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ricv64 May-5-08 2.01pm
nope never been to the UK just a big BEATLES fan so I get excited anything Liverpool
ricv64 May-5-08 1.06am
You're from Liverpool ? RADTASTIC !
Travis Dude 4192 Apr-10-08 2.18pm
nice i love the beatles and would love to see John Lennons house that would be a dream :D just get my picture taken then run away :D
deebee Apr-5-08 8.12pm
Hi Donna. Travis fans are all over the place but it doesn't stop them covering miles to get to the gigs. I came back from France last May to get to see them in London - well worth it! How's Brighton? Still the same? We hope to be back for a few days in July - pray for sunshine, haha! BTW, great occupation :-)
GMS1968 Mar-28-08 4.44pm
Hi. Thanks for replying to my, "Travis and you. Where did it all begin" post. Cheers
Carmencita Feb-25-08 11.25pm
Hi !! How are you???..grettings from chile
Hiromi-Y Feb-14-08 1.22pm
Thanks for the add! Are you enjoy TRAVIS show? H x
donnamarsh3 Feb-11-08 10.22am
my smile is still this wide!
donnamarsh3 Feb-8-08 12.44am
thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
donnamarsh3 Jan-13-08 9.32pm
i need some friends...please:)