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frandougeil Aug-26-08 7.27am
haha!yeah i tot about welcoming them at the airport but i didn't really know when and where they'll be coming in from so i gave it a miss.i'll definitely go the next tm they come thou=))) yup that's true the others don't seem to reply maybe they're bz with other things but its good to know Fran cares=D
Bryn Aug-20-08 8.04pm
Ha, yeah we'll go together and then at the show they will perform Good Day to Die for the first time ever just for us!
frandougeil Aug-19-08 4.37pm
oh well yeah!!u should put some thought into tt=))i wished they had seen our shirts but we never got the chance to show them=( i hope they see it now that im using it as my main avatar.haha. the next time i go to their gig i'll def try my hardest to get a a pic with any of them!tt would mean so much=D
Bryn Aug-18-08 12.55am
Hey! Sorry I didn't reply right away... but yes!! That would be the coolest EVER! Probably only in my dreams... but in my dreams I will be flying there in my own private luxury jet!!;) haha!
frandougeil Aug-17-08 11.58am
haha...i brought it to a tee shirt print shop and gave them a soft cover of the pic.And the results were juz great.i love it too!!btw i had andy's face in sis had neil and dougie's pic in front and coz we all love fran we put him behind our backs.yup all 3 of us...haha!
Bryn Aug-12-08 1.36am
No, I haven't ever been! :(
RaZzZ Aug-11-08 9.27pm
Hey, i love your pic!!! n_n
Bryn Aug-10-08 12.40am
Yeah, I don't totally know what the lyrics mean either! LOL! Oh well.. I was thinking that "pretty" was maybe not the right word, but maybe you know what I mean! I wonder if they have ever played it live. And I agree, your picture with Fran is super cute!
purplesky Aug-9-08 4.08am
You are soooo cute in the pic with Fran. I wish I had taken one with Fran too. I regret not having gone to the airport... arghh.. stupid mistake..heheh.. looks sooo nice!!
Bryn Aug-8-08 2.47am
I love Good Day to Die too! I think the chorus part (your head is a brick wall...etc) is so pretty, if that makes sense!:)
Nikki Aug-7-08 3.01am
You're welcome! :O)
Nikki Aug-6-08 4.12pm
I think you have it figured out ;) but go to the tour archive section in the top menu and find the concert you attended. Each show has an option for you to "add my name" can also upload pictures to the tour archive.
Nikki Aug-6-08 12.18pm
Yep! You do it just like Myspace. Put the background code in the about me section and then you can add pictures or videos to the other sections as well. :)
Nikki Aug-5-08 3.46pm
Oh, thank you! That's so sweet. :O)
nats Aug-5-08 1.29am
what a lovely picture!
Nikki Aug-4-08 5.01pm
What a cute picture! I bet you had fun!!! :)
TK23 Aug-4-08 3.50am
I love your picture!