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pooolusia Aug-5-11 10.06pm
Wow, I was born exactly 2 yeras after you. May the 7th :)
pooolusia Aug-5-11 9.58pm
I'm so jealous that you saw THEM! I was trying two times and it didn't work out. The first time Cracow Screen Festival, were Travis was supposed to play, was cancelled. Then, when I finally came to Bazant Pohoda in Slovakia the whole show was also cancelled because of the enormous storm. One of the stage fell apart and one person died. So sad... Now, I'm still waiting for them to come somoewhere near Poland. I hope it's going to happen :)
CHILENA2006 Aug-12-10 11.25pm
I'm very glad to hear that you're alright....and I've hard work arround this days too..... sometimes I put a little bit nostalgic for being unable to enter the site as before, but it is part of the evolutionary process I guess ... hahahaha ;) ... thanks for answering and I hope we don't lose contact. Take care! Hugs!
CHILENA2006 May-18-10 3.34pm
Hi! how're you????...I hope everything is ok for you...long time I don't see you here... Take Care and see you soon (I hope :D)
Hullabaloo Apr-19-09 5.26pm
spasibo,Sash ^^ Xristos Voskrese! S prazdnikom Pasxi)))
pooolusia Feb-1-09 11.59am
Did you see Travis? ! Now it`s my turn! ;D They are going to be in Cracow on the 16 of may ! ;) I`m so happy ! ;)
Marr Sep-29-08 6.48pm
А как вам песня Sarah?-Мне она очень понравилась, и я очень сожалел, когда прочитал в Википедии, что она появится, как бонус трэк только в Японии.
Marr Sep-29-08 7.45am
Да действительно хороший, но вам не кажется, что предыдущие альбомы более мелодичные, проникновенные и неповторимые?-Или они просто частично изменили стиль к которому надо привыкнуть и прочувствовать?!
Marr Sep-27-08 10.25pm
Здравствуйте.-Каково ваше мнение о новом альбоме?
Hullabaloo Sep-12-08 7.19pm
*сдаюсь* ))
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