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weilandsgurl Posted Tue 10 Jul, 2007 8:58 PM Quote
I saw Travis at the Apocalypse Tube a ferw years ago now and thought it might be worth an add to the archive? Travis did do a show all on their own within a smaller studio after all! Not sure if you remember at all, but there were only about 25 people or so in there and we had to make BIG BIG noise to make it sound at least double that amount... The most intimate 'show' I have ever seen you do... maybe that's why i'm so passionate about it? lol
Don't you remember serving beer in the Egypt Cottage pub nextdoor with Marjory Doors? (That's George Doors in drag, or should we say Matt Lucas? of Reeves and Mortimer Shooting Stars fame for those who don't know) I was there and Fran served me a drink!
Surprised you're not eagar to add this... Especially when Sir Paul was present that day! =)

I understand if this was a bloody stupid idea... i guess you cant add every show you ever played on here! It's just that this particular one was special to me and my friend karen =)
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