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Fran Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 2:14 AM Quote
Well we had a fine day today. As I write this I think I have been up for 28 hours. Thankyou China for the most curveball jetlag I have ever had :)
Soccer Am is a show we love and so to be on it this morning was a bit of a thrill. We both came so close to scoring a goal. I thought we'd have more goes but one kick and that was it....hmmmph!
Then we drove across London to the BBC and the beloved Dermot. I believe that is the 3rd time we have done his show and it's always so relaxed. A perfect way to begin our radio promotion of the new record. I totally shat it though when my throat croaked in the chorus of WHere YOu Stand. Talk about shitting your keks. I have had some form of cold on and off since January. My son Clay and wife Nora too. Having a cold is a singers kryptonite. Anyways we survived. We love Dermot. Dougie and I were talking about how he managed to enter a show like X Factor as a presenter and somehow have it amplify his coolness. A definite everyman of his time. Ladies?
So here I am. Back in Berlin having sat in Heathrow with Dougie for a couple of hours together chatting about blah. We checked the offline cut of the NEW NEW video we just made... I can't believe we are still around 4 months away from the album release and yet have already made 3 music videos. Very organised. That organisation is mostly down to a woman called Emma Greengrass who is overseeing the whole shebang. We have wanted to work with E for 15 years having met her when we first came to London in 96 but she was looking after all the Oasis projects since then until 'the split'. So finally we got her and she's on the case... hence we are in good shape.
Yeah! everything is rolling along so smooth since we entered the studio in Giske last October. The band I don't think have ever been so focused and happy in there respective shoes. Oooh joy.
Anyways I have to try and sleep but I have absolutely no desire to do so... WIll try though.
Until Soon
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minnmess Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 2:25 AM Quote
Lovely to have you boys back. It is so nice to have updates, and new videos and action on the board. Very much looking forward to a new North American tour.

I'm always so thankful that I picked the very best favourite band :)
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weirdmom Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 2:45 AM Quote
All very exciting! So glad you have a nice lady to keep you organized. I have to imagine that after Oasis y'all must seem pretty lowkey!
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hennypenny Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 2:51 AM Quote
Thanks for the updates Fran! Get some rest!
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SamuraiSandy Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 5:15 AM Quote
It's so nice to come back to the board and find posts like this! Thanks for the updates, Fran! It makes everything so exciting, but also so difficult to have to wait so long to hear the album! :)
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Fer Fer
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Fer Fer Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 7:47 AM Quote
Hope you got some sleep!
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Ana_Smith Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 8:32 AM Quote
It's great to know that the album promotion is running so smoothly, in spite of the jet lag.
At least something good has come out of Oasis splitting... other than Noel's solo career that is :D It sucks that I only have one month left in Europe and it looks as if I'm out of luck. I wish I could have gone to one of your gigs while I was here, all I can do now is hope for a South American tour. Are you reading this, Emma? :P
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Eledh Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 9:16 AM Quote
I'm so happy you're back again and that you're having fun!
And with all I mean "All of you".
It's so good to hear new songs, to see new gigs, new updates, new interviews. Not that I'm unhappy with the old ones but... I think I broke my DVDs watching them on repeat over and over again :P

So... Thanks for being back. <3
Now go and get some sleep and kick away that cold.
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Dypebooggep Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 9:38 AM Quote
Thanks for that message Fran! Glad you guys are all excited about the record as much as we all are over here :D Can't wait to be in August (gig in Switzerland and album!).
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Ina Simone
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Ina Simone Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 10:36 AM Quote
Hi Fran,

it's always a pleasure to read your messages! This new chapter in the amazing book of Travis enthuses me so much that I even came out of "messageboard lurker-mode" after all these years - and that really means something :)

In regard to your persistent on-and-off-cold: Try gargling with warm salt water. Put a good amount of sea salt (sea salt is best!) into a glass of warm water (the salt has to resolve itself - not necessarily completely, but almost). It has to taste really salty. Gargle a few times, until the glass is empty. Try to keep the salty water at the entrance of your throat as long as possible. Important: Don't swallow the salty water! It's not dangerous or something, but I guess your stomach would not be amused. In other words: Spit, don't swallow (almost sounds like a song title, haha). Do the gargling right before going to bed and don't drink anything afterwards, don't brush your teeth afterwards (you should do that before, of course!). The salt needs "privacy" to operate over night. For me, this method has really done wonders when I had a sore throat, a bad tooth or just when my voice was in a bad shape. Try it, Fran, I'm sure you will feel much better the next day.

Can't wait to finally see Travis in concert again!

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Baby Fran
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Baby Fran Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 10:58 AM Quote
Great to have you back.
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FuNnY ThInG Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 11:49 AM Quote
Hey Franny it feels like old times! :)
So many new exciting things around Travisland! New album new singles new videos new gigs weehee aaaaannnd me coming to the London gig is like a nostalgic deja vu...

See ya soon
Efrat x

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carolsamh Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 12:39 PM Quote
Learn kids, that's how it feels when you love what you do :-) You're a lucky one boy! X
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20462046 Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 3:31 PM Quote
take a rest fran
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Somewhere Else
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Somewhere Else Posted Sun 05 May, 2013 6:01 PM Quote
Wake up now Fran you've had your rest !
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