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irenesfor Dec-31-08 11.40pm
Happy 2009!!! =D
frandougeil Sep-9-08 4.38pm
Hey there!Awesome idea on the ideal travis setlist!Im gonna go and think of mine before i vote=)
Conor14 Sep-1-08 10.46am
cheers for sending that, pretty exciting stuff! ive applied and all.
weirdmom Aug-29-08 8.01pm
I think it's awesome but unfortunately it won't benefit me one iota! Though I hope at least one boardie gets to go.
I Came in Through the Bathroom Window Aug-29-08 7.34pm
Thank you for telling me the news and for the add! :o)
TheInvisibleBoy Aug-29-08 7.17pm
hey hey! hope all is well! thanks for the add and the news! =]
Eledh Aug-29-08 6.45pm
Thank you for the news! ;) Cheers!
not-the-same Aug-29-08 6.15pm
done, thank you, and thanks for adding me :)
lalalife86 Aug-29-08 6.14pm
Thanks for adding me! I'm very new to this site so thanks for being my first friend! :-D. And I promise, my lips are sealed...
deebee Aug-29-08 5.34pm
Done, cheers!!!!!
Vicky_Alher Aug-29-08 5.28pm
Thank you very much for sending me the news... And thank you for adding me as a friend :-D Kisses!!
lilly Aug-29-08 5.27pm
already checked - can't beliiiiieve the news! thanks for the add, btw
weirdmom Aug-29-08 4.54pm
I was just about to look to see if we were friends yet. I couldn't remember. Thanks for the add....and the 411. ; )
sonja May-2-08 1.49pm
hey friend! thanks for the add!
Monica Feb-9-08 4.30pm
I like your occupation :p
mili Sep-25-07 2.09pm
Hello friend :^) Nice avatar!
julietravisaddict Sep-23-07 7.56pm
Hello! Thanks for your answer on the message board!!! c u Julie
ponjtatti Aug-25-07 9.37am
hey thnx 4 d add!
Yulia Nox Aug-21-07 10.10pm
Hello new friend :3
gladsadmad Jun-20-07 10.54pm
Top Travis B-sides here please:- Thanks for voting!
martina Jun-13-07 9.38am
Hi thanks for the add :)