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melissam3173 Oct-27-09 10.21pm
Thanks I love yours too!!!
Bianca1312 Jul-7-09 6.04am
Hallo Sarah! Herzlichen Glückwunsch und Alles Gute zum Geb.-Tag!!!! Wie gehts? Fährst du zum Melt! nächste Woche? Ich würde soooo gerne, aber das ist einfach zu weit...Na ja, hab einen schönen Tag und viele Geschenke! Man sieht sich.. hoffentlich findet bald mal wieder ein Konzert in der Nähe statt. Bis dahin lg
Rammsfer Jun-14-09 4.43am
Hehe, you're absolutely right! ;) And yeah try not to freak some idiots xD
Rammsfer Jun-13-09 5.49pm
Oh, and l'm so sorry about your dog :(
Rammsfer Jun-13-09 5.40pm
Hey Sarah, don't worry about the joke. That stupid guy didn't get it. Cheers :)
BenFilbert Jun-11-09 5.50pm
No problem. ;) Anyway, can't stop Sarah, i've got to go. I'm in a big rush, my train is just arriving! *off to Hyde Park*
BenFilbert Jun-11-09 1.42pm
Awww. Don't feel bad. I explained that it was silly not to do any research before trying to buy an album. Never mind. Don't you worry about it. ;) lol, you won't be in any trouble. Have a nice day Sarah, and don't go telling Coldplay fans that Coldplay's new album is out. :P hehe
BenFilbert Jun-11-09 3.43am
Hi Sarah. I think you've made someone angry. :P lol
thehitcher Apr-1-09 1.43pm
Hey Sarah, how are you? Hope all is well. I haven't been on the board for ages been so busy with work and stuff. Hope all is well, Baz x x
crazyyy Feb-17-09 5.44pm
hey! vielen dank! is voll lieb von dir, dass du mit mir mitfühlst :D gruß aus Mössingen *g*
Emiliana_ Feb-14-09 6.40pm
ah du sau xD mein pic hat aber nur unwesentlich weniger votes, lol. Jaja, der Fran, den hälts du doch unter deinem bett versteckt *g*
peno Feb-12-09 8.19pm
Hi Sarah...a pleasure to meet you in Hamburg. The Berlin gig was fine, but not as intense. Berlin crowd was kind of passive. An I´m fine...:-) cheers Peter
Bianca1312 Feb-11-09 9.15am
Hallo Sarah! Sag mal, hast du mit den anderen gar kein Foto gemacht? Nur mit Fran? Und wie verschickt man hier eigentlich Freundschaftseinladungen?! Annehmen ist klar, aber verschicken??
RaZzZ Dec-25-08 2.44am
Hey, Sarah. Merry merry merry X mas!!!! Have a nice holidays. Hope to see you soon At Docks
thehitcher Dec-23-08 2.06pm
Happy Christmas Sarah, all the best, hope you have a great time x x
RaZzZ Dec-7-08 1.18am
Well, it´s so different Mexico. I like here because is so cold, and Mexico almost not xD But overall, i am happy to see Travis, AGAIN!!!
RaZzZ Dec-6-08 6.59pm
Yes finally! im living nearby hamburg
RaZzZ Dec-5-08 2.30pm
Sarah im so happy i will go to hamburg too!!
thehitcher Dec-4-08 2.58pm
Hey Sarah, how are you? Did you get Travis tickets?
thehitcher Oct-29-08 12.05pm
Hey Sarah, I'm great thanks hun. I've had a couple of days off and I'm back in work tonight :-( haha How's uni going, hope you're not working too hard x
thehitcher Oct-23-08 10.06pm
I feel the same way. The gig I went to was amazing and meeting them aswell was such an amazing bonus! I'm sure they will tour in Germany soon maybe next year. Fran has said in interviews that they plan to "work their arses off" haha What you been up to? x
thehitcher Oct-21-08 10.19pm
Are you still buzzing off the Travis gig in London? I'm still buzzing off the Liverpool gig and it's nearly been a month since I went! haha x
thehitcher Oct-19-08 11.19pm
Hey Sarah. I'm great thanks hun. Did Chris have a cold when you met him? He's passing his germs onto you, tut tut tut Mr. Martin ;-) hehehe