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I'm me and that's all I can be.
Shack/Pale Fountains, Power of Dreams, Richard Hawley,The La's, Teenage Fanclub, Teardrop Explodes, Talk Talk,Animals That Swim, The The,Hefner, Echo and the Bunnymen.
Too many to mention, ask and ye shall find out.
Ian Rankin, Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Brookmyre, Mike Gayle.
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Lemon Grinner May-29-08 12.31pm
Alrite Rhooby, you're a fan of that Liverpool stuff, have you heard The Troubadours? I saw em support Weller, thought they were fucking ace!!
Aude Mar-24-08 6.02pm
'llo! cheers for the add, and let me know if you have any other exasperating links... :)
Rhoobarb Mar-16-08 8.50am
Oh well, better luck next time :-)
moominbadger Mar-3-08 6.37pm
varz Feb-22-08 10.22pm
thanks for the add! xx
Rhoobarb Feb-21-08 4.22pm
I love The Field Mice, much better than the bands that followed.
goosey_84 Feb-20-08 10.35pm
the field mice?? :D high fiiiive!!! so said kay is one of my favoritessssss!!
Rhoobarb Feb-20-08 4.14pm
Chips rule full stop.
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