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Fran Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 4:59 AM Quote
What are you all expecting from the record? I mean... If you like the band, which, if you come on the board, you probably do, then maybe you are wondering about stuff like that.
For instance, I was checking the artwork out and it's very bright and colourful so perhaps this maybe reflects something...
When we finished recording it, I had it in a certain order. It stayed like that for a couple of months, then Dougie emailed and suggested a completely different order. It was like listening to a different record. Totally different. Like I had been looking at a negative of a photograph (remember analogue film?) and then this new order flipped it... Anyways it shocked me how the order of a record could alter the experience so massively. It's not surprising actually... I'm sure you have at some point moved all your furniture around and felt afterwards like it was a new room so it's probably the same as that. So now the beds over there and the sofa, he put the sofa over there but then the paddling pool is still where it was, over there beside the chainsaw.
Then there was the title... We knocked that back and forth for ages too... Also the artwork was one thing for ages and then it radically changed to what it is now at the last minute.
Then we made a movie.
A couple of years ago I told my friend Marie, I was thinking about going to film school. She said I should just do it, that if I wanted to make a movie I just need to recruit a core group which the rest of the project hangs off. A great producer, a great Director of Photography (cameraman), a great editor, a great 1st Assistant Director and also have a clear idea. She is married to the director Tom Tykwer so she's in the middle of all that stuff so knows a thing or two about it.
Then I saw this German film Victoria and it's all shot in one take and then I saw an Argentinian film called Wild Tales which was 6 separate films all connected by one overriding theme. I think Victoria really got me going though. I thought if they can make a feature film in one continuous take, and it’s a real feat of movie making, it swept the German Oscars last year, then we can make a movie to cover the majority of the songs on the record. As the budget was not so great, I decided to pick 8 songs and have them connect in some kind of way... Coincidentally the label said we had 8 singles so it seemed wise to try to cover all bases .
So I found a great Producer, cold called my first choice for cameraman and he got back and we met and he came on board, then I asked my friend Sarah Iben if she would be my editor. She happens to be one of the best cutters in the US. So bit by bit the crew and cast snowball gathered mass until it was 150! We even got the lighting guy from Victoria.
Now we have a movie.
I think as projects go, this is def the most ambitious we have ever been, I have ever been... like ever... and I never seen us all so upbeat and laid back. It helps that we had time to prepare. Usually it's a mad bum rush but from writing to recording to everything else it's been super smooth.
Anyways looking forward to seeing you all on the road soon.
I have jet lag. Deary me. I have to get up in 4 hours.
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monichor Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 8:27 AM Quote
From the two songs we've heard from the new album, I'm expecting something similar to Where you stand. Similar in the way that (I think) was developed differently that the rest of the albums, with more contributions from the whole band and writing not being done only by Fran. I'm expecting to find new things, an example is Dougie singing in the chorus of Everything at Once, which I loved! I don't remember any other song in which both Fran and Dougie sing (or Dougie singing in any song besides b-sides). I'm very excited about the new and different sounds and phrases we might find. I think trying new things is always good, even when changes are small, it's always brave.
I'm very intrigued about the movie, though. Especially, I want to see if my perspective of the 3 Miles high video changes(It made me laugh the first time I saw it, I found it very funny) once I see it in an specific context.

And, of course what I'm most excited about is a new tour.

Thanks for checking on us, Fran! Really happy you guys made a new album.


(Wow, i hadn't written in English for a very long time. It was not easy)
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julietravisaddict Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 11:46 AM Quote
Nice to read your deepest thoughts on this new baby! I think we all need some brand new Travis "gas" to put in our engines / ears / soul. What I expect is finding the Travis identity but as far as 3 Miles High is concerned, it's 200% successful with such a nice melody and your voice. The video shows you having fun which is also one of your characteristics, we are happy you're all happy, this is Travis DNA as well.

I also expect some innovation and hearing Dougie sing the chorus on EAO is one, and this big movie too, can't wait to watch it.

Regarding your order feng-shui thing, I think we all do it in our way, in different fields, at work, at home, and this is sane, it only means your trying to consider things under new angles until it fits in your "DNA". Since Where You Stand I understood you have been having maybe a more collaborative way of writing songs so it's seems logical you need to consider them differently, this is a nice renewal.

See you on the road then!

Hugs from a cold but sunny Paris!

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Dypebooggep Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 12:18 PM Quote
Thanks for checking in Fran! I'm a bit sad that no one ever posts over here (and that my username is still messed up!) so i hope that your message and the fact you posted it on twitter will gain some new travisonliner.

What I'm expecting for the new record? I already know that I will love it musically : the first 2 songs are amazing (with 3 miles high being one of my favorite songs ever) and I have yet to hear a song from you guys that I don't love. This is what makes you my favorite band. Judging from the cover (which is something we're not allowed to do, neither for books nor albums :P) it looks like it will be colorful. But not in a bad way (Coldplay, anyone?) but in a Everything at once-kind of way.
Then of course I'm looking forward to that movie even if I don't know what to expect from it at all. I'm also expecting to see you on the road, in Switzerland! This would make my 5th time seeing you guys (+ the solo tour for Wreckorder) so if I could hope for one thing is that you change things up this time around. I would love to hear Flowers in the window in its "full" form, I would love to hear songs like Afterglow or The big screen live!
But most of all what I expect is to know you've made an album that you're proud of, without pression, just doing your thing and coincidentally speaking to my and other fans souls. Can't wait to listen to the songs at home, in my head, playing them on the guitar, on the piano... thanks

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babbelerik Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 12:42 PM Quote
This whole movie thing is a fantastic idea. I'm so glad you're doing it.

As for the music, I bloody love the two songs so far. They're really, really good. The artwork is right up my alley.
What I would expect in the back of my head somewhere (I try to always dive into new music without expectations, otherwise I'll find myself comparing my version to the actual thing) judging by the fact that we're getting a 10-track disc is that you've not been messing around that much but tried to make each song important to the whole experience. As you probably always do.

I think I have nothing else to do than just wait for the Northampton gig and then the release. This is gonna be a great year!
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babbelerik Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 12:43 PM Quote
Oh, and to whoever is responsible - don't forget to add the upcoming live dates to the website 😊
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Turtleneck Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 3:19 PM Quote
I watch a lot of Home & Garden channel. If I were redecorating my house, I would tell most designers what I want to have, based on my preferences. There are only a couple that I would say, "Do what you think is best. Surprise me." I feel that way about Travis. Do what you think is best. Surprise me. I haven't been disappointed in the past, so I expect to love it.

Album order is an interesting thing. Back in the day when stereos came with dual cassette players, I once took an album I liked and rearranged the entire album on a separate tape. There were 2 songs I wasn't crazy about and I put them at the end so I could easily skip them if I wanted to and not have to fast-forward through the songs. It was like eating dessert without having to eat my vegetables first. At first I loved it and listened exclusively to my mix, but after a while, I realized those vegetable songs were the plate for a reason and went back to the real album.

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fenririel Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 6:13 PM Quote
ˇHola Fran!
Fran wrote:
What are you all expecting from the record? I mean... If you like the band, which, if you come on the board, you probably do, then maybe you are wondering about stuff like that.

When Everything At Once came out, I didn't know what to expect. Like you said to Wyndham Wallace in an interview to The Quietus, I thought "maybe this is a Good Feeling / 12 Memories / Ode To J Smith kind of album". And maybe it is. But then came 3 Miles High, which is likely to become one of your best singles ever (and that's some statement). And it sounds like it could have been in Where You Stand.

All of your albums reflect a progression in wisdom. The lyrics aren't anymore just the youthful worries or wishes (which is not a bad thing: we're the sum of all that up. Turn or Side, for instance, are timeless, whether you're 15 or 80).

Summing this up: I think I expect the album to be a milestone. Just exactly the way The Invisible Band and Where You Stand were to me: the albums that marked a fresh yet familiar face of the band.

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fenririel Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 6:20 PM Quote
I forgot...

Fran wrote:
Coincidentally the label said we had 8 singles so it seemed wise to try to cover all bases .

Does this mean the album could be like The Boy With No Name (in the way there were easily 6 or 7 singles in there, even though you just released 3), but with more cohesion (following your interview to The Quietus)?
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Swan269 Posted Wed 20 Jan, 2016 9:57 PM Quote
Hey Fran

I have been editing professionally for 18 years and I look forward to seeing your effort. As far as the music goes, I have no "demands" per say. All I would be hoping for is a record that you guys are really happy with and I'll discover what you guys are feeling at the time you were recording the album. My one demand would be to play some of side 2 live. In my opinion, some of the stronger songs from the last record were ignored live and were missed. I admit I have never performed a show, so I am ignorant of the ebbs and flows of a show. Dan (wink) and I are looking forward to April 29th.
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Dypebooggep Posted Thu 21 Jan, 2016 2:21 PM Quote
I think I am mostly just excited to see how these first two videos fit in with the rest of them!

Do you guys ever have plans to do another DVD? Like you did for Singles... With loads of behind the scenes footage... Basically I would just really like directors commentary for all of your videos haha!

Super hyped for this record and can't wait to see you live next Monday (and hopefully at TITP Hint Hint hehe)!
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Dypebooggep Posted Thu 21 Jan, 2016 2:44 PM Quote
Hi Fran! Every time I read something from you, an opinion, an experience, I feel so inspired, is not just what you say, it's how you say it, how you express yourself, the way you communicate your thoughts, and probably that's why you're my favourite musician.

I honestly don't know what I expect when I'm waiting for new material of my favourite band... Because the usual things(nice songs, lots of feelings, inspiration,..) I know all that it's going to be there.. but I guess.. I was talking to a friend about the all colourful arts, that's unusual but at the same time, really Travis.. and that's what I always wait, something new and different, but something really you(by now, your new songs are perfect, just what I needed) ...

I can't wait to listen to entire album, in order...

Thank you, Fran!
And thanks, Travis!

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happy_to_hang_around Posted Thu 21 Jan, 2016 9:15 PM Quote
Hey Fran!

I have never been so excited about an album. When you hinted that the new song was coming I thought I would love just anything you would make, even if it was rap music and baaam: EAO hits like a tongue twister! I love it. I love that Dougie leads the chorus, sounds very fresh. 3 Miles High is candy to my eyes and ears, makes me adore your imagination and sense of humour (By the way I spotted one comment saying "lol fran healy finally lost it" haha) I sense your music as in a mellowness period now, more about topics like pieces of advices, philosophy of life etc. Artwork seemed a bit too luminous at first, but it grows on me.

I am dying to see the film. I always love it when you share the films you love. I kinda dragged my friend to the cinema to see Victoria just because you suggested it. It was beyond marvellous. So glad to hear that you had the chance to make this film. Are you planning to do more directing?

Excuse me sir if I am a little over the line but I have to say that I am very happy to see you hatless after a long time :)

By the way, what happened to Red Telephone Box?
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Typing to Reach You
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Typing to Reach You Posted Thu 21 Jan, 2016 9:47 PM Quote
I think Everything At Once and 3 Miles High are both quite different, so I'm intrigued about how the new album will sound! I think it might be quite upbeat and positive though, and a colourful album cover would seem to support that vibe? Also, I'm guessing that each building represents a different track on the front cover - so 12 in total?

I'm looking forward to seeing the film Fran, it sounds fab!

Oh, and feel free to add Blackpool to your list of places to tour. ;D
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gladsadmad Posted Fri 22 Jan, 2016 2:39 AM Quote
Hi Fran, great to have Travis back and you posting on the board! Yeah I love the 2 new tracks we've heard so far and from the bright and colourful artwork I would suggest it to be a positive life-affirming happy to be alive kind of record. It will be great to hear it in the order you intend us to hear it, but also it would be interesting to hear the order that was originally planned as well, to hear the difference you heard in it. And extremely excited that you have made a movie for the record! So will it be in cinemas? Travis on The Big Screen! Excited to hear more new songs on Tuesday at The Lexington in London. I am sure whatever the new songs sound like they will be awesome! I'm really looking forward to a Magnificent Time! I don't really know what to expect all I know is that when every Travis album comes around I enjoy them all immensely from start until finish, and love that you always challenge yourselves and do things a little different and are not afraid to experiment with different sounds. Love more involvement from Dougie, Andy & Neil in the writing process, as well as more Dougie & Andy singing parts. And interested to learn more about the vocalist that is guest appearing on the record. Hope to learn more next week! *glad* :-)
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