Re: Last gig you went to and rate it!
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mili Posted Fri 23 Nov, 2012 10:06 PM Quote
I was lucky enough to get to a secret Rubik gig after someone cancelled (less than 24 h notice). I went alone, and it was awesome. The venue was an auditorium at the local art university, limited amount of people, some old songs, some new songs, a full light show, def. full impact from the 8 piece band. They've got wind instruments, several keyboards, synths, percussions, guitars, two sets of drums, and most musicians switch jobs between songs, very impressive. Still buzzing.

Check this out!
Re: Last gig you went to and rate it!
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barby Posted Fri 07 Dec, 2012 9:03 PM Quote
I went to a Snow Patrol show here in Buenos Aires. They sound very good.I love them!!!!
Re: Last gig you went to and rate it!
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minnmess Posted Wed 12 Dec, 2012 12:53 AM Quote
Band of Horses last week. It was great! Some mellow, some rock-y bits, all awesome plaid and beards! And at my favourite venue, Massey Hall in Toronto. It is super historic. All the best have played there
Re: Last gig you went to and rate it!
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mili Posted Sat 20 Dec, 2014 7:24 PM Quote
Bit late, but …

I saw Mew in November at Tavastia, Helsinki. It was the first gig of the tour, return of the guitarist, and the first time for some of the songs from the forthcoming album. Lovely stuff! Jonas's voice is as incredible live as it is on cds. Tavastia is an intimate club, I've rarely been disappointed there. The gig lasted over 2 hours, record long gig! Also, it was the first club gig I've been to with my daughter, who's turning 19 in January. Mew is more "my" band, with her we've seen Rihanna in the past…

Less than week later Morrissey came to Helsinki (Finlandia Hall) for two nights. First night was sold out before I got a chance to do anything, but I got tickets for the second night. I've seen the man once before. The second venue was possibly better, although more suitable for classical music, but I had more chance to concentrate on the music. Raw sound from the band, and a brutal video for Meat is Murder, but the highlight was the encore: almost acoustic Asleep and Everyday is like Sunday. I wonder if he'll be touring again?

As elusive as Morrissey is, I've managed to see him twice, that's two more times than Travis… (Seen Fran solo once, for which I'm grateful).
Re: Last gig you went to and rate it!
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Monica Posted Wed 24 Dec, 2014 4:31 PM Quote
Embrace in Leicester. They were amazing! I really had a great time and they were on top form. I'd love to see them again although their Yorkshire accents were a bit difficult to understand for me ^^
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