Monday, January 31, 2011
Dingwalls, London, UK

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closergms1968 Posted: 01-02-11 10:51
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This was an awesome gig.
I really feel sorry for those who's night was spoiled by the odd idiot. We were on the first tier up, and everyone around us was friendly and quiet.

Now, as for Fran's remark about pastey faces - it's true! Most Brit's are, me included! Look at the amount of sunbed usage and false tans. What you have to remember is that Fran is a Brit too, so he includes himself in this comment.
It was just a tongue in cheek comment, as was the shithole remark. (see the link: sewerage = shithole).

I don't think Fran would go to the trouble of putting on such a wonderful line up of musicians and such an amazing one off gig for the people of this country if he didn't like us. Answers on a postcard.

Oh and Fran, you'll be glad to hear, thank the Lord - that the Daily Mail does not represent most of Britain. Most of us laugh at how ridiculous this newspaper is, and it is often satirised on television.

Now the gig:
The support acts were good. I thought Foley was very good.

I thought Fran was on top form last night, and seemed to enjoy himself more than ever. Credit must go to the band and string section. They were wonderful, especially the bass player (loved the double bass on Moonshine).
Claes on keyboard gave the songs that added magical feeling. The strings added a touch of class. I hope Fran sticks with the strings on future solo projects, and maybe a one off Travis gig.

It was a real pleasure to hear the Wreckorder songs come to life, in full form. This was a rare treat. Hearing these songs live was the acid test for how good Wreckorder is.
Judging by this gig - this is some of Fran's best work to date. Loved the acoustic solo Travis songs which sounded better stripped down.

Highlights: every single song was brilliant.

The venue: this wasn't a beautiful venue, however the canal side location was lovely and Camden rocks.
The layout of the main hall was fine but my wife agrees with the comments that the ladies toilets were disgusting.
The whole sewerage pipe situation was terrible but we discovered that other establishments in Camden also had sewerage problems.

I thought Fran's remarks about the dire situation when they arrived at the venue showed that he was on our side.

As for where i rate this gig? Right up there at the top.
Musically this was one of my best gigs ever. Fran pulled out all the stops for this London gig and gave his fans a real treat.

I wouldn't have missed this for the world, 10 out of 10.

jaffacakes07 Posted: 05-02-11 11:57
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Wow what a night! A great location, support acts were fantastic! To hear the Wreckorder tracks live was really something special. The band were great and the guys on strings were fab.

Was also great to hear some Travis classics in a more raw format the higlight for me was the whole place singing along to "Flowers In The Window!" "Sing me to sleep" was amazing and the lady that covered for Neko Case did a brilliant job, well done! Thanks so much Fran for a great night with lots of happy memories! Until Next time! :-)


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