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anything by Nick Hornby, Rebecca Gablé... books about music, romance and history.
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weirdmom Sep-9-08 2.37am
I was there for a year. But it was awhile back (92-93) I'm old.
weirdmom Sep-8-08 9.04pm
I was an exchange student in high school in Koln. I loved it.
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-4-08 9.18pm
yeah,that's what my friend said when i got there, she took me to dusseldorph, we even went to a show at philippshalle, but she also told me coln is better. i'm the kind of person who can appreciate the little things of where i am, i was fascinated just ppl watching and shopping. we went to this outdoor shopping area,don't remember the name cuz it was so long ago 2001. but id o rememeber that the police cars were green! and that the mcdonalds there is different, somewhat, than the ones here. i really want to go there again someday, to do more, and just hang out.:-) you should check out la sometime.
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-4-08 5.58pm
Good morning,afternoon,evening? i think you're 9 hours ahead right? if i remember correctly:-) yeah i was in schwerte visiting a friend that i met here actually. i never pass up a chance to travel no matter how far it is. i think i was in the air for 15 hours or so, that was brutal! but totally worth it.:-) i got to see germany for the first time and she got to meet an american guy, good deal i think;-):-p
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-3-08 9.55pm
That is awsome! i grew up listening to the smiths,the cure,dramarama, and all those other 80's bands because my brother would play them every morning as we got ready for school. he also played a lot of eazy-e and warren-g and snoop dogg, so i could have turned into a rap fan, but didn't luckily :-p. i have been to germany twice, once to brunsiepe schwerte which is close to dusseldorph and twice to munich,airport. i love your country and the ppl in it, very cool.:-)
SAM(LOS ANGELES) Sep-3-08 4.38pm
I'm good, I think that your picture is really unique plus i think it's cool that your a smiths fan. you live in denmark? how's the music scene there?
gladsadmad Aug-29-08 5.16pm
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