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TheBoyWithAName Feb-24-09 1.42pm
Haha I spend way to much time on the messageboard, thats probably why I get a lot of comments. The moving went okay, it really tires you so conflicts use to arise, but this time it mostly led to a lot of laughter ;) What city do you live in?
frandougeil Feb-24-09 9.59am
Heh..Thanx Bryn=D U've been very sweet too!Yeah that's quite a bummer!I'd be torn and a little pissed off too..But i think u'll get through it and maybe u'll get to go hopefully=D Anyways, glad to hear ur feeling better now Bryn!The weather here's quite alrite i guess. But it can get really repetitive and boring smtms.. U noe smtms i wish i'd get to see snow here which is of coz impossible.haha;)P/S:It's perfectly fine to complain if it helps to make u feel better,why not;D Keep taking care then!
TheBoyWithAName Feb-23-09 2.05pm
I found the cover! =) It's really great, I will listen to some more from this band!
TheBoyWithAName Feb-21-09 9.20pm
No I haven't found the cover yet, I'm afraid, but I'll try and find it on youtube or something tomorrow =) I've been really buissy today, helping my brother to switch apartments, so I haven't been online that much..I'm sure I'll work it out though ;) Haha a Travis bowling ball, that would be something! So what are you up to? :)
TheBoyWithAName Feb-20-09 1.21pm
Hell = Hello! Haha sorry, I'm too fast sometimes :P
TheBoyWithAName Feb-20-09 1.19pm
Hell there! =) I love random stuff, so welcome back to my page, lol! Well I like Last Words so I wanted to find a pic with those words and then I came across this site with drum fronts, so that's what it is ;) I will check out that cover immediately, thanks for the tip! So did you like the original? :)
frandougeil Feb-20-09 10.05am
Hello;D Oh I've heard of Minnesota=)The weather here is pretty much the same all year round.We don't experience winter,fall,spring or autumn..mostly summer..and in some months it just rains a's about it..pretty damn boring place to be living in.heh=p I hope ur feeling better bout the whole anonymous situation tt's making u feel annoyed..Guess tt's life.Well then maybe u must get the ticket and attend the concert.Coz it will definitely make u feel so much better soon;)Do take loads of care Bryn!Keep well too and I hope u'll feel better soon*-*
frandougeil Feb-17-09 4.24am
Its gonna be spring there huh?Lovely=)But i adore winter thou I've never experienced it in my life ever.haha.Great to hear ur not feeling blah anymore;D I am well.Thanx for askin!Been up to nothing much..Surviving as usual=D Btw are u goin to any of the upcoming Travis gigs?There's quite a lot of US dates coming up*-*
frandougeil Feb-12-09 7.49am
Hello's thgs?I saw over on Rammsfer's profile that u were bored.heh.Still bored?
Rammsfer Feb-12-09 2.27am
Hehe lmao l know xD They were good...Oh thanks :D l'm not that bored hehe, have a nice day too :)
Rammsfer Feb-11-09 4.24pm
Oh cool hehe, I'm bored to, I'm at school hehe xD Yes, I Like them lol!
Rammsfer Feb-9-09 8.32pm
Hey :D Hehe ok no problem (: Yup! l love Blur hehe :P So, what's up?
frandougeil Jan-8-09 5.19am
Thank u for ur very kind words again Bryn=)The initial reason i was disappointed was because i felt that better deserving ones should have been chosen like Nikki's and some others.I wasn't expecting for mine to get in at all.It made me felt like they didn't put much thought into making this alternative vid..But i guess they have their reasons=)I'm over it now.I can never hate Travis for too long=DD haha!Thank u for taking the time to show concern!I appreciate it very much and thanx for accepting my friend request=D
leticia Jan-7-09 1.04pm
Thanks Bryn!! : )
frandougeil Jan-7-09 6.10am
Thanx for ur comment about my video over on the song to self video thread=DMy name's Sue btw..I feel better already coz it really is a competition and i just ended up being on the losing side of it.Maybe still am bitter about the poor quality of the editing and selection,but there's nothing that can be done about it anyways.haha. Thanx again and take care=D
leticia Jan-3-09 11.33pm
I know very little about him, but I'm pretty sure he had an interesting life though... The documentary I saw was not about him actually, was about one of his paintings: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. In wikipedia there's some info ( There's even a film about it! I love the history behind paintings : )
leticia Dec-31-08 3.34pm
Really? I love it. I saw a documentary about Klimt a couple of years ago and since then I'm a huge fan of his paintings. Happy new year!!
thehitcher Dec-23-08 2.10pm
Happy Christmas hun, hope you have a good one! x x
thehitcher Dec-8-08 12.26pm
awww you ok now hun? 4 days to go I don't know how many seconds that is haha i'm guessing quite alot hahaha. I've got seats up in the gods i'm affraid but it doesn't matter I'm made up to be going as the UK tour sold out in minutes, I'm lucky to have a ticket x x
thehitcher Dec-7-08 7.05pm
On the official Coldplay website their manager Phil would post up updates from the studio whilst they were recording 'Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends' and he used to always sign off as Prospekt haha I have no idea why, I think that's where it came from maybe. I go and see them on Thursday in Manchester, I'm counting down the seconds, can't wait! :-D x
thehitcher Dec-7-08 12.36am
I think Prospekt is a person and it is Phil (their manager) and the song is for him. I'm not 100 percent sure but I'm pretty sure I remember reading it somewhere. How are you? x
neverAcquiesce Nov-28-08 3.43pm
Cheers on the name thing. Acquiesce is such a beautiful sounding (and spelled) word but can be quite negative on its own.
thehitcher Nov-25-08 2.33pm
hahaha the re-offenders i like it ;-) haha x
thehitcher Nov-19-08 12.48pm
Hey hun, yo yo yo shizzle me nizzle (or whatever it is hahaha) I'm great thanks :-D I think you should go for the rapping career I seen promise in your comment ;-) hehe How are you? Your J. Smith story is amazing by the way, I've just read it now :-D x x
th74 Nov-5-08 10.09pm
Yes, hello fellow Minnesotan! Where are you? I'm in St. Paul myself. Did you buy the new album yesterday?
TheInvisibleBoy Oct-26-08 9.39pm
Hey Bryn! Yeah things are ok thanks, shattered at the moment, been busy and havn't been out to the pub in over 2 weeks though lol. how're things for you? hope all's well! In reply to your last message that i don't think i got around to replying to yet (sorry!) i'm glad the dog searching is going well! and yup brotherly love was with the lawrences, quality tv show, the little guy, was it andy? he was ace! wish we still got that over here. and yup wwe was different to ecw but now ecw was bought out by wwe so they are the same now, bit of a long story for someone not into wrestling, but that's the jist of it lol. i finished brave new world, was a really good book, read brighton rock too, bit more difficult but quality plot and we're doing the film of it this week, it's old, black and white but it is brilliant. lol thanks bryn! hope you had an ace birthday too *wink* thanks bryn, sorry about my terribly late reply! hope you have a really ace week and i'll speak to you soon! x
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-25-08 1.47am
Woooo hoo I managed not to delete! ;o) Thanks for comment about Finlay! Yeah they are... Ben my middle son wrote to them last week to tell them his favourite song was WDIAROM lol - all off his own back - so sweet... Finlay wanted to write to ask to be in their band! We've still to do the letter... will do if he asks again!!! It's freezing here - either that or I need my bed lol - What you been up to? Xx
thehitcher Oct-21-08 10.18pm
I haven't done any new covers yet. I've got a few planned tho, when I get a spare moment I'll put them up on youtube :-D
thehitcher Oct-21-08 10.16pm
hehe I didn't know that, you see you learn something new everyday :-D I love your profile pic by the way. How are things on your side of the world? x
thehitcher Oct-21-08 8.15pm
Hello there :-D How are you? x
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-21-08 11.55am
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I hate this thing.. I just deleted your comment!!! I can't get the hang of this thing! lol I wish it would give you the opportunity to cancel that action!!! Yeah I was devastated with the magazine not working... I thought it would be something that people would love and look forward to seeing. I gave it my best shot so I've no regrets like that thankfully. Just wish other people could have shared my vision.. So what you up to? Xx
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-18-08 5.29pm
God I nearly did it again! lol I'm good thanks. BTW that pic of you is gorgeous with the leaves behind. I did my own community magazine produced 7000 copies and bought into a franchise.. was slow in the take off.. people miss it now sadly but I couldn't keep throwing money to it! I've been really sad about it.. I so wanted it to work... people these day's need controversy in their lives... and not so much good news :o( Anyway, inbetween jobs just now have been making photographic cards to sell at craft fairs so hoping it will pay for christmas! Xx
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-15-08 9.59pm
Hi Bryn, thanks for adding me!! Good to see you.. found out where I went wrong... pressed the delete comment thinking it was comment!! Nearly did it again!! LOL How's you? Xx
TheInvisibleBoy Oct-12-08 9.15pm
Hey Hey Bryn! Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you, been real busy with uni and of course my song theories lol, thanks =] How has the dog searching been going? Hope it's been going well? Yeah it's not as rare as you might think, quite a lot of people are into it, the reason I'm into the Eagles lol, it's kinda sad. I used to watch this show called Brotherly Love on a channel called Trouble and the show was set in Phili and also Extreme Championship Wrestling was based in Phili so I guess it's that and I like Dawkins too! lol. Hope you have a good week! Thabks Bryn! =]
RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-7-08 2.51am
Hey thanks for your message Bryn. I was so close to seeing them missed them by 15 mins! Husband collapsed twice at their Edinburgh gig so we had to leave early! He was fine the next day!!!! Couldn't believe it - had waited years for that moment! Xx
thehitcher Oct-2-08 10.45pm
I spent ages speaking to Fran and because there was security there they were moving people along the line so I only got chance to shake Andy, Dougie and Neil's hands haha oh and say "nice to meet you, looking forward to the gig tonight" hehe. Me and my mate bumped into Andy an hour later tho in the middle of Liverpool so we got to talk to him then. He said he lives in Liverpool with his wife and he loves the city. He was a nice guy too.
TheInvisibleBoy Oct-2-08 2.47pm
Hey! Yeah uni is going great thanks, got my booklist too lol, got Brave New World by Huxley to read for British Writers and Popular Culture and The Devil Wears Prada to watch for Cinema and Psychoanalysis next week lol. How's everything going for you? Hope all is well? Oh cool, glad you liked Dubliners lol, and nope I don't think I've read anymore Joyce and I don't think he's in my booklist for this semester, won't be in next semester's either as I have two journalism modules and my English module is Dickens. Thanks Bryn! Hope you have a great night and a great weekend too!
thehitcher Oct-1-08 1.21pm
Hey hun, I said to Fran thanks for replying to me on the messageboard as it's a really nice thing to do giving your time up to reply as not many other bands do that. Fran replied and said that he loves keeping an eye on the board and he also runs the myspace page himself. He asked me what my user name was and when I told him I was the hitcher he said "oh I remember you, you were the new guy, I remember replying to you, well it's nice to meet you" I was so happy! So he remembered me so there's a very good chance he would remember others aswell :-D
TheInvisibleBoy Sep-15-08 4.30pm
Hey Bryn! I start back on the 29th but we register back on the 24th I think. Going to see Travis the night before I start back at uni lol. Yeah I'd love to get my booklist but they haven't sent any out yet so I haven't a clue what books I need, and they moan at us then for being late with stuff lol. One of my mates rang up and complaned to them saying that they should have done everything earlier as everyone was wondering about stuff. Oh cool lol, but yeah I remember RE at school, some of the stuff was really interesting. I still haven't started Star of the Sea, maybe I'll give it a while and read it in a holiday so I can relax with no worries of having to get stuff done lol. Oh and I noticed your birthday is the 16th October! Same as me! lol Thanks Bryn! Have a good week!
TheInvisibleBoy Sep-12-08 1.15am
Hey Bryn! No worries, it is very cool though. Lol really! Yeah I think you should, it is really good, at the end of each story the reader is left to think and ponder for themselves for a moment about the ending and take what they think from what Joyce has written, you'll probably understand what I mean when you've read one of the stories lol. Lol yeah well I suppose it is easy enough to stick a The infront of Dubliners if you needed to. I don't think I have ever read anything by him, I'll keep a look out for him though. At the moment I was thinking of reading Star of the Sea, a couple of my mates have said a few good things about it and my dad has a copy of it somewhere so I was hoping to give that a read before uni. Thing is though I haven't started because I'm too busy worrying why I haven't received my timetable or booklist for this year yet lol. Anywhoo thanks Bryn, have a great weekend! x
TheInvisibleBoy Sep-11-08 11.14pm
Hey Hey! Thanks for the comment =] Your hat is cool! Kinda unique with the flowers! Thanks for that lol, a couple of them begin with The lol. I do English Lit and Journalism at uni so I have to read a lot of books and I found some new books through that way which I think are great, have you ever read Dubliners by James Joyce? It's a brilliant collection of short stories and is now my favourite book lol. Oh and I agree with you on the kind of people you like, people cutting in queues really bugs me lol. Thanks, hope you have a great weekend, the name's Nick by the way.
paul_c Aug-31-08 1.12am
Hey Bryn! Thanks very much. Did you add yourself over there? : )
thehitcher Aug-27-08 1.35pm
Yeah they played a great mix. they played a few off Accelerate and they also played some of the more older songs that they don't normally play like 7 chinese brothers and these days. they played ignoreland aswell :-D They played all the big ones aswell, was a great night :-D You should buy Accelerate, well worth it :-D Glad your ok :-D
thehitcher Aug-26-08 8.50pm
Hey hun, I'm great thanks how are you? Went to see R.E.M. on Sunday night, they were fantastic :-D
CheraviS Aug-25-08 7.42pm
Yessssssss going together must be so nice!! I hope it'll happen someday.. omg it's so sweet >.<
CheraviS Aug-19-08 1.57am
haha it's okay:P I miss them so much A______A will be flying there in my own private luxury jet <<< ask them to join you :D
Eledh Aug-15-08 3.09am
Oh! You like Everything is Illuminated! I've never met a person who saw that movie! I love it. Really love it. And About a Boy too.
thehitcher Aug-14-08 12.42pm
thank you :-D I wasn't gonna post it up at first but everyone replied saying post it up :-D haha where about's in the US are you from?
CheraviS Aug-13-08 6.27am
Fly to UK to see them!!!! A_A
thehitcher Aug-13-08 2.17am
I've posted it up, i've asked if it's ok to post covers up and if it's not i'll take it down. Hope I don't get into trouble. Have people posted covers up before?
thehitcher Aug-13-08 1.59am
I'm good :-D I've just posted up a cover of 'Something Anything' onto youtube but not sure whether I should post it on the board in case I get into trouble hehe what you think, should i post it up? I'd hate Fran to see it and say "take it down it's rubbish" hehe
thehitcher Aug-12-08 11.52am
aww thanks for listening :-D glad you like my lyrics, I'm terrible at writing lyrics aswell, takes me ages to write them hehe how are you?
hennypenny Aug-10-08 3.47pm
Exactly! Nice to meet you too
CheraviS Aug-10-08 4.39am
thanks thanks!:P
*listening to that song again*
I think they never played it live. But it'd be amazing if they do it, especially the part when Fran "screams"!
Have you ever went to their concerts?
hennypenny Aug-9-08 10.06pm
I'm from Washington state. I live across the water from Seattle.
CheraviS Aug-8-08 9.19am
Haha I'm glad to know that!
I hope the lyrics from that song DO mean something... though they sound kinda ridiculous.. :P
hennypenny Aug-6-08 2.21am
Where in the US are you from?
Chiito-chan Aug-4-08 6.52pm
Hi! and thank you. Yeahh!I love Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack :). It's amazing! By the way I like Harry Potter too, my sister is a big fan.