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ricv64 Posted Sat 12 Dec, 2009 6:22 PM Quote
dee wrote:
ricv64 wrote:
The show was sold out but I was able to bum rush by saying i know a DEburca and the door man let me in . CHEA !


found a couple clips


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Nikki Posted Sat 12 Dec, 2009 6:38 PM Quote
ricv64 wrote:
Last night I went to the CRANBERRIES with only vagly knowing a few songs . I was so ready to bail in case it was full of dredlocked hippies wearing cat in the hat hats but NO they were full of energy and trew down. The show was about 1/3 sing along by the fans , potheads galore , and ZOMBIE totaly crushed ! The show was sold out but I was able to bum rush by saying i know a DEburca and the door man let me in . CHEA ! free drink ticket too , uber CHEA ! It's the 2nd to last stop on the tour so my recommendation is late but hell yeah see em !

Uber cool, mazn. I wanted to see them sooo bad but I had work and then found out that the show was actually canceled here in Detroit. :(
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hennypenny Posted Sat 19 Dec, 2009 7:52 AM Quote
107.7 the end's Deck The Hall Ball, December 15th, Seattle

Muse, Pheonix, Metric, Vampire Weekend, and 30 Seconds to Mars


Vampire Weekend, Metric and 30 Seconds to Mars were okay but Pheonix and Muse made up for it. Muse seriously rocked! I want to have Matt Bellamy's babies.
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gingy Posted Sun 20 Dec, 2009 12:26 PM Quote
Ana_Smith wrote:
A week and two days ago (time goes by so fast!) I went to The Killers gig in Buenos Aires. I have to give it a 9 out of 10. Reasons? Well, at first I thought I was going alone, since nobody I knew from Uruguay was willing to spend what a trip to Argentina costs, plus the tickets to see the band. Then I found out that Leti was going with some friends (in the end, she was the one who send me the ticket by mail) so, we decided to meet there.

The show lived up to my expectations, they played for an hour and a half, though it may not sound like much, it was the best hour and a half of my life, haha! There was not a single minute to relax. We jumped, danced and sang non-stop. People were euphoric, it had been two years since the last time they played here (back then they shared the stage with Travis and Starsailor).

This was my first time seeing them live and it blew me away. Brandon Flowers has turned into a more charismatic frontman and Ronnie Vannucci has an incedible amount of energy, there seems to be some kind of immediate feedback from the audience.
The images on the big screen, the confetti after the chorus "I got soul" in All these things that I've done and the fireworks as When you were young reached its climax. Wow! It was over the top, so Las Vegas that I can't help but love it :)

If I have to choose a moment of the night, it's almost a tie between every single time Brandon spoke in an almost perfect Spanish, and when they did an Elvis cover (Can't help falling in love) after A dustland fairytale. The crowd of thousands singing that classic at the top of their lungs was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced at a concert.

The whole combo, friends + crowd + band + special effects, made it memorable. I feel like a silly teenager and the feeling is great!

Btw, I'm saving my 10/10 for Travis :P
PS: It'd be nice to see The Cranberries when they come to Argentina but, I need to save money for the still unconfirmed U2 gigs...

WHOA! I see you had an amazing time at the Killers gig. Oh I can hardly wait to see them next month!!! Well just like you, I had to do a bit of travelling to see them. Apparently my country aint worth visiting. Pathetic, yes... :(
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Somewhere Else
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Somewhere Else Posted Mon 21 Dec, 2009 2:07 AM Quote
Marilyn Manson- and it was awesome
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Scottish Dubliner
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Scottish Dubliner Posted Fri 01 Jan, 2010 12:26 PM Quote
Madness 28th Dec O2 Dublin. 6 out of 10

It was OK, Jerry Dammers (The Specials) was the DJ for the warm up, he was not bad, played some excellent tunes and some weird ones (Ska version of Blackbird) but his DJ skills aren't great.

Ticket stating show starts 8pm sharp be there early to avoid missing anything so we got there at 7:30. Jeery on the Wheels of Steel working a small crowd, Madness showed some crappy film about 8:15, then Jerry back on the decks from 8:30 till 9:15 when Suggs & Co. took to the stage. Which I have no problem with except The band know their crowd especially in Ireland, Older folks who want to be 16 again for the night some with their kids in tow, and a new crowd of youngsters discovering the band for the first time. Then the pseudo ska-heads/nutty boys who by definition think it's ok to be a bit "nutty", swaggering about the place shouldering people and throwing beer around, Now the last group are already pissed, doubly so because it's Christmas time, so Madness decide to keep everyone waiting, which results in the pissed guys getting bored and getting even more drink onboard, a volatile mixture. Now I've been to Gigs like that before Stiff Little Fingers for example, However the major fucking difference is there are no children at these events so you can act like a fucking moron but please don't do it when there are children around. I don't like standing at gigs thinking, If that wanker comes over here am I going to have to hit him (It's the only language they understand at that stage)

They then proceeded to play a "hit" followed by something pretty much unknown, while Suggs chatted loving the sound of his own voice this continued for about an hour, which for something billed as a "Greatest Hits Tour" I was slightly pissed off about. Then at the end the last five songs were all "crowd pleasers" (Baggy Trousers, Our House, Wings of a Dove, House of Fun, It Must be Love).

The encore was Tarzan's Nuts, Madness and finally Night Boat to Cairo.

I bounced around quite a bit as did a lot of folks but in conclusion The Specials was a far better gig and a hugely improved atmosphere.

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gingy Posted Tue 02 Feb, 2010 1:32 PM Quote
Andrew Bird 26th Jan 2010 - Singapore

I give Mr. Bird a 10/10 for his beautiful vocals and excellent skill juggling between the violin, guitar, glockenspiel, singing duties and fantastic whistling. Not too impressed with the setlist though. Would give it a 6/10.

Things I like:
He took his shoes off :D
Monkey sock puppet sitting on top of the amplifier
He played Capital I (fr Sesame Street)
He was surprisingly funny (deadpan kinda way)

Things I'm not too crazy about:
Sit-down gig
Photos prohibited (managed to snap a few though, hehe)
Ended too soon
Well, the song choices

Overall a 8/10.
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ricv64 Posted Tue 09 Feb, 2010 3:26 PM Quote
The Editors , tight dynamic show but couldn't help but think of Interpol and then wondered if Interpol had peter murphy wreck chords . The openers the Dig were pretty cool but saddled with a super early time slot. the support The Antlers sound goodc , i bet the wreck chord is rad , but were pretty much just intent on playing intently with the ocassional forced guitar thrust. very pink floydy

the poster for the show
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Lord_Conker Posted Thu 11 Feb, 2010 6:57 AM Quote
Metallica (January 26): 9/10

I only take one point off because the first three songs were simply unlistenable. It sounded like someone had messed up really bad at the soundboard, and halfway through the third song the sound was suddenly fixed and from then on it was glorious. It still sucked because the first 3 songs are amazing and I was expecting them, but they definitely made up for it with the rest of the setlist. It was just really a really energetic, really fun, and really exciting show. Me and my brother were more than pleased.
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melissam3173 Posted Sat 13 Feb, 2010 5:03 AM Quote
I regret this before posting it but as you know I work with mentally challenged people. Wed. I will be accompanying them to a concert I am only hoping I get thru... The Black Eyed Peas... I am not ready to get the party started but I am hoping they have fun...
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MaryYoon Posted Tue 16 Feb, 2010 11:09 PM Quote
Fran & Andy, Largo, Los Angeles, Nov. 2009

Amazing, generous, heartfelt, intimate. Really unbelievable to just chat with Fran and Andy after being in large crowds and pits before. Great to hear the backstories.

Highlight of live musical performances of my life. Prior to this show Cream, Santa Monica Civic, 1969. Seriously. I love that with Travis age doesn't matter and expect to hear them for years and years.

Thanks so much Fran and Andy!
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roos4sanne Posted Wed 17 Feb, 2010 8:20 PM Quote
KYTEMAN at the HMH Amsterdam. He's a 23yr old trompetist who wrote music to fill an album from his 18th till he's 21th. Recorded it and decided it would sound a whole lot better with an 20 musician strong orchestra, called THE HIP HOP ORCHESTRA. He turned it into a project and toured The Netherlands, ending up playing every possible festival big and small stages. It's a very talented guy!!
The project has ended now and he is off dreaming up new stuff. The concert was the last one of this project it was awesome!! but hey, watch and judge yourself.

a mellow one to start with:
another mellow one with a (French!)_hiphop touch. And a short speech in Dutch about equality and the philosophie of the orchestra.
full on Kyteman!!
Curious to know what you think about it!
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Rammsfer Posted Mon 15 Mar, 2010 3:15 PM Quote
Kashmir At Teatro Estudio Cavaret In Guadalajara, Mexico (March 13th, 2010)

We've been waiting this band since ages! I remember when I first saw 'Rocket Brothers' on the TV in 2003.
It finally happened. 4 dates in Mexico. 3 of them sold out in a few days.

The gig was very cool and powerful, some system failures made the band stop, but then they kept going. A great band.

Thank you, Denmark.

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Meridith Posted Mon 15 Mar, 2010 3:30 PM Quote
We Were Promised Jetpacks.

It was a tiny venue, like an old garage, but it was awesome!
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malmaison Posted Tue 16 Mar, 2010 6:21 AM Quote
uuh, mine was long time ago, Placebo at Arena VFG Guadalajara, Jalisco, sep '09, awesome!!!
I think I'm not a concert girl anymore
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