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hennypenny Posted Wed 01 Jan, 2014 2:15 AM Quote
Peewee wrote:
hennypenny wrote:

-learn how to dance (nothing fancy, just normal human dancing lol)

This made me laugh out loud. I love it! :) Go you.

Wendy, I think you would laugh even harder if you saw me trying to dance.
Re: Targets for 2014
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megg_inc Posted Sat 27 Dec, 2014 10:06 PM Quote
megg_inc wrote:
thewishlist wrote:

7. finish a course on

I love Coursera so so much!

1. Travel someplace new (I've already started coming up with ideas on this one!).
2. Find a new job (both because I probably need to *high five, Lily!* and because I really want to).
3. Try yoga.
4. Run regularl-ish. Do that 5k.
5. Read more.
6. Pick up French again because COME ON, Gosia!
7. Less celebrity gossip, more news.
8. Less complaining, more positive thinking.
9. Be kinder.
10. Be a better friend.

1. Check! NYC :)
2. Check!
3. Check! Like it!
4. I haven't been running regularly but I have been working out on a regular basis. Semi-check?
5. Same-ish.
6. Check!
7. It could've been better still but check! (Okay, maybe not less gossip but I did follow more news.
8. Check, actually!
9 & 10 I don't really know. I hope so?

How did you guys do?
Re: Targets for 2014
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Peewee Posted Sun 28 Dec, 2014 6:05 PM Quote
Peewee wrote:
1. Start and finish a new course on Coursera (I have enrolled so that's a start)
2. Read all those books I bought last year and didn't have time to read.
3. Read more non-fiction.
4. Get more creative - let it all out: I gathered up all my Art materials from my parents at the weekend so now I have a ton of watercolour/pastel materials.
4. Learn to knit and/or crochet.
5. Forgive THAT person.
6. Move on.
7. Spend more time with my Parents and close friends.

1) Check and one on Edx. 2 I started and never finished. Whoops
2) fail. I always buy my books. Still some to read!
3) Check. That's mainly what I've read all year!
4a) Check. I did some crafty things. I drew and I even attempted a watercolour. Could do a lot more.
4b) Fail. No knitting or crochet.
5) Check. My thought processes and wellbeing are SO much better for it :)
6) Check! Totally. A move away. A move to a new church a move to a new home! A move in negative mindset! It was a challenging but good year.
7) Check. But more time with parents would be nice.
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weirdmom Posted Sun 28 Dec, 2014 11:52 PM Quote
I thought I had posted some targets last year but I guess I didn't. :(

So I'll have to give myself a
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megg_inc Posted Mon 29 Dec, 2014 12:40 AM Quote
Peewee wrote:

5) Check. My thought processes and wellbeing are SO much better for it :)
6) Check! Totally. A move away. A move to a new church a move to a new home! A move in negative mindset! It was a challenging but good year.

Yay! Well done you! :) It wasn't on my list but I finally moved on from something/ someone this year and it feels so good I cannot even.
Re: Targets for 2014
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Turtleneck Posted Mon 29 Dec, 2014 4:10 PM Quote
Turtleneck wrote:
My goals:

1. Have upstairs bathroom remodeled. (We have a plumbing issue, so it's not just a cosmetic thing, we really HAVE to have it done.)

2. Continue to declutter.

3. See friends more often.

4. Travel somewhere out west.

HEY! I accomplished all my goals without realizing it!

1. We did have the upstairs bathroom remodeled in February. Our mysterious leak was identified and fixed. We also found out why the water never got very hot in the shower and that has been fixed, also. My new bathroom is lovely and I appreciate it every day.

2. I've decluttered quite a bit and it's nice.

3. I haven't seen friends very often, but more than the previous year. Recently got together with friends I haven't seen since high school.

4. I went to California on vacation. We went to Sequoia National Park and King's Canyon. They were very cool! Then we spent a couple days at Disneyland.
Re: Targets for 2014
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lilly Posted Tue 30 Dec, 2014 5:26 PM Quote
thewishlist wrote:
1. find new job. not sth I want to do, rather sth I have to do thanks to my fixed/short term contract.
2. exercise. this time for real. bought the "30 day shred dvd" (it was only 6,99). starting today. told no one about it, though (until now). also, I found a ZUMBA course close to my new apartment. starting in February.
3. learn another language, preferably Farsi or Turkish.
4. Volunteer.
5. food-wise: buy less ready-made stuff. cook more. buy local (esp. meat). don't eat chips/crisps.
6. visit at least one country I haven't been to before.
7. finish a course on

1. Nope. From Thursday onwards, I will be unemployed, once again.
2. Check! Unbelievable! I'm still going to my Zumba fitness course, mostly thanks to a friend who registered with me and makes me go every week...
3. I tried (Farsi), but couldn't finish the course, half-check?
4. Check. And I initiated a whole new student volunteering project.
5. Check. Check. Check. Fail.
6. Check. Hungary.
7. Fail...
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