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minnmess Jul-24-09 6.49pm
haha, thanks. Only possible with 2/3 of my face covered.
Nikki Sep-28-08 5.44am
Hey! I'm happy to see you made it to the ABC gig AND got to hear More Than Us! :) What happened with Flat Travis?
Turtleneck Sep-24-08 6.40pm
Let us know when Flat Travis arrives. I worry about them, you see.
Bryn Sep-4-08 1.41am
Oops... never mind about that PM!! I've been scooped! Clearly I lack the boldness it takes to be an effective boardie detective. ;) Sorry to bug you! : )
Bryn Aug-31-08 7.58pm
No, you know what? You have officially met one of the few people without a MySpace page! :)
Bryn Aug-31-08 12.55am
Hi Paul, (or really, hi again, as per my somewhat random comment below!) : ) I went to your myspace... you're really good!! And that video is priceless! I loved the dancing in the doorway ; )
Meridith Aug-9-08 4.19am
Hey Paul, nice avatar! (I'm from Salt Lake) :)
Bryn Aug-8-08 2.36am
Nikki Jun-27-08 11.22pm
PM :)
Nikki Jun-17-08 6.00am
Hi Paul, nothing yet! I thought maybe it got lost in the mail with Flat Travis! haha!
weirdmom Jun-15-08 2.26am
No worries. I've had a rough week too. Aidan had to go to the hospital and get an IV because he was so dehydrated from a stomach virus. : ( But he is right as rain now.....
SamuraiSandy Jun-12-08 8.11pm
Didn't think I had to tell you that it's great! But, I bet it's nice to hear! Yes, I am very impressed, and I am looking forward to hearing more stuff ;)
SamuraiSandy Jun-12-08 5.23am
Hey Paul! I did order J.Smith...twice, I think. One on the NormanRecords site, and then I saw the TWT post I got a signed copy too! Oh, forgot to tell you, I have downloaded your album from iTunes already!!!
Yulia Nox Jun-5-08 4.05am
thank you mister ;D! How's everything going?
Nikki May-27-08 9.07pm
Hey Mister. Do you mean the sweet "Motor City She Devil" poster Juli made for Ric's screenplay? I love that I'm riding with Fran on the bike. >.< hahaha...yeah, looks like you'll be doing the soundtrack! By the way, I'm checking the mailbox everyday for sail-mail from you. :)
julietravisaddict May-18-08 12.28pm
Wow Paul I just watched your video and it's amazing, I love your music go on !!!! Cheers from Julie in Paris!
mili May-16-08 10.33am
Just listening to your ep, great stuff!
Soulslug May-14-08 9.53am
right back at ya!
Yulia Nox Apr-20-08 9.22pm
cool pic Paul.. Good luck with everything!!! :)
nats Apr-19-08 12.18am
Wonderful photo Paul!
SelfishSJean Apr-18-08 5.34pm
so it was! lucky you on being done with your dissertation. i'm going to add you on myspace, so i can see when you are gigging, if as your pic leads me to believe, you gig?
SamuraiSandy Apr-18-08 5.04pm
It's gonna be your fav. for a short while, my friend! You will have tons more, I'm sure! So cool though, the lighting, your shirt, the fact that you're performing! ah!!
Nikki Apr-18-08 6.06am
That pic rules. Go Paul!
SelfishSJean Apr-17-08 7.18pm
I could be wrong, but I thought I saw you in George Square the other evening. I didn't want to be a weirdo and say hi if it wasn't you. So, might it have been you?
Tracey982 Apr-10-08 6.59am
Hey Paul, I've left a messgae on bebo for you. Have a fantastic time tonight! x
SamuraiSandy Apr-9-08 1.13am
oh, shoot! i forgot it's the 9th over there...well, it's still the 8th here!! it counts!
SamuraiSandy Apr-9-08 1.12am
in case you didn't see your happy b-day thread... Happy Birthday!!
Lemon Grinner Mar-23-08 1.18am
Naw, not in bed. That means going upstairs, and it's dark upstairs.
Lemon Grinner Mar-23-08 12.25am
I hear the bubbles in my can of Irn-Bru :)
Lemon Grinner Mar-22-08 9.06pm
Aw cheers Pauly! I think I just love getting a bit naked for the camera haha :P
Peewee Mar-22-08 7.50pm
Well don't eat too much Chocolate over easter! lol Nice to have a break from your studies! Wow you are a busy lil man! Can't wait to hear the LP ;) Sounds like things are going well for you. Me? Ahhh life is quiet but good :)
Peewee Mar-20-08 11.01pm
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hello! Just putting sum letters on your profile! How ya doing matey?
Nikki Mar-9-08 8.41pm
Thanks Paul. :)
SelfishSJean Mar-2-08 6.47pm
Hello again! I'm rubbish with keeping up appearances on this site. Where do you go to uni again?
Nikki Mar-1-08 12.17am
Congrats on the EP Paul! :)
Natasa Mar-1-08 12.12am
Hey Paul,how are ya? Hope everything's alright with you,long time no see ;)
goosey_84 Feb-26-08 5.41pm
just stoppin' by to say 'hullo'! :D hope all is well!
Soulslug Feb-21-08 1.50pm
oh noes!: D yep, you're absolutely right there Paul.
Soulslug Feb-19-08 12.49pm
oh wow that sounds fantastic. yup i'm still in london, who knows how long but at the mo i'm enjoying myself :) yes, sometimes i surprise even myself with my cleverness : D
Soulslug Feb-17-08 12.05am
hha i know what you mean. loved glasgow, definitely going there another time for more than three lousy days (and half of them spending in front of the venue, lol!).
Soulslug Feb-16-08 7.39pm
aw that's nice, good to hear you're doing well. it's always nice to get home every once in a while, i could use a visit too. otherwise i'm doing alright, exhausted but happy :)
Soulslug Feb-14-08 2.26pm
that I cannot do! too tasty. how are you paul?
sakuras Jan-22-08 8.24am
Hello new friend thanks for the add! And most of all continue to write great songs
Monica Jan-19-08 7.55pm
Fantastic songs, Paul. Home is in my mp4 now. I can't stop listening to it!
bara Jan-17-08 6.42pm
/kay_bee_baby if you wanna ;)
bara Jan-17-08 2.39pm
are we friends at myspace yet?
bara Jan-17-08 1.45pm
yep thats right. we spammed a lot more i think. you know something about those old ppl? still in contact?
bara Jan-16-08 4.58pm
yes, a few.. like Nacho, Travisturkey, typing To reach you.. but all the olds arent online anymore, are they? I mean like jushko, harry, champagnesupernove, and so on.. ?!
bara Jan-16-08 2.39pm
oh its been a long time i guess. last time i wrote here.. about half a year ago? and then i only was online for few days.. what about you? have been online the whole years as much as usual?
bara Jan-15-08 10.54am
heya paul. you make me feel familiar. peas&laugh. b.
Turtleneck Jan-14-08 12.52am
I think that creature is a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. See page 5 of your thread.
Nikki Jan-9-08 5.46pm
Yeah...I have to say I like the Dougster pic much better! You two look like old mates! :)
SelfishSJean Jan-8-08 9.16pm
I've only been there since September... I'm trying, I'm trying!
Nikki Jan-8-08 1.58am
What happened to the Selfish Jean avatar? You only "sold out" for like 3 minutes!
heyjude Jan-1-08 2.17am
Happy New Year, Paul! I wish you the best in 2008.
galletitabonita Dec-30-07 10.12pm
Hi Paul!!! I just want to tell you: Happy New Year!!!!! BEST WISHES from Mexico
nats Dec-28-07 3.16pm
have a great 2008 !!!
goosey_84 Dec-26-07 4.13am
Hope you had a happy christmas paul! :)
Nikki Dec-25-07 3.53pm
Merry Christmas Paul and I wish you a successful New Year as you embark on your musical career!!:D
ricv64 Dec-24-07 10.56pm
Keep cool , dude ! ! ! Merry Christmas
megg_inc Dec-24-07 7.53pm
Merry Christmas!
moominbadger Dec-24-07 5.18pm
Have a very merry Christmas and a fab New Year!
heyjude Dec-13-07 2.25am
i hope you have a better day tomorrow. it's almost the weekend :-)
Nikki Sep-18-07 4.43am
Where the heck have ya been? I miss your posts. They make me laugh. :)
Nikki Sep-11-07 3.59am
Why thank you, Sir! :)
lindsey22295 Aug-24-07 7.17pm
Hey new friend! Is there anywhere online or such that I can listen to your music?
AbsolutPurple Aug-20-07 7.24pm
It was indeed me on da picture.
megg_inc Aug-12-07 5.24pm
Hey! How are you? Thanks for the add :)
Nikki Jul-27-07 3.16am
Nice fake Selfish Jean T-Shirt! Fran would be proud.
happy_me Jul-21-07 12.02am
I want a Boardie Convention too! Now!
Dolly Mixed Up Girl Jul-13-07 6.17pm
Your pic is so funny! I see you were at Glasto 2000 like me when it famously rained during their song!!
nats Jul-13-07 3.52am
just wanted to say your pic is lovely!
weirdmom Jul-12-07 4.31pm
That pic of you and Fran is classic!
weilandsgurl Jul-12-07 1.16am
Thanks Paul! =)
happy_me Jul-12-07 12.11am
Not sure who this Travis is... So, how are you?
ivi Jul-11-07 7.51am
cheers :)
Darran Jul-3-07 4.46pm
What a head of hair. ;-)
Luis Jul-3-07 8.01am
Hey Paul !! its been a pleasure to meet you there in Glasgow bro! it was the greatest queue ever ;) Kisses from Costa Rica!
goosey_84 Jun-26-07 6.33pm
are those your beer goggles?? haha
alyrtle Jun-20-07 8.03pm
haha i like your profile picture. nice colors
nats Jun-6-07 3.34am
thanks god you didnīt choose to study diplomacy ;).I almost feel like an antique :o) old old nats
nats May-29-07 3.18am
hi, thanks for perfect heaven, and sorry for being so annoying :)
Nikki May-25-07 6.46am
Hi Paul! Testing the comment function :O) Awesome pictures by the way!