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Die hard fan since late December 1997. I was living in Columbus, Ohio when I first heard "Why does it always rain on me" on a radio station called CD 101.1. My sister bought me the album "The Man Who" for Christmas that year and have been spreading the word of Travis from corner to corner. Hopefully you guys will never stop Rock'n.
Travis...of course, Pearl Jam, Ten Years After, Dave Matthews
Pulp Fiction,The Usual Suspects, Lucky Sleven
Into the Wild
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Gothic Theatre, Denver CO, US
Gothic Theatre, Denver CO, US

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robminer Apr-16-09 7.50pm
4-15-2009 Travis landed in Englewood, Colorado at the Gothic Theater. Driving 2 hours away from Cheyenne, Wyoming to standing in line for 1 hour,well,the wait was worth every second. I have been waiting awhile for this time to come. After serving in Iraq I met a friend who was stationed in Germany and he told me that if I ever had a chance to see Travis take advantage and now the time has come. Awesome show guys! Standing in front of Dougie was awesome. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for Travis to stop by again. Thanks Dougie for the guitar pick.
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