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I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-10-10 5.12pm
Mer, I finally managed to post your parcel today. They told me it should arrive within a week. :o)
deebee Aug-1-10 1.28pm
Lovely picture Mer :-D
minnmess Jul-30-10 4.01pm
is that crazy mcdrunky in the background reaching?
goosey_84 Mar-15-10 5.08pm
how's it goin?! :)
hennypenny Feb-13-10 10.15pm
Thanks Meidith! That was the first time I met him last year after the Seattle show. So sweet!
minnmess Jan-18-10 7.20pm
me likey the picture
bogusblue Dec-24-09 11.39pm
Merry Christmas Mer! :o)
hennypenny Dec-14-09 7.18am
Why thank you Meridith:)
goosey_84 Dec-9-09 11.03pm
we split a carrot one and a maple pumpkin one...i think. haha
Nell Dec-6-09 9.55pm
huhu :) so Santa's work is done. All I gotta do now is finding a white pen a box to put it into and by Tue morning it's gone :) I really hope you'll like it :) So what again are these funny baseballds up there? :P
goosey_84 Dec-4-09 9.42pm
so earlier this week i nearly wrote 'created by Dougie' on a jnl entry at work. I was supposed to be writing 'doug' hahaha
BoyRacer Nov-24-09 10.55pm
Nell Nov-16-09 5.46pm
Aloha! Baseball season? Hey I've got the idea and some stuff for your present - but I'm still looking for the rest so it's not ready yet :) But don't worry, Santa's never late :p
Nell Nov-12-09 6.56pm
Hahah :) Great! Hey I finally found the perfect present for you. It'll take me a while though to "create" it :) but I think it'll be worth the work and waiting for :) hehehe ohhhhh if you knew :p
Nell Nov-9-09 7.07pm
Hey Meridith, did you get my pm about the Unsecret Santa project? :) How are you doing? greetings from cold and rainy Zurich...
AbsGinger Nov-4-09 6.04pm
I like your photo. Very nice.
goosey_84 Nov-2-09 12.23am
i am! finally i am! now i'm just trying to pack...mentally. haha i have to invest in a new coat i think. i'm excited/nervous to see the fellas again! :)
goosey_84 Oct-29-09 3.52pm
just shootin' a quick hulloooo!! :D
goosey_84 Oct-12-09 9.53pm
hahaha the pictures came out so great! i just noticed you uploaded them :)
goosey_84 Oct-12-09 3.14am
:( i kinda wish i were at all the l.a. shows. haha
minnmess Oct-7-09 2.20am
thank you ma'am
heyjude Aug-20-09 12.54am
Are you wearing a Stanford shirt? Why? :-( Sincerely, this Cal Bear fan.
goosey_84 Aug-14-09 10.54pm
kewl! see you then!
goosey_84 Aug-7-09 2.52pm
you're coming to the l.a. gig??! sweeeet!
minnmess Jun-15-09 7.11pm
Glad to hear they are doing well. I knew you would be kind and not torture them with a hideous warm pillow
minnmess Jun-12-09 9.47pm
Hey Mer, how are our little FT dudes?
lindsey22295 May-30-09 7.35am
Thank you for your kind words in the Bruin thread. And the hug on facebook! They both made me feel better.
weirdmom Apr-16-09 3.32pm
Is RyFighter also someone you know? I see he is friends with your man.
deebee Apr-16-09 1.07pm
Glad to hear you had a brilliant time. I love your pic with Fran - did you get a chance for a quick chit-chat? I bet you're still on the post-gig fluffy cloud, LOL. Anyway, you'll be seeing them again VERY soon!! Is your husband going to the ABC aswell? Enjoy :-D
ChineseBlues Apr-15-09 8.59pm
How early should one arrive at the venue to be in the front (or somewhere near that)?? Lol. You love Depeche Mode, too? I can't believe they don't have Chicago as one of their tour dates. :(
weirdmom Apr-14-09 9.42pm
You look 12 in this picture.
ricv64 Apr-14-09 2.53pm
notice they've had a few days without shows in the early part of the tour . I wish i was hitting chicago
ricv64 Apr-11-09 8.20pm
how many days to SLC ! ?
heyjude Apr-10-09 6.44am
Have a great time at the SLC show and in Chicago! :-)
deebee Apr-9-09 7.00pm
Let the countdown begin!! Are you taking a camera in? It'd be nice if you can get some pix with the boys :-D
deebee Apr-7-09 4.58pm
Are you getting excited? The dates are drawing near!! Have fun. I've been watching the videos and would love to be in America/Canada right now.
hennypenny Mar-16-09 9.00pm
I read in a thread that you were coming to Seattle. Is that for the concert?
deebee Feb-26-09 11.55am
Haha - new friend, you got there before me :-) Have a fantastic time at the ABC, you'll love meeting up with the others. It does make for an even better night (if that's possible!) Nice chatting with you yesterday. Take care, Debbie x
TheBoyWithAName Feb-22-09 8.44pm
Oh I love bowling, it's lots of fun :D I've been helping my brother switching apartments the whole weekend so I feel pretty much dead right now, he has so much heavy furniture, lol! But we had fun too! :D
TheBoyWithAName Feb-22-09 4.45pm
Hi Mer, having a nice weekend? :)
Selfish_Noow Feb-22-09 12.31pm
I'm fine thank you but I'm a little sad because today it's the last day of holidays ^^ Bye =D
Selfish_Noow Feb-21-09 11.09am
hey how R U? have a nice weekend =D
hennypenny Feb-20-09 7.30am
Thanks for accepting:)
TheBoyWithAName Feb-18-09 12.27pm
Hey, thanks for the add! =)
ricv64 Feb-13-09 3.34pm
the people who are regulars now has channged it would be too tough to transpose . i think part two failed because I started adding in too many new characters cause I wanted more involvement but i got burnt out .
ricv64 Dec-28-08 2.10am
oops ,belated merry christmas and a happy new year
bogusblue Dec-24-08 11.14pm
Merry Christmas, Mer! :o)
minnmess Dec-24-08 10.36pm
Merry Christmas Mer!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-08 8.53pm
Feliz Navidad, Mer! :o)
Nikki Dec-24-08 6.01pm
Merry Christmas!
minnmess Dec-8-08 7.52pm
I would totally listen to your emo band if it had that name
th74 Dec-2-08 4.33pm
Hey! How are you? I am just letting everyone in Travis land know that I am still alive. (With the same boring message.) I like your pic, you always take good ones!
ricv64 Nov-9-08 7.33pm
War is Heck !
ricv64 Nov-8-08 8.00pm
the war between design vrs illostration has been quiet . you guys surrender yet ?
ricv64 Nov-5-08 1.19am
hey hows it been , off to get a soda to chilaxe cause i'm all streesed over the election
ricv64 Oct-4-08 1.43pm
ACK ! I found out the day after i was givin a ticket to James and could of gone to the show . day late and a dollar short
Turtleneck Sep-28-08 7.06pm
The eye hath secrets I dare not disclose.
minnmess Sep-27-08 1.47am
kinda awesome, eh?
megg_inc Sep-26-08 5.54pm
Yet another uber cute pic :)
weirdmom Sep-25-08 6.39pm
Yeah I went for a perm this time. LOL Hey I just noticed you were born in 1900. You look great for a 108 year old!
SamuraiSandy Sep-25-08 4.24pm
Meridith, you look Goregeous in that picture! I love it!
ricv64 Sep-24-08 4.13am
check my malleus thread , roctober is gonna be a a happining month in SF
RaZzZ Sep-21-08 9.21pm
Your pic┤s nice!!! Sweetie!
ricv64 Sep-17-08 2.54am
thats kinda a biker hat you know
megg_inc Sep-9-08 10.12pm
I think you have the cutest hat pic :)
Nikki Sep-7-08 3.57pm
Thanks Meridith! :o)
weirdmom Sep-2-08 7.46pm
Why thank you. I am enjoying having huge hair without having to style it. Can you imagine the amount of hairspray?? Yours is so cute. Looks pretty real too.
SamuraiSandy Aug-27-08 4.50am
Meridith, I love your new "year book" look! so cute!
Turtleneck Aug-25-08 6.07pm
Mary Tyler Moore MOVE OVER!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Aug-24-08 10.51pm
Cool 60s hair!!
sonja Aug-23-08 6.43pm
WOOW! your new picture is FANTASTIC!!
ricv64 Aug-23-08 1.06pm
that pic from 1966 ?
spid Aug-13-08 2.09pm
HOw's the procrastination going?
spid Aug-12-08 5.33pm
spid Aug-12-08 5.08pm
I can't beleive we weren't 'friends' before now! How did that happen?
ricv64 Aug-10-08 3.24am
oh no peer pressure ! gulp !!!
ricv64 Aug-10-08 12.03am
bummer , can't make james most likly ,i'm going to my bloody valentine the night before
ricv64 Aug-1-08 4.57am
Ok , I thought the venue maybe scared you . haven't bought a ticket yet but most likly going. og line up that sounds cool .
ricv64 Aug-1-08 12.07am
bailed on sf eh ? that's ok
ricv64 Jul-26-08 4.33am
not a super fan but i like em and pretty sure i'm going .
ricv64 Jul-26-08 4.06am
1 Oct is the nicest time in SF , indian summer
ricv64 Jul-25-08 10.28pm
didn't reconize you , howzit ?
SamuraiSandy Jul-20-08 7.49am
Thanks, Meridith! My boyfriend's been trying to get into photography and has no one else to take pictures of! I like this one though.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jul-19-08 6.57am
I just read about your mom. I'm glad she's feeling better. I know people who've been through it and it's quite tough *Hugs*
weirdmom Jul-18-08 9.48pm
Hope your mom feels a bit stronger and better every day.
ricv64 Jul-16-08 4.01am
glad it's getting better for your mom
goosey_84 Jul-13-08 5.38am
coo coo love it!
SamuraiSandy Jun-21-08 3.52pm
Thanks, Meridith! I had a great b-day!
ricv64 May-29-08 1.49pm
first movie is great
ricv64 May-28-08 4.50pm
avoid the remake of andromeda strain , they took a decent story and added all this extra non needed political thriller stuff and still left unanswered and it was pooorly acted and directed, pacing sucked too
Turtleneck May-25-08 2.10am
ricv64 May-3-08 4.02pm
i'm gonna have a war between illo & design in Juli visits Frisco
sonja May-1-08 4.17pm
hey new friend!thanks for add!
mili Apr-26-08 12.37pm
Hello fellow designer! Thanks for the add :^)
th74 Apr-25-08 7.12pm
Have a good weekend!
Nikki Apr-25-08 4.30am
So are you a graphic designer for a Web site or a magazine or something?
Nikki Apr-25-08 4.28am
:D hi new friend. hehe.
AbsolutPurple Apr-24-08 7.25pm
nice photo
th74 Mar-20-08 3.51pm
I'm good. I'm very happy today is the last day of work for me this week. Any plans for Easter?
bogusblue Mar-19-08 3.19am
Hi! Thanks for the request =)!
ricv64 Mar-19-08 12.48am
you're in Cali alot , yer almost a local it seems
ricv64 Mar-19-08 12.18am
what part of Utah is that ?
th74 Mar-18-08 6.21pm
Hello! I like your new pic!
ricv64 Mar-13-08 12.59pm
hey you know or are familier with Leia Bell ? I won one of her prints in a raffle the other week
megg_inc Mar-9-08 11.52pm
Awww, your pic's so cuuute!
Turtleneck Mar-8-08 2.52pm
Nice shirt, Dorothy!
ElspethOllie Mar-8-08 10.38am
Haha, you should make yourself an adult version of that shirt. I want to hug 5 year old Mer so badly. She looks so young, so innocent...
ElspethOllie Mar-8-08 4.20am
Oh my god... I you look adorable, just... I want to hug you.
ricv64 Mar-8-08 12.50am
that your Ramones phase ? very Dee Dee ramone like
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Feb-21-08 7.38am
That's a nice scarf you're wearing :o)
th74 Feb-21-08 4.23am
Your new scarf is quite fetching!
ricv64 Feb-17-08 3.55am
Nice scarf !
ElspethOllie Feb-17-08 12.11am
Where have you beeeennnnn?!
Turtleneck Jan-17-08 2.40pm
Thank you!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Jan-1-08 4.17am
Happy new year, Meridith! :o)
heyjude Jan-1-08 2.15am
Happy New Year, fellow TCS fan!
ricv64 Dec-31-07 4.57pm
Rawk the mighty state of Utah like noone else , Happy New years !
heyjude Dec-26-07 7.39pm
how was your christmas holiday? ready for the new year?
SamuraiSandy Dec-26-07 12.16am
Thank you, Meridith! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family too!
Turtleneck Dec-25-07 4.20pm
Merry Christmas to you, too!
lindsey22295 Dec-25-07 3.54am
Thank you and happy holidays to you as well!
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Dec-24-07 11.26pm
Thanks Meridith! Merry Christmas to you too!!! :o)
ricv64 Dec-24-07 10.49pm
Merry Christmas , happy new years
megg_inc Dec-24-07 7.56pm
Merry Christmas!
th74 Dec-18-07 3.58pm
Hello! I am giving everyone a not very creative hello comment, in honor of the faster board!
SamuraiSandy Nov-29-07 3.34pm
thanks for the comment... but, I love your picture with dougie...and the shirt! really, I need to order one of each design, please! :D
lindsey22295 Nov-28-07 7.49am
Click and PRINT! Hope your procrastinating went well :D
ricv64 Nov-22-07 12.44am
Are you ready to RAWK ! ! ! ! ?
AbsolutPurple Nov-20-07 11.47pm
So where are the sweet potatoes ?
th74 Oct-26-07 2.59am
Hey there. I like the new pic! You look great!
SamuraiSandy Oct-22-07 1.47am
Meridith, did you cut your hair? You look great in that picture!
AbsolutPurple Oct-19-07 4.34pm
Wow ! Pretty picture
Are Aug-23-07 11.42am
Thanks for the post! Malm° is about 400km/250mi from Link÷ping.
megg_inc Aug-21-07 12.28pm
Thanks for the add! :)
goosey_84 Aug-21-07 12.07am
thanks for the add new friend! besitos!
elliotroad Aug-19-07 8.04pm
Hey Meridith! Thanks for adding me as a friend!! :-) Cheers, John
isma Aug-18-07 4.47pm
Hey . Thanks for accepting me :)
th74 Aug-8-07 3.48pm
Thanks for the add. Do you live in San Fran? I love that city! J.
SamuraiSandy Jun-2-07 2.32am
Hey Meridith! You made it here! Hope all is well with you, and good luck with choosing a venue!