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Right now I've got Mastodon's Crack the Skye playing almost incessantly.

the martyr is ending his life for mine
Just watched Cashback for the second time. Brilliant.

she saw the wrong second of a two-second story
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Rammsfer Apr-3-09 4.12am
Hehe! Nice one, mate :D So, what's up?
Rammsfer Apr-2-09 10.12pm
Hey man, thanks for accepting. How are you? Oh, my name's Fernando. Call me Rammsfer if you want to :)
TheBoyWithAName Nov-24-08 5.43pm
Hey there! Your choices in the latest "showdown" are identical to mine! Just thought it was a bit funny, there use to be at least one choice that's different. Hope everythings okey!
Bryn Nov-19-08 2.28am
Hey there. This is a completely random comment, but I like your user name. And thus ends the random comment :) Aren't you glad I bothered? lol
lost-angel Mar-29-08 7.46am
I think thats a great idea as a poll...
GMS1968 Mar-22-08 11.58am
HI. Thanks for replying to my "travis words in your life post".
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