Wednesday, September 25, 2013
The Sound Academy, Toronto ON, CA

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needlemania Posted: 26-09-13 2:26
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Fantastic show last night in Toronto! Even with the minor feedback issue at times - and the forgotten lyrics during My Eyes - it was still a memorable concert! :) The band has so much energy, even making the mellower tunes exciting. This was my 8th time seeing the band (I've not missed a tour since they started coming to town in 2000!). I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of classics and a batch of new songs, plus Fran's engaging personality (telling us about song meanings and even lecturing a parent to put plugs in his kid's ears). I hope Fran was serious when he said the band will be back soon...and preferably not making our fanbase wait another 4+ yrs. Toronto always has your back, and I know I'll go to every show in the future (who knows, maybe I'll bring my kid next time). Thanks fellas!
Microgirl Posted: 01-10-13 4:45
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Hi everyone!
This was my first Travis show and definitely won't be my last!!!! The show was incredible and made me love the band even more!!
Fran was wearing the coolest t-shirt and I wanted to buy one but did not see them at the sales table after the show. I've never had any interest in wearing concert shirts before but really loved his. Anyone know where I can order one? Please forgive me if this isn't the appropriate place to post this. I just joined and am still finding my way around. Any help would be appreciated :)

I loved hearing the background of the inspiration for the songs and was touched by Fran's concern for the little girl in the front and ensuring she had ear plugs. So sweet!!!

Can't stop listening to my Travis albums!!!
JamesRoberts Posted: 07-10-13 6:02
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This was a wonderful experience, a great show, and a lifetime memory for me and my daughter. I was the fellow who brought my 8 year old daughter Emese (we told Fran Emi, because everyone gets the name wrong). Far from feeling 'lectured' by Fran, the experience for me was extremely positive. It would not have been had I felt like I was being told off.

My daughter had declined putting toilet paper in her ears during the Rathborne set - which was LOUD. After checking in with her several times - she kept declining the toilet paper and said her ears were fine. And then came Travis...

We were right in front of Dougie, and his smile and waves brought a lot of joy to us in the front. My daughter seemed to have caught his attention earlier in the set, and I'm sure he was smiling when she was singing Travis songs word for word. After Driftwood finished, the lights came up - Fran started talking to the crowd and suddenly he saw a little person at the front.

Fran: "who is that little person? What's your name?"

My daughter and I yell "Emi!"

Fran: *confusion* "What?"

us: "Emi!"

Fran: "Emi? How old are you Emi?"

Emese: "8!"

Fran: "My son is 8 also. Emi, do you have any plugs or cotton in your ears?"

My daughter and I both shake our heads no.

Fran: "Well Emi, from one rock star to a future rock star, let me tell you we want to protect your ears! Do we have any of those ear plugs backstage guys? *looking at the roadies backstage* Musicians wear these plugs to protect our ears during shows - Sorry everyone this is important!"

Fran finally gets some ear plugs, hands them to me, I put them in my daughter's ears - and Fran says "this next song is dedicated to you!" He gave my daughter his guitar pick, and then proceeded into "Warning Sign". My daughter was beaming and altogether starstruck and had the biggest smile on her face. Pure class lads. She's saved her shirt, the ear plugs, and the guitar pick. I'm sure they will always hold a special place in her heart.

Let me say this - I love Travis and have for years. My three children also love your music. My five year old daughter and three year old son (who happens to think HE is the lead singer and would have wanted Fran off the stage)wanted to be there. They all sing your songs. You've definitely got a new fan base - and your music is still very relevant - in fact it couldn't be more relevant. I listen to your music all the time, and use it to inoculate my children from the rubbish that is mainstream music these days: mass consumerism, over the top sexuality, and hyper superstardom - all while these stars don't write, or play their own music. It is the idol generation.

So thanks for a great experience. My daughter could not have had a better first live show, and the dad in me appreciates the dads in you that made such an experience possible. And here's the kicker, and I know you'll love it - Emese tells me that your music is "so much better live!", and she wants to go to every concert of yours from now till you hang up your instruments.

Cheers, from a father and a fan.


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