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Still havin' exams but I am back!!!
Problem solved!!! Thank you Lee!!!
-Travis, Blur
-Coldplay, Voicst, Franz Ferdinand
-Muse, The Sundaydrivers, Kaiser Chiefs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis
-The Beatles, The Fray, Lisa Hannigan
-The Futureheads, James
-Snow Patrol, The Wombats, Linkin Park, System Of A Down -Arctic Monkeys, Maroon 5, iMonster (well actually daydream in blue)

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Well, I go for comedies and social dramas... But I am not a film guy....
Science books mostly.
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Occupation: Wannabe Radio Producer.
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Nell Sep-29-09 10.55am
Hey Wolfy! I'm so sorry I didn't send you the basslines yet. I'm soooo stuck in work that I didn't have time to get to it - yet. I have to write several papers for uni so music's gotta wait at the moment. But I'll get to it - promised. Just that you know I didn't forget about it. Maybe you're even faster at doing it - :) I'll hope I'll find some time at the weekend for it. haha I'm just reading ur busy writing exams as well! Good luck then and talk toy ou soon! take care! x Nora
frandougeil Jun-24-09 5.33pm
Hey dear Philip:)Sorry this is a wee bit late.Been occupied with work and stuffs as usual..I'm guessing ur exams should be over by now;) Ohhh u should get more rest since u mention being really tired!I'm very fine hope u r too Philip:)Oh yeah I am aware.Thou I've only seen Mykonos on T.V and the web;) But really,its now ruined by bars playing bad music?aww what a shame.Still I mentioned before I think Greece is lovely:)And I love that song..One of my faves by Fleet Foxes.Have u heard of the band?Anyways,I hope ur week goes brilliant as well dear friend!Take care=)*hugs*
singme0430 Jun-22-09 1.16pm
You're sooooo welcome Philip!! ;) Glad to see you now change the paragraph! :D
singme0430 Jun-21-09 1.07pm
No problem, sent you a PM, Philip! ;)
frandougeil May-31-09 5.29pm
Hello Philip;)I hope u'll get the problem fixed with the kind help from our lovely friend Lee(thanx Lee,as I wasn't of much help to Philip at all..hehe;p)Anyways have a great week ahead and take care as always*-*
singme0430 May-30-09 5.01am
Hi, Philip! :) Just wondering how you are doing. By the way, I got to know how to change paragraph in the music box today! :P Just type at the end of the word. (Don't forget to remove '*' when type that.) Thanks again for using my picture as your background. :D ...Thank you and also thank you to Sue! I read her comment below. ;) Anyway have a nice weekend!
frandougeil May-27-09 7.20pm
Hello Philip:)Great to see u back here!Yeah i share ur sentiments,totally agree when u say Travis fans have good taste in music=)It's esp evident here!I think ur profile and ur avatar is mighty cooL:D Of coz I'll def tell u if i do have any song I'd like to share with u and likewise for u too dear friend!Do let me know what songs to check out too since we have very similar taste in music;D Thanks for ur kind greetings too Philip,ur very kind:)Work's been fine and I hope ur well too=)Hahaha...U make Ancient Greek language sound extremely difficult though I still think it must be a really lovely language;) I wish u well for ur exam results!Have a brilliant day too dear Philip:)*hugs back*
frandougeil May-24-09 5.28am
Btw LOVELY LOVELY background! Great choice and isn't Lee just terrific;D Her sketches are amazing=)Also Philip what a fantastic playlist!!We have so much in common i must say;)
frandougeil May-24-09 5.24am
Awww my lovely Greek friend Philip:)It's great to hear from u!I'm so happy u think my words made u look at that differently and hopefully that will reap positive results;)I wish u good luck! And u have a brilliant day too*hugs* Talk to u again soon Philip coz I'm off to work soon!Btw don't worry I am over 40 too coz the cat REALLY is John Lennon;D Take Care!Maybe one day u can teach me the wonderful Ancient Greek language*-*
singme0430 May-18-09 6.20am
Hi, Philip! :) Really glad to see you here again, you're back!! I wish you good luck, I'm sure you'll do very well on the exams. :) Anyway I NEVER mind, surely! I was surprised and very glad to see my drawing on your profile. Thank you for using it!! xD Good luck again! :)
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