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Steph_canuck Apr-14-08 3.33am
haha, I GUESS its alright. Well, Im bumed cause my Hockey teams keep losing, and I have an exam tomorrow, oh well. How is your music going!?
varz Apr-9-08 10.39pm
things are good with me, u? glad aberdeen gig went well for ya! x
Steph_canuck Feb-12-08 8.03pm
Hey! great music, hope everything goes well!
varz Feb-6-08 11.54am
things are good! how did your gig at tunnels go? x
castawayneil Feb-5-08 12.11am
Heeeeey thankyou!! Glad you liked it!! Hows things with you? Neilx
varz Jan-31-08 10.38am
hey dude, loving your music!