awww. I thought it was fantastic! When they were finished, Andy came over and shook my hand and grinned and we chatted for a short while and I said, "Oh! I have a present for you!" and his wee face lit up and I gave him the package, which included a t-shirt with my "South Park Travis" design on it. Around the same time Dougie and Neil came over and Dougie asked how I was doing (the common question I get at every Travis show) and I gave Neil and Dougie their t-shirts as well and they were all excited like three little boys on Christmas morning. Dougie was like, "Oh wow, this is so cool!" and held it up and I said to Neil, "My mom says the drawing of you looks most like you" and he grinned and laughed. Dougie asked me how the website was coming along and I said it was doing good and that I was finally getting around to getting more photos on there. He asked if it was getting a lot of traffic and I said it was, thanks to it being linked from Travisonline. He had a mobile phone with him and I said, "Oh, you got a mobile" and he said, "Yes, I just got one" and I asked if it had a cool ringtone and he said "No, it's got a very boring one" and I thought this was funny because he just said in an interview that he didn't like mobiles...hmmm! I gave him all the goodies from the fan club and he was quite happy. He complimented me on my Labyrinth shirt, and then he said they all had to go do an interview for Q Magazine, so he gave me a hug and said, "See you later!" and went off. My friend and I stayed around because nobody was really telling us where to go. We chatted a lot with one of Remy Zero's roadies (hilarious guy, really weird...perhaps that's why we got on so well with him) and some of the crew for the venue talked to us (and offered us Swedish Fish, which we gladly accepted because Rob and I were very hungry). Remy Zero arrived a bit later for soundcheck and we talked with Jeffrey Cain and Cinjun Tate. I gave Cinjun his letter and I said, "Just so you know...I went through a lot of trouble getting this to you!" and he laughed when I told him the shortened version of the "Post Office Saga". He complimented me on my Labyrinth shirt as well and said, "Oh! We were just talking about that last night!!" and I said, "Really? Cool!" and he said, "Oh, the last song in the movie is so good..." I said, "It really is. Bowie rocks." Jeffrey was super nice. He remembered my friend from last September, and we all chatted a bit. He's really wee! I had no idea. The only member of Remy Zero I had met before was Cinjun, so I had no idea. Anyway, the band was done and they went off somewhere and we pretty much just kept sitting on Travis' equipment cases. I think we got to talk to the roadies more than anyone, really. At one point, we were the only ones backstage and so I took out my camera and took some pictures of the backstage and took one photo from onstage looking out into the seats and took some pictures of the instruments and such. We ended up being there from 4:30 until 7:00 and then we were told we had to go because the bands had to get ready. We were told to come back and ask for Steve or Diane (I hope that's her name, I couldn't really understand Steve when he said her name) and they'd probably let us come back again. I thought this was good because I still had some things to give to the band that I honestly didn't have time for (I probably spent five minutes talking to the band, if that) and so my friend and I went outside and re-entered the venue as normal. We both got t-shirts and found our seats which were surprisingly good. We waited until a bit after 8:00 and then Remy Zero played. They were SO incredibly good! Here is their setlist (which I copied from backstage):

Hermes Bird
Glorious #1
I'm Not Afraid
Out / In
Save Me
Perfect Memory

They rocked! So much better than last time. Not that they weren't good last time, but this time they rocked so much.

After about half an hour, Travis came out. I thought for a minute Andy was wearing the "South Park Travis" shirt, but he wasn't. Oh well. Here's the setlist, and then I'll elaborate some more on the coolest parts of the show.

Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
As You Are
Last Train
Follow The Light
Flowers In The Window
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
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Blue Flashing Light


All The Young Dudes
U16 Girls

Before one song, Fran was trying to explain something and these girls were screaming and he said, "Ladies! Please! This is important! And nobody can hear over all of this "EEEEK!" and "AHHHHH!!" People were silent after that. He told us about how that fella proposed to his girlfriend onstage at the Washington DC show. He introduced "Flowers In The Window" as being a song about "Finding that special person...and then getting it on!" Haha! The show was fabulous...Andy was completely nuts! He kept jumping around and doing crazy things with the mic stand and his was awesome. The best part was the encore. Fran came out and did "20" which was awesome. Then Dougie came out and played "All The Young Dudes" and I just about leapt out of my skin I was so excited. I was screaming so hard, haha. At one point Andy (or was it Fran? Damnit, I can't remember!) came over and kneeled down in front of Dougie's bass like how David Bowie used to do with Mick Ronson (I don't know if Andy was playing Dougie's bass with his teeth, but I wouldn't be surprised). It was so hilarious! When they launched into "U16 Girls" I just about died! I don't think they've played it at all on this tour, or in a long time, I was really impressed! You could tell the people who were "Good Feeling" fans because they were going nuts too. Afterwards, they played "Happy" and towards the end, Fran was saying, "I think I see some dancers out there! I see some dancers!" and told them to come onstage. Everyone was hesitant, but after he kept waving to people to come up, the first few rows of people got up on stage and danced and hopped around and it was just so amazing! I have never seen anything like it in my life! Soon after, my friend and I took off from the venue to try to get backstage again. We asked one of the venue security guards if we could talk to Steve and he said, "No, you can't go in there" and we were like, "But they told us to" and I don't think he believed us. We tried to talk to somebody we knew from back there but we didn't see anyone. It was getting late and I was getting nervous because I had this other stuff to give the band and my friend had to get home soon, and I didn't know what to do! And the crowd outside waiting to talk to the band was just massive. We walked around, chatted with a few fans here and there, and walked around a bit and actually talked to Cinjun and Jeffrey again. I gave Jeffrey a hug and he told us to let him know when we had some of our music recorded so he could listen to it. He told us Remy Zero was coming back soon with Pete Yorn and so we told him we'd definitely be there.

We saw Jonny and Diane (?) walking around the block and coming back to the venue, so my friend said, "I have an idea..." and we walked around the corner where we saw them going. Sure enough, there was Travis' tour bus, and not nearly as many fans as there were around the corner. We waited around a bit and chatted with a few people and Neil came out and signed some things for people. My friend tried to get a picture with him but Neil just said, "It was good seeing you again!" and walked on the bus. Doh! Diane (?) talked to us and said, "You had some more things to give to Dougie?" and I said, "Yes, do you know when he'll be coming out?" She said "In about ten minutes" so I thanked her and she went on about her business helping carry out the stuff from the venue. My friend and I chatted with this one fellow who we had met briefly at the last show and he had brought all these snacks with him and so he gave us each a juice box and granola bar [how sweet!] which was great because my friend and I were starving. I was feeling miserable because I had to use the loo about four hours before then but didn't get to, I was freezing (my hands were numb and my teeth were chattering) and I was so tired. I looked like hell, I'm sure. Every time Jonny walked by I'd smile and he'd smile back, haha. What a sweetheart. Diane (?) walked by again and we told her thank you and to have a good night. She's such a nice lady. Soon enough, Dougie came strolling around the corner [carrying the GDFC package!] and I said, "He's got the stuff! Brilliant!" and he signed things for everyone and I waited and watched people receive hugs and autographs and photos. It was great. At one point, my friend picked up Dougie's package for him so it wouldn't get trampled and Dougie said, "Did anyone see a bag around here?" and my friend said "I got it!" and Dougie said, "Ah thank you, you're quite a gentleman" and Pete took it back on the bus for him. Dougie was signing someone's poster and she said, "Could you draw something on there? I mean, you went to art school, didn't you?" and he said, "Yes, but I did sculpture." and I said, "Excuses, excuses..." and grinned and he said jokingly, "Ohhhh, shut up!" Ha! As he was signing things I asked him how he liked the goodies in the package and he said, "Oh, they're fantastic! The Bowie book is just great!" and I said, "I love it, it's so interesting" and he said, "It's funny how he doesn't even like some of his own songs!" and I told him it was probably one of those "Oh my god, what was I thinking?" moments. Then I had a bit to talk with him so I gave him all the remaining letters and Fran's "South Park Travis" shirt and told him to please give them to Fran because I didn't think I'd get a chance. He said he would. Whew! I had some CD booklets that a fan from Israel wanted me to try and get signed for her and so he signed those for her and then I told him thanks for playing "All The Young Dudes" and he said, "You're welcome!" I told him the cover of "Tiny Dancer" was so amazing and he looked surprised and said, "Really?" and I said, "Yes! It so needs to be a b-side!" He told me that nobody liked it and I told him that they obviously don't know what they're talking about. Oh yeah, and we gave him the CD and he said "I'll definitely listen to this!" and I asked him about the mix CD I made for him and he said, "Oh that's definitely going with me! Something that good has a tendency to get nicked." Ha, I was so proud. I thought it was a good mix CD too. In fact, I made a copy for myself. He gave me a huge hug and said "Thank you, Kris, for everything" and I said "You're welcome" and he gave my friend a hug [aww] and I asked Dougie when they were coming back and he said "Oh, I really don't year sometime" and I said, "Well, you know, you could always just come here for dinner. Or coffee or something. Or even just to watch "The Labyrinth!" and everyone laughed (What? I was serious!) and he smiled and said, "The Labyrinth!" and then I said bye and my friend and I left.

What a wonderful, wonderful show!

Writing To Reach You
Pipe Dreams
As You Are
Last Train
Follow The Light
Flowers In The Window
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
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All The Young Dudes
U16 Girls


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