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r25d01 Posted Mon 25 Jan, 2016 4:34 PM Quote
It's great to see you progress by still being rooted in yourself. For me, it feels like you as individuals and as a whole band are constantly evolving. There seems to be new things, some variety coming along the way, which are very well balanced with the skills, experiences and perspectives you've been earning since your early days as a band. I get this impression from the first two songs, the ambitious film project and from the last record, which for me was one of the best and most interesting of yours as a whole. I'd like to add that every album of yours is of great value for me. Each of them has their moments and beauty, not just the singles but also a lot of those little songs that may take a while to explore. (You can be proud of them! Feel free to play one or two of those unexpected ones from time to time.) I'm also very excited about the lyrics so far. You're one of those bands that constantly proof that melodic pop music can be both, easy to listen to and meaningful. From what I heard so far, this album might be a reflection of our time and our society that also shows a way out of all this madness that's happening around us.

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow night's show and a German/Dutch tour =)

Cheers and thanks for everything!
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paul_c Posted Wed 27 Jan, 2016 5:46 PM Quote
Fran wrote:
What are you all expecting from the record? I mean... If you like the band, which, if you come on the board, you probably do, then maybe you are wondering about stuff like that.
For instance, I was checking the artwork out and it's very bright and colourful so perhaps this maybe reflects something...

I hope it's better than Coldplay's new album. I've been massive a fan of both of you for all of my adult (and most of my teenage!) life and if a colourful artwork is anything to go by, it's not a great sign - as 'A Head Full of Dreams' is, in my opinion, Coldplay's weakest album to date. That said, I preferred 'Where You Stand' to 'Ghost Stories' - especially since I hold the view that your last album was the most 'complete' album you've done. It is your best work. It had everything. Up. Down. Fast. Slow. I love albums like that. All my favourite albums are like that - they don't have one particular, individual sound, but are all composed of lots of different types of song. So if you've built on 'Where You Stand', we're definitely in for a treat...

In a way, I hope the colours of the artwork reflect the songs - in that they'll all be different and unique, but sound good together - have their own individual colour and be noticeable as standalone songs. Much like the colours of a rainbow. You can distinguish all the colours and know them, but you don't see them as one. You can ask someone what their favourite colour is, but no one will answer with "Rainbow". What I mean is, I love when you have an album that you can't decide which is your favourite song. I hope for that.

Whilst I love everything you've done, I still always look forward to a new album. In the same way a baby entering the world brings a family together, a new album ushers in all the other albums together at once and you listen to them all again and relive memories, find new parts you like, notice new sounds, and read all the sleeves and admire the artwork all over again. So regardless of whether 'Everything At Once' is the best thing you've ever done or not as good as what's come before (and let's face it, that's entirely subjective!) I'll be thankful for its arrival for heralding a wee Travis renaissance in my life.

Thank you for being my favourites :)
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Sunny Posted Thu 28 Jan, 2016 11:18 PM Quote
That's interesting about the order of songs. Makes me feel I should listen to tracks in the order they are placed on the album as a lot of thought must go into it. I use Shuffle a lot and never really mind how they turn out.

Having said that, I think the order of 12 Memories turned out pretty well.

Good luck with the new album.
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Fer Fer
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Fer Fer Posted Mon 01 Feb, 2016 3:00 PM Quote
Honestly, I don't really have any expectations on what the sound will be like this next album. Not sure if it will be more upbeat or downbeat, and I don't have a preference either way. But with the songs I've heard so far, combined with the videos, artwork, and the fact that there's also a movie, the main big thing I expect (ok, I guess I -do- expect something) is progression. I suspect this album will be different than all the others, yet I'm not at all worried I won't like it. From what I've gathered, it still screams 'Travis'. I guess that's how I receive every Travis album, each one is very different from the last, but still keeps me extremely interested as a long time, core Travis fan. I love seeing where you guys will take things, and I eat it up every time :)

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deebee Posted Mon 29 Feb, 2016 9:17 PM Quote
Hmmmm when I first heard EAO, my first reaction was yay...rocky Travis are back :-) Back to the early days of Good Feeling.
Then I heard 3 Miles high which, as Luke says, is soooo different and it kind of threw me a bit.
I like that we've had banjos and gongs in the past so which instruments are you going to pull out with this baby?
I'm waiting to be pleasantly surprised!!!
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deebee Posted Mon 29 Feb, 2016 9:30 PM Quote
I was just thinking.....this is the nineth record in the discography if you count the singles. Does this mean there are only another three to go Fran?
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