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RUTHIEBABE00 Oct-19-08 11.49pm
Hey so sorry to hear about your cat. Much harder to accept when it's an accident like that. We lost our dog in the summer... it was really hard. Take care Xx
gladsadmad Aug-29-08 3.43pm
Check your inbox for the secret news...
brenda_94_56 Jul-28-08 6.48am
GMS1968 Mar-29-08 4.15pm
hi. Thankyou for replying to my, "Best ever Travis gig" post. Cheers. ;-)
weirdmom Sep-26-07 5.21pm
Your kitty is so cute! I have an orange and white too.
pixiedixie Aug-13-07 5.13pm
Cute little cat! Is it single?hummmmmmmm