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Cliodhna. I'm Irish, studying History and Psychology in university.
Travis, Graham Coxon, Radiohead, White Stripes, Babyshambles, Oasis, David Bowie, Peter Doherty, The Raconteurs, Grizzly Bear, Beach House, The Beatles, Blur, Supergrass, The Verve, Interpol, Bruce Springsteen, Kaiser Chiefs, Scissor Sisters, Robbie Williams.
A Clockwork Orange, Moulin Rouge, The Lord of the Rings, Edward Scissorhands, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Hours, Magnolia, Bringing Up Baby, Fred and Ginger movies, Danny Deckchair.
The Temporary-Rachel Cusk, To the Lighthouse-Virginia Woolf, JRR Tolkien, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-Douglas Adams, The Dark Tower-Stephen King, Douglas Coupland, 1984-George Orwell Anthony Burgess
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Waterfront, Belfast, IE

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MsFatRat Aug-14-09 7.12pm
Hello Cliodhna! Thank you for accepting ;)
goosey_84 Jun-29-09 9.06pm i'm not sure how much it will be to depends on the weight i suppose...i'm going to try to ship your candy off by wednesday or thursday at the latest! :D
goosey_84 Jun-24-09 10.27pm
hiya! looks like it's me and you for the exchange fen! :D
Rammsfer Jun-24-09 4.19pm
Really? Wow cool! Yeah there are some rumours of a DVD. Would be cool if they make the project. Hehe, and if they make it, maybe you'll be there :P
Rammsfer Jun-23-09 3.33am
Oh and about the picture, l don't know. lt's from a Mexican Oasis fan page (from a friend). But yeah it is cool :P
Rammsfer Jun-23-09 3.31am
Haha nah no problem, you just came to my mind hehe. Haha, it will be kinda difficult to find ya, 80,000 people! You were near the stage? Yes, last year (November 28th). Best day of my whole life so far.
Rammsfer Jun-22-09 3.12am
Hehe, yes! lt was a top gig, l saw many videos and some pictures. 80,000 people! l was thinking about ya when l saw the videos, l said 'Damn she's there! She's so lucky' l really miss them.
Rammsfer Jun-20-09 6.08pm
Hey! Good luck at Oasis gig, are you mad fer it?
TheBoyWithAName Jun-17-09 9.25pm
Thanks a lot, I've had a great day! :) Nice that you like my jacket and yeah Bruce is the BOSS, for sure! ;)
Rammsfer Jun-16-09 7.31pm
l know! Wow cool. Gonna be a great show. The Prodigy is good, but yeah the lead man is a freak lol. You'll have a good time ;)
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