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I haven't written anything here for ages. I don't think I'll ever have to go back to the place that brings shame on my family. I love Celtic and hope we win the league again this season.I want my Honours degree without having to do any more work. I loved connect and am gutted it's not on this year (stupid credit crunch!)I miss himself but will see him soon then he'll dissapear to sea. I also get to see Runrig in December and poss August and am excited already!!
I've rediscovered the Tuchtairness! Runrig rock my socks as do Na seoid (they rock for a group of gaelic singers!) Box Club and the luvly Gary Innes on his own too. Can't wait to see face The West and the Vatersay Boys at Barrafest. Also luv piles of wee Glasgow stuff, Endor, We see lights, We were promised Jetpacks etc etc etc...
at the mo I'm reading The Secret History. Weird but good
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isma Jul-4-08 11.26pm
This kind of weather is usual in Scotland . No ? ;o) lol I'm ok Thanks! Enjoying my summer holidays! Wooo !
isma Jun-22-08 10.34pm
Haha Good Work! :P How's ya ?
isma Jul-2-07 6.12pm
Edit your profile Please! ;-)
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