Sunday, July 17, 2011
Rock n Coke Festival, Istanbul, TR

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the_invisible_fan Posted: 18-07-11 5:56
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A dream came true yesterday.

Beside seeing and listening my favourite band on the stage live, an unbelievable thing happened. I just found the chance to met my idol, the person who made my life meaningful, the person who encouraged me for making my own music. Yes, I met Fran :) We met at Chapel Club concert. I still can't believe it, but I really met him. I was so nervous but I did thank him again and again for his music and lighting my way on this life. I can never thank him enough, though. Thank you for the chat and the most valuable photo I've ever taken, Fran. Wish I wore my BORN TO ROCK! t-shirt before :) You made yesterday the most beautiful day in my life. And like I said yesterday, Thanks for founding Travis, thanks for making such a great music which is my light on this life, thanks for coming to Istanbul, thanks for playing Re-Offender (Really means a lot.). In brief, with your words: "Cheers, thanks for everything..."

You were incredible at the stage. Of course, I was just in front of you. I waited 45 minutes in the row, but totally worth it. You guys literally rock Istanbul. The setlist was awesome: (Yes, they played Re-Offender!!!)

Selfish Jean
Writing To Reach You
Love Will Come Through
Something Anything
Long Way Down
My Eyes
All I Want To Do Is Rock
Flowers In The Window
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Dougie, Andy and Neil was incredibly cool as always. Dougie smiled at every Travis fan individually. Also, Andy's solo was amazing during All I Want To Do Is Rock. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. And I totally agree with you: "That's why we will never be U2 and that'a good thing!" Amen. By the way, I have to thank you again, Fran. Thanks for pointing me out when you see me, while you playing All I Want to Do Is Rock. It means a lot. Thank you man.

I know you are gonna come to Istanbul again. Remember, you are always welcomed in here. We are looking forward to the third Istanbul gig, already. Don't make us wait long :)

Love you all,

happy_to_hang_around Posted: 18-07-11 9:16
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First of all,thank you for this amazing show.Fran,you were so cheery and you made the crowd go crazy.It was like seeing an old friend again.Dougie,you smiled at us a billion times,and yes,I was the insane girl right in front of you.Andy,Neil you all rocked!I want to tell you something else.I heard that 20 lucky people would have a chance to meet you and whole day I've been wandering around for drawing and in the last minute they said it is just for Moby and there was no such thing as meeting Travis and I couldn't help the tears in my eyes just before your gig.Then you showed up and it got my pieces together again.And next time,I sweared,no matter what happens,I will find you and tell you how you changed my life and thank you face to face.Can't wait for the next time.God bless you.
rammel Posted: 20-07-11 8:33
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wonderful concert definitely! I'm a big fan of Travis and on concert date I was very excited and thinking about how could I watch this concert with this tall crowd!, how could I get closer and closer to them :?! :)) and while I was thinking this, one girl wanted to make a conversation with me and I sang one of the songs of travis to the camera :) and won a proscenium ticket!!!! wuuhuuuvv!!! I was in the front side of the concert (proscenium), one second when everybody got tired and down hands, I've shaked my hands crazily and said hiiiii to Douglas Payne :)) he saw me and blinked his eyes and smiled :)) aahahaha perfect moment! I love you Travisssssss!!! Please come soon again :*
cuu Posted: 23-07-11 11:22
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Thank you for the lovely gig. I realized how much i missed you and your music. I guess you're the most sympathetic group ever. The concert didn't feel like the one in 2008, but we knew you wanted everyone to enjoy, so just played your singles. I would love to listen your other songs, so maybe you have to come again to do that :)
I was in the front line, and like everyone else Dougie smiled and waved at me, too. Funny guy has the loveliest smile :) at the very end, his pick hit my forehead but I couldn't catch it. Andy seemed to gain weight, his beer performance explains why :) Sadly couldn't see much of Neil, but I'm sure he rocked hard. Fran, you seem to be a wonderful dad, bring Clay to Istanbul some time, he'll enjoy. :)
We were so happy to have you again. At your first gig you told us, because you had to walk to Istanbul you didn't come earlier; please don't make us wait too long for the third gig, we can arrange a flight! :)
Thanks for everything, you're great! Hope to see you again..


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