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I am a Jamaican girull, now living in Canada (love this place). I go to University. ISN'T THAT GRAND?
Oh, wow. LONG list. Franz Ferdinand, Travis, Belle & Sebastian, The Zombies, Death From Above 1979, LCD Soundsystem, Ladytron, Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay (admittedly, pre-X&Y), Jeff Buckley, Badly Drawn Boy, Bloc Party, Deerhoof, Broken Social Scene, David Bowie, Devendra Banhart, The Divine Comedy, Flight of the Conchords, The Go! Team, Hot Chip, Kings of Convenience, Muse, Postal Service, Pixies, Radiohead... and if I write anymore, this is gonna take all night. Let's just say I like a fair amount of music. XD
Uhhhh. Lord of the Rings?
Too many to list.
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buckstab Sep-3-10 5.57pm
raIxfl fcwtfmfkpzxg, [url=]itwpfmvjicar[/url], [link=]lmppdmkarpbj[/link],
frandougeil Dec-30-08 5.46am
Heee-eeey=)I love your name=DI think its one of the coolest ones i've ever seen here!
ParkAvePirate Jan-21-08 9.54pm
Hey, it's Park Ave Pirate (from Livejournal.) I am trying not to work and instead surfing the boards.
Gladly (the cross-eyed bear) Jan-17-08 1.15pm
loved your version of friends
Meridith Jan-16-08 10.14pm
I love your version of "Friends." You have a very pretty and soulful voice!
megg_inc Dec-24-07 7.52pm
Merry Christmas!
2bm Nov-20-07 12.46am
i like your t-shirt!! it's awesome^^ *O* you like Kaiser Chiefsss ^__^
megg_inc Aug-11-07 1.54pm
You know you have the best nickname ever? :D
Dutchgirl Aug-8-07 9.32am
nice picture!
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