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ricv64 Dec-31-07 4.48pm
Happy news years , when it happens !
nats Dec-28-07 3.21pm
have a great 2008 !!!
kandarian Dec-25-07 12.04pm
merry xmas! :)
ricv64 Dec-24-07 10.44pm
hope my favorite happy scientist has a cool , heh , chill Christmas with family & friends
megg_inc Dec-24-07 7.50pm
Merry Christmas!
moominbadger Dec-24-07 5.19pm
Have a very merry Christmas and a fab New Year!
paul_c Aug-12-07 3.35pm
Welcome to the 1000 Club ;)
paul_c Jul-20-07 11.48pm
I want a Boardie Convention and i want it now! :(
Monica Jul-18-07 11.48pm
Thanks! Happy 22nd birthday! :p
weirdmom Jul-18-07 6.51pm
Happy birthday (one day early)!
paul_c Jul-12-07 12.08am
About your music thing... Travis? Who is he? ;)
Are Jul-4-07 9.40pm
Great picture of you and Franny-boy. By the fence on the left side of the stage in Oslo - I was standing not far away during the concert.
paul_c Jun-17-07 10.31pm
You and Andy = Swell :)
happy_me May-26-07 2.27pm
Welcome in, welcome in! :)